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Arrival - This was a great sci-fi movie. I started to suspect the twist at the end around halfway through but it was still so good. Great actors, great cinematography and special effects and simply fantastic music. Johann Johannsson has quickly become one of my favorite composers (he did this and Sicario), up there with Hans Zimmer or Henry Jackman.

The Da Vinci Code - It's not a bad movie per se, not at all. I just don't get the hype around it. I guess because it was one of the very first truly successful "conspiracy" novels about history and the church? Who knows. Well, by now there's one under every rock you turn, so...

Monsterville - This is a parody. It... is a parody, right? We're not supposed to take anything that happens in it even remotely seriously, are we? Well, I bought it solely for Kat McNamara, the actress playing Clary in Shadowhunters. Here, she's Lilith, the daughter of the owner of the Cabinet of Souls. She's definitely the highlight of this film.
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I liked the first three MI movies but it wasn't until Jeremy Renner's William Brandt came on board that I started to really love them. Which is why it was such a blow to find out that he won't be in the upcoming movie because it clashes with Renner's Avengers filming schedule. Darn it!

This film is such an awesome feel!good movie. Unlike Bond or Bourne, these movies are about the team. Sure, Ethan Hunt is the main hero but he, Benji, Brandt... they're all a team! And that's so wonderful about it. And then there's the amazing Ilsa Faust, of course. And Ilsa's rocking awesome! Her fighting skills, her smarts, but also her vulnerability - she isn't a hardened person - all that put together makes for an incredibly compelling heroine. Wonderful.
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The Bourne Ultimatum: Hey, that was Edgar Ramirez! I didn't realize that he was in it. Interesting. I think nothing beats Bourne #2 and Karl Urban as the bad guy Kirill. At least IMHO. He had such an incredible presence. In this movie, the bad guys kinda... lacked. At least the one "on site", so to speak, the fighters, there was none that I thought might actually beat Bourne. I loved Nikki and Pamela Landy here, those two were awesome!

The Bourne Legacy: Oh, oh, oh, Oscar Isaac! I didn't know he was in this, never realized it! Aaron and Martha are my OTP in this series of movies. For that reason, I'm glad that the continuation is not about them, I hope they are not even mentioned, I don't want to hear that they were killed or that Martha died or something. I'm glad that they got their happy ending and lived happily ever after. Because they worked together so incredibly well, as a real team, not just as the Super Agent and the Tag-Along. Amazing, those two. But I felt sorry for Pamela Landy :(

And I'm all set up to go and see Jason Bourne tomorrow. Nice! I made it!
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When the Game Stands Tall: Yes, I immediately ordered the film on DVD and then watched it with the director's commentary. Did you know that the De La Salle vs. Bellevue game shown in this movie was named the greatest high school football game ever played? It was televised by ESPN and Fox News and 15k fans filled the stadium! Christ on a cracker!

And the movie also made me fall in love with this song: Sail by AWOLNATION:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: What a bonkers movie! I loved it in the cinema and I still like it on DVD. I loved that they made Gretel a white witch and gave Hansel diabetes, that they gave them both a weakness. And I loved their love for each other. Amazing. I also love that the movie is so unapologetic in its killing of witches, that's not so common in today's over the top PC culture anymore.

Also, I hope that the TV show they announced based on this movie actually gets made. I would love to see this setting explored, it felt very steam-punk, especially their weapons.
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I went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation yesterday and I had a blast! I would rate it 8/10 or 4/5, it's one of the best movies of this year and I hope very much that there's a sequel with this cast, Cruise, Renner, Ferguson and Pegg.

The movie is hilarious! Simon Pegg's always funny but Cruise and Renner have the perfect comic timing! And - wonder of wonders - Alec Baldwin, too. Hunley (Baldwin) and Brandt's (Renner) scenes are simply LOL-worthy! And I'm so happy that, with all the demand to go dark and gritty these days, MI did not. They went pretty much in exactly the opposite direction. It's funny and sweet and sexy and the friendships in this movie are simply priceless, especially between Hunt and Benji, and Hunt and Brandt, and to a lesser degree between Benji and Brandt.

But the scene stealer is definitely Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust. Ilsa is AMAZING! Move over, Black Widow, here comes Ilsa Faust! She's strong and capable - definitely Hunt's equal in every tiny detail - and she kills and she kicks ass and she's smart! But at the same time, she's glamorous and vulnerable and deeply hurt and sweet, too. And she's no double crossing bitch, she tries to always, ALWAYS do the right thing, even if it costs her. And she's simply unbelievably awesome!

So, thumbs up from me. If you get the chance to see it, do it! It's worth it!


Jun. 20th, 2015 08:35 pm
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♦ So apparently, Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross Bourne movie is still in the works: link. Which is great because I loved it, Aaron and Martha are my Bourne Universe OTP.

♦ And speaking of Bourne, Julia Stiles' Nicky Parsons will be back for the next one with Matt Damon: link.

♦ Vin Diesel's Kojak remake is also definitely happening, it was picked up by Universal: link. I'm really curious about his take on the character.

♦ Shalita Grant and Daryl Mitchell, aka Sonja and Patton, were officially upped to regulars on NCIS:NOLA. I like both characters but I'm a bit worried about the expanding cast. I liked that this cast was small, so everyone had more time on-screen.

♦ And Russell Tovey was cast in The Night Manager, which already features Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie: link.
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This looks fantastic. I like Tom Cruise and his movies so much! When he smiles, it's like the whole screen lights up.
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Wow, so many famous stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, LL Cool J, Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Charles, Olivier Martinez and Jeremy frickin' Renner. Wow!

And a good movie too! I liked both parts, the training during the first half and then the transport of "the frog" in the second. The first half was funnier, of course. But, wow, during the second half, I was on the edge of my seat! That was awesome.

But you know what fascinated me the most? The relationship between Street and Gamble. I mean, it felt like Gamble was pretty obsessed with Street, the way he was all over him all the time. Honestly, the way they behaved? It was like watching a couple or an ex-couple. Also, Gamble had so many opportunities to kill Street and he never took them. Gamble shot Boxer - but he just cuffed Street. And then, he had Street at his mercy - and he just stabbed Street in the hand, pinning him, to stop him from following. Sheesh! If it had been a man and a woman, they would've been all over each other. And call me kinky but they were really giving me this dom-sub vibe, these two, with Gamble as the dom and Street as the sub. Yes, my mind's in the gutter.

Also, gosh is Colin Farrell hot or what? *_* The way he handles a gun, he looks like a pro with it, no awkward fumbling, completely confident. Man! That's hot!
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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters reached $200 mil. worldwide - and Paramount green-lit a sequel! Source. No details are available yet but - YAY! YAY! YAY! H&G is getting a sequel! Love me some Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton!
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Last week, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters crossed $200 mil. worldwide! It's now at $206 mil. which means it quadrupled its $50 mil. budget! For a movie everybody dissed and nobody believed in? AWESOME! Some movie sites even started mentioning the possibility of a sequel a la Resident Evil - not a huge hit but a steady performer. Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner admitted they would be willing to return for a sequel. I mean, why not? You could see they were having a blast!
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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is a nutty adventure. Don't expect Shakespeare from it and you won't be disappointed. I wasn't. I went to see it because of Hansel and Gretel's relationship and I loved it. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton had fantastic chemistry. And I loved that for them, everything was first and foremost about them, their dalliances and friendships with other people were secondary to their relationship. And that was lovely...

Bits and pieces I loved most! )

There were so many things I would like to see explored in fanfiction. Or in a sequel, possibly. The movie already tripled its $50 mil. budget worldwide - it's at $181 mil. right now - and it has a good chance to quadruple its budget before it runs its course.

I would give it 6/10 but it was totally worth seeing in the cinema!


Jan. 21st, 2013 10:12 am
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► Colin Morgan will appear in the 3rd episode of Gabriel Byrne's new TV series Quirke: source. Too bad he will be only guest-staring. I wish he joined something as a regular :(

Hansel & Gretel premiered in Russia last weekend, ahead of the rest of the world, the US included, and it got off on a very strong start with a $7 mil. weekend, beating even Django Unchained that also premiered there at the same time. Interesting.

► It's unlikely that Jack Reacher will have a sequel. It needed to reach $250 mil. worldwide to guarantee one and that didn't happen, so far it's earned $155 mil. Source.

► Noomi Rapace is now confirmed to star in Animal Rescue with Tom Hardy: source.
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So much better than Skyfall, IMHO. Especially the female characters, Marta first and foremost. Seriously, when I grow up, I want to be like her - a completely normal, intelligent woman who doesn't get all stupid and panicky, who doesn't do dumb things, who saves the hero and not just once but twice, first through her knowledge, then by getting the assassin off their backs and finding them a spot on the fishing boat. What an awesome woman - and an actress whose age is appropriate to the character she's playing! Finally!

And Jeremy Renner as Aaron, the brave hero - yet he also felt like a real woobie the whole movie long. Yes, he kicked the asses of all the bad guys - but I still felt like Marta was protecting him, not the other way around. Like she was the boss. I love it that Jeremy Renner usual plays his parts opposite strong female characters. It's really lovely.

I still don't get what people didn't like about the movie or what they didn't understand. I loved following the connection between Treadstone and Blackbriar to Outcome. So, so sneaky. Loved all the intrigue! Awesome movie.
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I completely forgot how funny this movie was. I mean, Simon Pegg is always funny but Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner? A much less common occurrence. The movie is so fast paced and hilarious and beautifully shot, it's definitely my favorite part of the series.

My favorite scene is still the "And you are JUST an analyst, right?" bit between Ethan and Brandt. And then the one at the end, when Brandt confesses who he really is, what he has done. Who would've thought that Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise would have so much chemistry, huh?

And you know what I love about Paula Patton? She looks like she could really kick a man's ass. She's tall and broad-shouldered, a real athletic type, no precious flower. I hate it when TPTB are trying to convince me that a slip of a girl could kick a body-builder's ass.

I hope the whole team will be back for MI5. These characters clicked. Don't separate them/add anyone else. Don't try to shake up things that work!
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You know, directors and writers out there should realize that it's not just action and explosions that get people to love a movie enough to go and see it multiple times and/or buy it on DVD, it's the characters! Just like Fast&Furious is first and foremost about Dom and Brian or XMFC is about Charles and Erik, The Avengers are all about Tony and Pepper, Clint and Natasha, Thor and Loki, Bruce, Steve, Fury, Maria and Phil. It's these people who you want to learn more about and hang out with again and again. And I think that's why the movie was so successful.

I mean, don't get me wrong, the action was amazing. Thor's fight with Hulk on the helicarrier will never not be hilarious. Tony's idea of a "party" - leading the leviathan to the others. All of them standing together, side by side, for the first time, facing the Chitauri. Natasha and Clint's "You and I remember Budapest very differently." Hulk saving the Iron Man... All that stuff was amazing and the CGI was simply superb. I loved it!

And yet, what really made an impact on me? Steve's loneliness. Bruce's confession that he had tried to commit suicide once. Natasha's determination to save Clint. Thor's profound sadness after Loki stabbed him. The little bit of domesticity between Tony and Pepper... That's the stuff that comes to my mind first and foremost when I think of The Avengers. And I really want to know where Steve went after the movie ended. If Tony showed Bruce the labs in Stark Tower. How Thor and his family dealt with Loki's betrayal. If Loki ever turned a leaf and accepted the love Thor kept offering so freely. If Clint and Natasha ever went to Budapest again...

Lovely, lovely stuff. I really can't wait to see Phase 2 which promises to be super awesome. And seeing the trailer for Iron Man 3 made me even more excited. Marvel? You rock!
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An HQ version of the poster:

Larger version here

And the trailer:

Can't wait! This will be bloody fun :)
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It looks like Jeremy Renner will be playing Al Pacino's illegitimate son in the family drama Imagine.

Al Pacino signed on last year to play a Bruce Springsteen-type rocker who discovers a long-unopened letter addressed to him from John Lennon; after reading it, he’s shocked to learn that he actually fathered a son and decides to track him down.


Sounds interesting. Not something I would necessarily have to see in the cinema, but I would like to see it, that's true.
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A new LQ Hansel & Gretel poster!

The poster and this...

Found on Tumblr!

... So HOT! I mean, seriously. Just a few more months to go, Jan. 25th is the premiere, IIRC. I think it's given it will flop in the cinemas, it's too quirky for the general public, R-rated and it'll air outside the "blockbuster season", but I don't care. I just need to see it - I hope our cinemas will actually show it, not like Dredd and Premium Rush *grumbles* Who would've thought that I would one day consider Hansel and Gretel smoking hot?

Also, I need The Bourne Legacy out on DVD ASAP. Hopefully, it'll come out before Xmas!
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Woohoo! NBCUniversal confirmed today that they are moving ahead with a sequel to The Bourne Legacy despite its measly box office draw: source. I'm so happy! I love Marta and Aaron!
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I'm already in love with Gretel. Girl has BALLS! OMG, I can't wait for this film! *rolls in the awesome*


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