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Season 6 will be its last, Jeff Davis confirmed at SDCC yesterday. And thank the gods above. How much has changed for me over these last few seasons. I used to adore the show. Now... Not only are the plots downright dumb and never seem to go anywhere, they're actually making Stydia canon. Fuck. It.

You know just how much they had to bend over backwards to make Stydia canon? Let me count the ways: They fired Arden Cho, one of the main actresses, thus ending Scira - Scott/Kira - to make space for Stydia - Stiles/Lydia - as the main focus and main couple of S6. And to achieve that, they had to drop Stalia - Stiles/Malia - and Marrish - Lydia/Parrish - the two couples they have been building up these last few seasons. They just dropped them, no closure. Like they didn't even happen.

You know what the reason was for Stiles breaking up with Malia? That she loved him so much she accepted that he killed Donovan with a good reason without any explanation on his part. That was the reason. She told him she knew and she didn't mind - and he broke up with her. Without telling her or us, the viewers. Only a season later we found out that they broke up and this was their break-up talk. And all that in preparation for making Stydia happen this season.

You know what, Teen Wolf? Fuck. You. You destroyed three beautiful ships you have been building up to make this one happen, completely retconning one of the main messages of the show, that it's necessary to move on, not get stuck on unrequited love. Fuck. You.

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May. 16th, 2016 10:05 am
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I've been in Prague these last few days, interpreting for the German fantasy author Markus Heitz at the Prague Book Fair. And the perfect way to describe my trip would be by citing one of Murphy's Laws: If something can go wrong, it will. Jesus Christ! We were so lucky that Markus Heitz has an incredible sense of humor *head/desk*

I also fell hard for Lucifer, the TV show, and already have seen 1/3 of the first season. Nice!

And I also found out that Castle was canceled. I don't say it often, but, THANK THE GODS ABOVE! If they continued it without Beckett, it would've destroyed the whole soul of the show, so... phew!
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Good news: The Librarians was renewed for S3 by TNT, yay!

Bad news: Cuffs was canceled by BBC... *sigh*


Oct. 28th, 2015 09:49 am
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So, Limitless and Life in Pieces - not that I watch the latter - scored a full season pick-up. Blindspot scored six additional scripts. Supergirl is off to a good start with 3.1 demo.

From Dusk Till Dawn was picked up for S3. I still haven't seen S2, so there's that.

On the other hand, the networks cut the episode orders of Blood & Oil, Minority Report, Truth to be Told and The Player. And as someone pointed out, "trimmed" is the new "canceled". The only one I feel sad about is The Player - I still haven't seen an ep, mind you, but it has Philip Winchester in it, he of the Strike Back fame.


Oct. 17th, 2015 01:06 pm
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So, Minority Report's episode order was cut by 3, it'll now have only 10 episodes (which means it's pretty much canceled). Defiance and Rookie Blue were also canceled. Limitless dropped hard with Chicago Fire back on air and Sleepy Hollow dropped below 1.0 demo, which means this is definitely its last season, too.

But at least Rosewood was picked up for a full season. Small favors and silver linings...


Oct. 14th, 2015 11:02 am
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So, Syfy canceled Dominion. Beauty and the Beast is ending after S4 on the CW. This season will be the last of Person of Interest, at least on the CBS. Castle and NCIS:LA hit series low in the ratings, just like The Originals... Well, luckily I'm not overly invested in any of these shows, at least not anymore, still. Quite the sad days for many fans.
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Syfy canceled Haven, S5 will be its last: link. I'm actually okay with that. I didn't like the direction the show took last season - the Mara storyline bored me to tears and sometimes I could hardly bring myself to watch the eps - and considering the ratings, barely 0.2 demo, the writing was on the wall. I'm just glad that after how terrible the viewership numbers were last season, Syfy didn't simply scraped its plans and actually kept the 13 ep order for S5. And since the writers also must have known that this would be it, I hope they conceived a good series finale.
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NBC just canceled Hannibal: link. I mean, with its current ratings, the writing was pretty much on the wall - it's been pulling .5 demo only, that's lower than most shows on the CW - I'm still crushed, though :(
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The exec of Constantine let the fans know that he failed to find the show a new home. The actors were released from their contracts and the sets were taken down. Source. Sorry, fans, until now there was still SOME hope but the show's definitely over :(
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So many shows canceled! Like Battle Creek, Constantine, Backstrom, Stalker, The Following or even CSI! At the same time, NBC renewed Night Shift and The Mysteries of Laura. Here's a complete list: link.

Out of the new shows, I think I'm mostly looking forward to CW's Legends of Tomorrow: link. And then Minority Report and Lucifer on Fox: link. And also Rush Hour and Limitless on CBS: link.

So far, I've lost only one show I really cared about, Forever. And I might gain 5 more to watch, so... the balance seems okay.
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So, renewed Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD & Castle (yes, Stana Katic is returning!), yet they passed on the AoS spin-off that should've featured Bobbi and Lance. I would've given ALL these shows for that one spin-off. Both Carter and AoS are boring as hell and I'm staying with AoS only out of loyalty for Marvel and my love for Huntingbird *sigh*

Also, ABC canceled Forever. It was pretty much given, still, I'm disappointed. What a wonderful, quirky show...
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So, ABC canceled Revenge (link) and Syfy canceled Helix (link).

Regarding Revenge: I started watching the show when Justin Hartley joined it. I loved how twisted and broken his Patrick was - and it also helped that he was gay! But what really drew me to him was his relationship with his mother, Victoria which was amazing! Once Justin left the show, my interest went with him. So, I really don't care about this cancellation.

Regarding Helix: I haven't even started watching this show yet. I heard that S1 was mildly interesting and S2 was a total bore and was completely disconnected from S1. Is it true? I'm honestly considering simply dumping all my downloads. Eh.

What bothers me, though, is that according to Ausiello, the future of Person of Interest is now uncertain, its renewal "could go either way" (link). I just wish they would give the show a chance to properly wrap up. It's so serialized that it needs the time to tie up all the loose ends.
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--> The X-Files was picked up for a 6 ep long event series by Fox, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will return: link.

--> Looking was canceled by HBO, a special final ep will be filmed: link.
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I've been as sick as a dog these past few days. Cold and cough, really ugly stuff. And I still feel under the weather...

Allegiance was canceled: link.

Agents of SHIELD 211 )

NCIS 1216 )

NCIS NO 116 )
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USA Network canceled Covert Affairs: link. Now there really isn't anything for me to watch on USA. I haven't been following this show for a few seasons now, I kinda didn't like the direction in which it went, but out of the remaining shows on USA, I still liked it best.

I was disappointed when White Collar's S5 was cut short (from 16 to 13) and then S6 was only 6 episodes, but at least they got the chance to wrap things up. I would've hated it if it ended with the S5 cliffhanger and I loved the eventual ending. I'm really surprised that USA didn't give CA even a shortened S6 run and a chance to tie up all the loose ends. I hope this doesn't become a precedent, that they don't turn into A&E!
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I guess the gods of TV must have heard me talking about dropping old shows and getting new ones because TNT just canceled Perception, the Eric McCormack crime series: link. Oh well...

And I seem to have fallen under the spell of Daniel Gillies. He's doing... things to me! I'm loving him as Elijah on The Originals. And now I'll have to get my hands on Saving Hope, the Canadian supernatural doctor show - which I wanted to see anyway, because, you know, Erica Durance and Michael Shanks are in it. But now? With Daniel Gillies playing the third lead? \o/ But sheesh on a pogo stick. Daniel is three days a week on the set of TO, then another three on the set of SH, bouncing back and forth between the US and Canada. Man, I'm exhausted just thinking about it O.o

Also, The Originals are getting their own tie-in novels! Starting in January, so far, three books are planned, set in New Orleans in the 18th century, chronicling how the Mikaelsons helped build the town and ruled it for many years! \o/

And speaking of tie-ins, did you know that Grimm and The Beauty and the Beast have their own tie-in series, too? \o/
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I don't know if anyone on my flist wast watching it, but Lifetime just canceled Witches of East End: link. I kept downloading the show with the intention of binge watching it one day. Now, I guess I'll just delete it because, from what I hear, it ended on a huge cliffhanger and I really hate that. Eh.
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I planned to watch so many shows over the weekend? Pah! In the end, I spent my free time listening to audio books.

But on the TV front...

I sampled The Mysteries of Laura because of Debra Messing and Laz Alonso. But after 3 eps, I'm giving up. It's quirky in a very unfunny way - I was actually cringing from second-hand embarrassment - and even the cases aren't all that interesting. Eh. I have tons of other shows I'm more interested in.

Also, Dallas was canceled by TNT. Well, considering they killed off the one character I was actually interested in in the last episode of S3, I wouldn't have watched the show anyway. But... my condolences to its fans.
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I know that there are people on my flist who watched the show, so, my condolences, folks. A&E just canceled Longmire: link.
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The Mentalist was renewed for S7! Huzzah! Deadline thinks that it'll be for just 13 episodes and that it'll be the final season but considering that everybody thought it would be canned, I'm glad for at least that. Also, I'm happy that it will give Bruno Heller the chance to write a proper ending!

On the other hand, CBS canceled Intelligence and NBC canned Dracula. Oh well, you gain some, you lose some. For me personally, the only cancellation that really stings is The Tomorrow People.


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