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Saw Dunkirk. Disappointed. Scattered, splintered, non-linear story that didn’t reveal enough about anyone to make me care. The most interesting part was the non-linear story telling, TBH.

There were so many heroes, true heroes at Dunkirk, people who were scared absolute shitless yet they did their job and helped others escape: the engineers who were as terrified as everyone else yet they built a pier out of nothing to help ships dock; the nurses who came on ships from England, despite knowing that there was a good chance they would be blown up by the Germans, still they did their job; the commanders who stayed with their men - and then those at home, who came up with the plan for Operation Dynamo…

Did we get to see these people? Not really, no. For most of the film, we followed a bunch of cowards willing to literally murder their own to survive. That the main hero made it was the biggest disappointment of all because he was one of the least deserving on that beach.

I wish so badly that Nolan had cut that part out completely, and made a movie about the pilots, about the old man and the boys, about the two commanders at Dunkirk… Now THAT would’ve been an excellent movie. Alas…
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