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I honestly don't know why people don't like this movie. The cinematography is positively stunning, the music and sound mixing too. Michael Fassbender is just breathtaking as both Aguilar and Cal, and his chemistry with Marion Cotillard blows your mind. And the fights! The fights! Simply incredible. I saw it in the cinema and I immediately bought it on DVD once it was out. And I love to listen to the OST with my headphones on because the incredible thump-thump-thump of the basses makes your bones downright vibrate. Just awesome!
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Wow. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard look amazing. I've never read Shakespeare's "Macbeth", I'm only slowly chewing my way through his dramas, but this looks great!


Oct. 5th, 2013 11:32 pm
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Gravity made me want to watch Inception again, for some obscure reason I decided not to question. And thus the movie was watched and enjoyed again.

You know why I love the movie so much? I couldn't care less about Cobb and Mal and Fisher and his issues and his eternal waterfall of tears. I love the movie for its excellent, groundbreaking, mind-blowing ideas. Dream-sharing. Dream levels. Dream security. Projections. Hidden secrets. Paradoxes. Mazes... It makes your imagination expand to previously unheard of levels.

Unfortunately, it's also where the movie's biggest plotholes are hidden. Like, every dream has to be anchored in someone's mind, the architect builds the dream in said mind and then they bring the subject in and he fills it with his secrets. So, level 1 was anchored by Yusuf. Level 2 by Arthur. And level 3 should have - should have! - been anchored by Eames. So, why/how did it work when Fisher took Eames' place and became the anchor for level 3? They shouldn't have been able to hear the music since it was Eames who had the headphones on, not Fisher, the anchor. Also, the whole level should've collapsed once Fisher died - but that can be excused, he didn't wake up, after all, he just dropped into Limbo. Still. The fact that they could exchange one anchor for another and it still worked... I mean, level 3 was specifically build for Eames - as Ariadne said, Eames added a secret route inside the hospital, just for himself. Was it enough that the level was build for him and thus the change of the anchor didn't matter? He was still the theoretical anchor and that was enough? Or was he actually the real one, the real anchor, Eames and not Fisher, and when Ariadne asked into whose mind they would be breaking and Dom responded that into Fisher's, he meant the vault, not the level itself? That would make sense, considering the headphones and Eames guarding the level...

I mean, until that point, it was all crystal clear. But with the level 3 anchor... Plothole or a misunderstanding? Are anchors necessary? They should be, why else would they have anchored the first level in the Saito dream in Nash's mind and the second one in Arthur's? And why else would the Fisher dream levels go Yusuf --> Arthur --> Fisher/Eames? And the second level was Arthur's - remember the Pemrose staircase? They can change only their own dream, not someone else's.

Also, I think that the ending was all in Cobb's head, that he didn't make it back. And not because of the spinning top - but because of the kick. As he said, they needed to ride the kicks up to get out. Cobb and Saito couldn't have killed themselves in Limbo, then in level 3, 2 and 1 - which would be brutal, but efficient... if not for the sedative. If they had killed themselves in Limbo, they would have landed back in Limbo. The sedative wouldn't have allowed them to wake up a level higher. Unless... unless dropping into Limbo basically "rebooted" them. Once they dropped there, they had no other place to go but up and the danger wasn't Limbo itself but forgetting why they were there. Hm... But yeah, I think Cobb and Saito never made it out. Or maybe Cobb never made it out of the PASIV den in Mombasa. Remember? He never let the top stop spinning when he checked his totem because Saito startled him. So, is he still stuck in his dream in the den in Mombasa? Or is he still stuck in Limbo?

Awesome brain exercise!
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I haven't been present the last few days because [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai was visiting! I didn't know there were so many wonderful things to see in Ostrava - and I actually live here -_-;; And then we watched the whole S3A of Teen Wolf and also bits and pieces from Children of Dune (James McAvoy!!!) and The Persuaders. Nice!

In the meantime, so many things happened on the internet. Like...

♦ This great photoshoot of Hugh Dancy: link!

♦ An article about Mads Mikkelsen talking Hannibal Lecter and Hannibal's relationship with Will Graham, and also of his own relationship with his older brother Lars: link.

♦ Wentworth Miller came out in a really powerful message: link. Good for him.

♦ Marion Cotillard replaced Natalie Portman as Lady MacBeth in the upcoming movie featuring Michael Fassbender as Macbeth: link. Interesting. I couldn't see Natalie as Lady Macbeth anyway.

I also decided to give a try to Welcome to Night Vale since everybody and their uncle are following it: link.


Mar. 8th, 2013 10:13 pm
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I finally, FINALLY watched Taxi, the original French movie, not the floppy American version. I've had it on DVD for years! And why didn't anybody tell me that Marion Cotillard was in it?!

The beginning was quite boring. It didn't really get going till Daniel and Émilien met. The movie was all about them, their unlikely friendship. It was a thing of beauty, the way Daniel stuck up for him and helped him catch the bad guys. And the funniest bit was how Émilien and his mother totally took over Daniel's life, turning it upside down.

The best cinematic moment? The final race against the Germans. I loved the music, it didn't overwhelm the action, it let the race speak for itself. That was fantastic!
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I've been overcome by the sudden need to watch a movie starring Marion Cotillard. Maybe it's because of these super cute pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion from LAX - link - where they met by chance, both headed for TIFF, and hugged and smiled at each other, being generally the cutest thing since sliced bread. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of paparazzi pictures but these made me super giddy!

But back to Marion. Even though I didn't like Mal and Dom's story in Inception much, she was amazing in that part and she made a much bigger impression on me in TDKR than Anne Hathaway. Marion has always seemed... ethereal to me, in all her pictures and roles. Ethereal and sweet. I'm probably completely off my mark here, I know nothing about her personal life and I don't want to know anything, I just... I have been quite smitten with her for some time now and this morning, seeing the pictures of her and JGL, it really hit me hard. I might be a little bit in love *_*


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