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The visuals in this film are amazing. I saw it in the cinema and it's still as fantastic on DVD: the cars, the fights, the chases, the desert... Wow. But what really made this movie for me was the growing friendship between Max and Furiosa. At first they didn't care about each other, then they hated each other and in the end, they became amazing friends. That was just lovely... *happy sigh*
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Saw Dunkirk. Disappointed. Scattered, splintered, non-linear story that didn’t reveal enough about anyone to make me care. The most interesting part was the non-linear story telling, TBH.

Cut for spoilers )
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Title: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult

Rating: 8/10 (4/5)

Great movie! Visually, it's exceptional and well worth the 3D admission price. Its score is impeccable and it perfectly fits all the scenes. But what's really great are the characters of Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa.

The story is pretty straightforward: Furiosa stole Immortan Joe's wives. Everybody and their uncle is after them now. Max, whom Immortan Joe's men use as a blood donor, ends up riding with them through no fault of his own. After Max and Furiosa almost kill each other, they come to an understanding: they both need to get away from Immortan Joe so why not work together?

Max and Furiosa's relationship reminded me of Eric and Snow's in SWatH: Furiosa is the one making decisions, she's the leader, Max is there to support her - very reluctantly at first. By the end of the movie, they will have known each other for 3 or 4 days at the most, yet you feel that if they ever got together, their love story would be the stuff of legends.

Loved the movie. I'm definitely getting it on DVD!
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Tom Hardy x2! Nice! Also, Taron Egerton is in this. And Colin Morgan, too, IIRC! I really need to catch up on Tom Hardy's movies...

Mad Max

Apr. 20th, 2015 06:48 pm
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This is an international trailer - and the first trailer that got me interested in the movie for more than the special effects/action and TOM HARDY! It looks like Max and Charlize Theron's character's partnership/friendship/what-ship might be exactly up my alley. Nice!


Jan. 18th, 2015 02:32 pm
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* Fox is talking about reviving The X-Files and they would like to get back David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back: link.

* Fox renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gotham and Empire for another season: link.

* Tom Hardy dropped out of Suicide Squad: link. And there goes my interest. Official reason? Scheduling issues. Rumor has it, though, that he didn't like the script.

* Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen won't be in X-Men: Apocalypse: link. Not unexpected. As long as I get awesome scenes with McAvoy and Fassbender, I'll be happy.

* Emily Blunt was cast as the Snow Queen, the vengeful sister of Rowena, in The Huntsman, sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman: link.
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OMG! Tom Hardy will be playing the leader of the Suicide Squad team! Huzzah!

Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto are officially set to star in Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. announced Tuesday.

Also cast in the movie based on the DC Entertainment villains-forced-to-be-heroes are Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne. Much of the castings have been previously reported but the studio also confirmed which characters the actors will play.

Smith will play Deadshot, best known as a Batman villain, while Hardy the group’s leader, Rick Flagg.

Leto will take on the Joker while Robbie will play Harley Quinn, his on-and-off girlfriend. Courtney will be Boomerang while Delevingne will play Enchantress.


I wasn't all that interested in the movie but with Tom Hardy in it? GIMME! \o/
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Jason Momoa is in talks to be in the new Batman vs. Superman movie: link. Which part is still secret. Well, I wouldn't count on him actually getting the part anyway. Remember when him playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy was almost a done deal and in the end they went with Dave Bautista because Momoa demanded more money?

Ben Whishaw will play Freddie Mercury in his biopic: link. I love Ben but I would've preferred Sacha Baron Cohen. Too bad he walked out when they turned it from an R into a PG-13 movie. Like, really. A movie about a man as flamboyant PG-13?

The new Terminator movie will be called Terminator: Genesis: link. And Paramount obviously still wants Tom Hardy for John Conner! NICE! GIMME!

And there will be another Jack Reacher movie, starring Tom Cruise: link. NICE! I really liked the first one. I know that Tom Cruise doesn't look anything like Jack Reacher does in the books but I don't mind, I just adore it when people underestimate him because of his relatively small stature and then he kicks their asses!
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Tom Hardy. Playing Elton John. In the biopic Rocketman. I will just... leave it here *_*

Also, he dropped out of the biopic Everest - thank goodness, it was the only one of his upcoming movies that I didn't want to see. Ever.

But... Tom Hardy - as ELTON FRICKIN' JOHN!


Oct. 5th, 2013 11:32 pm
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Gravity made me want to watch Inception again, for some obscure reason I decided not to question. And thus the movie was watched and enjoyed again.

You know why I love the movie so much? I couldn't care less about Cobb and Mal and Fisher and his issues and his eternal waterfall of tears. I love the movie for its excellent, groundbreaking, mind-blowing ideas. Dream-sharing. Dream levels. Dream security. Projections. Hidden secrets. Paradoxes. Mazes... It makes your imagination expand to previously unheard of levels.

Unfortunately, it's also where the movie's biggest plotholes are hidden. Like, every dream has to be anchored in someone's mind, the architect builds the dream in said mind and then they bring the subject in and he fills it with his secrets. So, level 1 was anchored by Yusuf. Level 2 by Arthur. And level 3 should have - should have! - been anchored by Eames. So, why/how did it work when Fisher took Eames' place and became the anchor for level 3? They shouldn't have been able to hear the music since it was Eames who had the headphones on, not Fisher, the anchor. Also, the whole level should've collapsed once Fisher died - but that can be excused, he didn't wake up, after all, he just dropped into Limbo. Still. The fact that they could exchange one anchor for another and it still worked... I mean, level 3 was specifically build for Eames - as Ariadne said, Eames added a secret route inside the hospital, just for himself. Was it enough that the level was build for him and thus the change of the anchor didn't matter? He was still the theoretical anchor and that was enough? Or was he actually the real one, the real anchor, Eames and not Fisher, and when Ariadne asked into whose mind they would be breaking and Dom responded that into Fisher's, he meant the vault, not the level itself? That would make sense, considering the headphones and Eames guarding the level...

I mean, until that point, it was all crystal clear. But with the level 3 anchor... Plothole or a misunderstanding? Are anchors necessary? They should be, why else would they have anchored the first level in the Saito dream in Nash's mind and the second one in Arthur's? And why else would the Fisher dream levels go Yusuf --> Arthur --> Fisher/Eames? And the second level was Arthur's - remember the Pemrose staircase? They can change only their own dream, not someone else's.

Also, I think that the ending was all in Cobb's head, that he didn't make it back. And not because of the spinning top - but because of the kick. As he said, they needed to ride the kicks up to get out. Cobb and Saito couldn't have killed themselves in Limbo, then in level 3, 2 and 1 - which would be brutal, but efficient... if not for the sedative. If they had killed themselves in Limbo, they would have landed back in Limbo. The sedative wouldn't have allowed them to wake up a level higher. Unless... unless dropping into Limbo basically "rebooted" them. Once they dropped there, they had no other place to go but up and the danger wasn't Limbo itself but forgetting why they were there. Hm... But yeah, I think Cobb and Saito never made it out. Or maybe Cobb never made it out of the PASIV den in Mombasa. Remember? He never let the top stop spinning when he checked his totem because Saito startled him. So, is he still stuck in his dream in the den in Mombasa? Or is he still stuck in Limbo?

Awesome brain exercise!
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I don't think I appreciated the movie enough the first time I saw it. The second time around, now that I knew what it was like, it was much, much better. I think that people who expected an action packed thriller were disappointed. I would call it a character study more than anything else. Because nothing really ground-breaking happens in the film. It's all about the characters, their interactions, their lives, their thoughts... It's a slow movie, very... gloomy and sad. Yes, they are searching for a mole but it's done by going through papers and files, connecting the dots, not by shooting or blowing up the enemy.

This is the second movie that Tom Hardy filmed with Benedict Cumberbatch, the first being Stuart: A Life Backwards. And also his first with Gary Oldman, followed by Lawless, The Dark Knight Rises and Child 44 which they are filming now. I'm very happy for Tom because Gary Oldman is his hero :)

You know, the most interesting relationships in this movie were the gay ones. I thought Smiley's obsession with his slutty wife was pathetic and the only thing that really bothered me about the movie. But Peter and his lover, the teacher? Bill and his twink? Bill and Jim? I mean, Bill sold out the whole Hungarian spy ring to save Jim! Tragic stuff all around but quite fascinating!
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Yay! Gary Oldman joined Tom Hardy's Child 44! Source. Awesome! This will be their 4th movie together: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Dark Knight Rises; Lawless and now Child 44. Aren't they just precious? \o/
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Deadline reports that Tom Hardy joined the movie Samarkand. He will portray "an SAS soldier returning from operations in the Middle East. Suffering from PTSD, he has a most difficult time reintegrating from the battlefield back into society." Sounds good, IMHO :)

So, what movies does he have in the works? Animal Rescue, Child 44, Locke, Everest and now Samarkand. Plus, Mad Max, of course. And he's also attached to Splinter Cell, AFAIK. Out of all those, only Everest doesn't appeal to me. So, yay for everything else!
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LD 50 Lethal Dose is an average B-horror movie. Don't expect anything else from it. Though it's rather creepy thanks to the combination of music and visuals. It tells the story of a group of young people trapped in an old underground facility that was used to research the human soul and out of body experience. Nothing original. So, why did I buy it?

TOM HARDY! A 25-year-old Tom Hardy! And also Spice Girl's Mel B and Ross McCall (WhiCo's Keller). But most importantly - TOM HARDY! And his character, Matt, was so likable! He was also the only one who knew what he was doing and who had some useful skills. And it made me tremendously happy that he actually survived! Because of that, I can see myself re-watching the movie, maybe even soon, especially his scenes. Man, I find men who don't panic, who are no assholes and actually get shit done so hot! Also, loved Matt and Helen as a couple. They were actually the only ones who deserved to survive. Everybody else? A bunch of cowards and jerks.

So, to sum it up, an average B-horror flick, as I said, but totally worth watching just to see Tom Hardy playing an awesome, brave and smart dude!
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Based on an original screenplay from Knight, Locke tells the story of one man’s life unraveling in a tension-fuelled, 90-minute race against time (Knight will shoot in real time over 90 minutes). Ivan Locke has the perfect family, his dream job, and tomorrow should be the crowning moment of his career. But one phone call will force him to make a decision that will put it all on the line.


In real time, huh? Interesting. Pretty much what they tried with 24. Of course, every ep was only 40 min. long, considering the 20 min. long advertisement, so in the end, the time really didn't add up.
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So, Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are about to start filming the movie Animal Rescue together, right? And now they are in talks to star in another film together, Child 44, a Soviet-era thriller...

Daniel Espinosa is directing the thriller, which is set during the 1950s and follows a member of the Soviet police who, while investigating a series of child murders, finds himself the target of his own government’s suspicions.

Hardy would play the Soviet officer, while Rapace would play his wife, who pretends to be a doting partner but is concealing many thoughts and feelings.

Richard Price wrote the script adapting the Tom Rob Smith novel.


They must get along fabulously if they are so eager to be in another movie together so soon. I think it's awesome. I can't wait to see what they do with these parts.


Jan. 21st, 2013 10:12 am
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► Colin Morgan will appear in the 3rd episode of Gabriel Byrne's new TV series Quirke: source. Too bad he will be only guest-staring. I wish he joined something as a regular :(

Hansel & Gretel premiered in Russia last weekend, ahead of the rest of the world, the US included, and it got off on a very strong start with a $7 mil. weekend, beating even Django Unchained that also premiered there at the same time. Interesting.

► It's unlikely that Jack Reacher will have a sequel. It needed to reach $250 mil. worldwide to guarantee one and that didn't happen, so far it's earned $155 mil. Source.

► Noomi Rapace is now confirmed to star in Animal Rescue with Tom Hardy: source.
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DVDs I bought today...

2001: A Space Odyssey - would you believe I have never seen this?
Gnomeo and Juliet - the animated movie with James McAvoy voicing Gnomeo!
King Thrushbeard - one of the most beautiful old Czechoslovakian fairy tales based on Brother Grimm's story
LD 50 Lethal Dose - an old movie with Tom Hardy
Mr. Nobody - a sci-fi with Jared Leto
The Virgin Queen - the mini-series with Tom Hardy, only cut to a 3hr. long movie (don't ask me why or how, I just fished it out of the cheap bin!)
Womb - a really controversial love story with Eva Green and Matt Smith

You know, from what I have seen, I'll have to explore Matt Smith's filmography a bit more. He seems to have some very interesting projects under his belt: Womb, Christopher and His Kind and Bert and Dickie.
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I'm not sure about the movie - not a big fan of the previous films or Mel Gibson, to be honest. But with Tom Hardy? I think I will give it a chance :)
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Tom Hardy's attached to a movie called Animal Rescue - and now Noomi Rapace was offered the female lead! How awesome is that? These two seem to have so much fun together, it's sweet! I hope she takes the part, that would be awesome!

As Deadline.com says, Tom will play "a man who wants to shed his criminal path but somehow gets mixed up in a bad heist and a killing resulting from a lost and contested pit bull." He seems very excited about this film and about working with the director, Michael R. Roskam. Interesting...


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