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Jul. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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These last few weeks, I watched some TV shows, too, not just movies. Like NCIS:LA S2 (for Densi) and Covert Affairs S1 (for Auggie Anderson) on DVD, and then Stitchers S1 downloaded (for Camsten). I also started watching Elementary S1 on Netflix, just to have something where I don't care about the fandom or shipping or anything like that at all and that I can fall back on when my current fandom - Shadowhunters - pisses me off, which it's been doing more and more lately.

And now I'm watching Doctor Who S10. Apparently, the new Doctor should be announced today. I'm already dreading it because whoever it'll be, I bet a shit storm of hate will follow because that's how the net's rolling these days. Me? Cynical? Why do you think?
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USA Network canceled Covert Affairs: link. Now there really isn't anything for me to watch on USA. I haven't been following this show for a few seasons now, I kinda didn't like the direction in which it went, but out of the remaining shows on USA, I still liked it best.

I was disappointed when White Collar's S5 was cut short (from 16 to 13) and then S6 was only 6 episodes, but at least they got the chance to wrap things up. I would've hated it if it ended with the S5 cliffhanger and I loved the eventual ending. I'm really surprised that USA didn't give CA even a shortened S6 run and a chance to tie up all the loose ends. I hope this doesn't become a precedent, that they don't turn into A&E!
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Despite mediocre ratings, ABC gave Forever a back-nine order, which means, we'll be getting at least 22 episodes this season! Link. I don't expect a S2 pick-up after that, the ratings are really bad, but I hope the writers will be smart enough - unlike those of The Tomorrow People! - not to end the season on a cliffhanger with fingers crossed for a pick-up. That's selfish and unfair to the viewers, IMHO. So yeah, I hope we get a passable ending, with some loose ends, sure, but an ending nonetheless!

Also, I decided to drop Stalker. I really don't like any of the characters and if I wanted to watch a show about cops chasing psychos, I would rather watch Criminal Minds where the team actually feels like a family, where they trust each other. Which reminds me, I should really watch it. Hm.

Also #2, what's going on with most shows this season? I mean, their ratings! Haven 0.2 demo. White Collar 0.4 demo. Covert Affairs 0.3 demo. Even Graceland - which I don't watch - 0.4 demo. What the heck? *hands* These shows - well, except for Haven which mostly got 0.5 demo - were all 'round the 0.8-1.0 series!
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USA just renewed Covert Affairs for a 16 ep long S5: link.

Great timing because just today, I received S1 on DVD! Together with the Definitive Collector's Edition of Queer As Folk UK, both courtesy of my lovely friend, [ profile] yami_tai! Thank you for the B-day pressie :)
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I haven't been the biggest fan of this show, Annie's family drama and her boss' marriage trouble bored me to tears. But when it's Annie and Auggie, it's rocking awesome! And if they really are/will be/stay a couple, I will give the show another try.
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White Collar was renewed for a 16 ep long S5! Woohoo! Also renewed: Covert Affairs and Royal Pains.
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Finally started watching S2 of Covert Affairs. 6 eps in I have to say that S2 is better than S1. For one, they finally dropped the "Annie pines for Ben" storyline which was very, very cringe-worthy during S1.


... Is still the best thing since sliced bread. I want an Auggie of my own. He's gorgeous and smart and funny and he always has Annie's back and he literally kicks ass despite being blind. And I just love the way he deals with his disability - yes, he deals. Sure, even he tends to hit a low from time to time when he feels like giving up but he's not crying in a corner, moaning about how hard his life is. He deals. And for that alone the character deserves respect!

Now to things I don't like.

The way the writers are handling Jai this season...

Seriously, Jai is the prettiest thing this show has - yes, he's much prettier than Annie or Joan, hands down. But being pretty's not enough. This season, he's being an ass. What happened? Last season, Annie, Auggie and Jai were a team, they always rooted for each other. This season, Jai's been sidelined like whoa! I don't like it. And I don't like where the writers are taking the character :-/

The whole thing with Joan and her husband and the committee and whatnot is a stinking pile of crap. I'm ffwding through it, I admit it freely. It's boring and it slows the plot down to a crawling speed. I don't like it.

The episodic plots are... boring. I can't help it.

On the other hand, Annie? Much more likable this season, definitely. Now that she finally stopped pining for Ben, I like her much more. Before, she reminded me of a love-sick puppy.

The best guest star so far? Oded Fehr, hands down. Man, he's gorgeous. And he has an awesome comedic timing.
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As you know, I'm a slasher at heart but there are het couples that I'm really attached to and I want to see them get together. Soon. Now!

Tony&Ziva from NCIS: she kicks ass, he talks. And I'm a bit miffed that after all the build up in the previous seasons, any chance of a relationship between these two seems to have been disregarded completely.

Beckett&Castle from Castle: again, she kicks ass, he talks. And they have so much fun together. Just watching them fills me with glee!

Annie&Auggie from Covert Affairs: she tries to kick ass, he kicks ass despite his blindness. Together, they are the best part of the series.

Peter&Olivia from Fringe: she kicks ass, he's smart as hell. Their relationship is a thing to behold. That's why I'm rather angry with the writers and with the way they keep fumbling this season.

Nathan&Audrey from Haven: she helps the Troubled, he's a Troubled one. The fact that he can't feel pain makes him the perfect woobie because she always has to watch over him so that he doesn't get hurt without realizing it...
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I know I said I wasn't sure if I would continue watching CA - as much as I love Auggie, I so do not care about Annie's sekrit luv affair - but then I saw these promos and these promo pics... And I realized, I loved the friendship between Annie and Auggie too much to give up on this show. I mean...

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According to the official press release, White Collar and Covert Affairs both return on Tuesday, June 7th.
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I liked 110 much better than 111. Anna Chlumsky was gorgeous in the second to the last episode! But the season finale... Man, was that mediocre of what? The CGI was really bad - well, not as bad as WhiCo's El scenes, but still. And since I don't care one iota about Ben, I didn't care about most of what was happening in this episode. Not even the reveal of Liza's mole was surprising. But Auggie and Jai? Both awesome, as usual.

And I'm now all caught up. I really do hope that they drop the Ben angle in S2. I think the show would be much better without it.
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So, I watched eps 108 (What Is and What Should Never Be) and 109 (Fool in the Rain) of Covert Affairs and honestly, I don't get why the show is so popular. I mean, Annie is a pretty bad agent - even though we were told she was first among her peers at the academy. Her home life is boring. Her affair with Ben is Boring - yes, it deserved a capital B. Joan and Arthur's marriage is BORING! The only interesting thing about the show is Auggie, who's simply awesome. Oh, and Jai's involvement in the whole Ben thing. Other than that...

What IS so special about this show that it was getting ratings up to 5+ mil. viewers and 1.6 demo last summer?
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Decided to finally catch up on Covert Affairs since none of my shows is in the next few days.

106: Houses of the Holy )

107: Communication Breakdown )

You know what's my favorite part of the series? Well, besides a shirtless Auggie, that is:

The closeness between Annie and Auggie and the budding friendship between Auggie and Jai. I loved it when Jai told Annie that, despite what she might have thought, he liked Auggie. Or when Jai called Auggie a dork, but with such a fondness, it was gentle ribbing, not mockery.


Aug. 12th, 2010 11:05 am
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Chris Gorham aka Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs! According to Chris, this is a pic from the ep that will air on Aug. 24th! Yowza! *_*
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Man, that was good! The best episode yet :)

In the Light )

I hope the writers can keep it up. That would be awesome!
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Better than last week...

No Quarter )
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The ep was called South Bound Suarez and I have... nothing to say about it, really. I loved all the "Auggie stuff" but the ep itself was... bland. I was kinda disappointed. And they dreadfully underuse Sendhil Ramamurthy's character, Jai. That's actually all. I hope that this week's ep will be better.
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From the DVDs' extras. Don't you just love the whole cast? \o/

White Collar 202

Covert Affairs 102
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Man, this was so much fun. Another keeper!

The Pilot )

Peeps, give this show a try, it's funny and full of action and Annie and Auggie rock.


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