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This was a really weird movie starring Colin Farrell as the fisherman Syracuse. I mean, it was pretty obvious that Ondine was not a Selkie, but you kept wonder what exactly was going on, who she was. I was actually with Syracuse all the way, I was on his side - till he got drunk and left Ondine on that lighthouse island, knowing that she had no way getting away from there. That was horrible and I don't think I could ever forgive him.
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Wow, so many famous stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, LL Cool J, Michelle Rodriguez, Josh Charles, Olivier Martinez and Jeremy frickin' Renner. Wow!

And a good movie too! I liked both parts, the training during the first half and then the transport of "the frog" in the second. The first half was funnier, of course. But, wow, during the second half, I was on the edge of my seat! That was awesome.

But you know what fascinated me the most? The relationship between Street and Gamble. I mean, it felt like Gamble was pretty obsessed with Street, the way he was all over him all the time. Honestly, the way they behaved? It was like watching a couple or an ex-couple. Also, Gamble had so many opportunities to kill Street and he never took them. Gamble shot Boxer - but he just cuffed Street. And then, he had Street at his mercy - and he just stabbed Street in the hand, pinning him, to stop him from following. Sheesh! If it had been a man and a woman, they would've been all over each other. And call me kinky but they were really giving me this dom-sub vibe, these two, with Gamble as the dom and Street as the sub. Yes, my mind's in the gutter.

Also, gosh is Colin Farrell hot or what? *_* The way he handles a gun, he looks like a pro with it, no awkward fumbling, completely confident. Man! That's hot!


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