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Well. They obviously couldn't decide if they wanted to be a comedy or if they wanted to be taken seriously. As I see it, this was a lame attempt at making Obama an action hero. The chest-thumping American heroism was layered so thick sometimes that it was rather cringe-worthy. I get why it flopped in the theaters. And how could it have cost 170+ mil. to make? Jesus! Olympus Has Fallen, another movie with the same theme, was definitely better and it deserved to win the theater crown in this unspoken battle of White Houses.

I think the best part of the film was the tour guide: "Stop hurting my White House!" LOL.
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Title: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Cast: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne

Rating: 6/10

Visually stunning spectacle with little substance. The CGI was amazing. Top notch. The effects felt so real, it was UNreal. Rarely have I seen such original creations, like these planets, ships, technology. Truly wonderful and worth seeing on the big screen.

But! Yes, the characters are very likable, both Jupiter and Caine. And the story seems intriguing. But in this movie, story telling definitely falls victim to the visual side. There are so many things just hinted at but never drawn to their conclusion. Like, spoilers! )

Which brings me to the ending: spoilers! )

So yeah, I was a bit disappointed. It reminded me of 47 Ronins: a visual feast that left me feeling unsatisfied because it squandered its potential.
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Jesus! That's so hot. I hope that this movie will be better than the first one, now that the mopiest characters are gone and it's just Mike and his old crew. I love how much fun the actors had making this movie!
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Trailers seen:

Elysium - look, I love sci-fi and maybe I'm totally wrong in this case, but gosh, it looks so boring! Yet another "let's overthrow the system and topple the rich!" shtick. Not even Matt Damon and Jodie Foster make it look interesting. I guess, if there won't be anything else in the cinema that week, I might go and see it, but right now, I don't get what people are so excited about. Nothing we haven't seen done a dozen times over, several times this very year!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - if I were a kid, I would swallow it with a spoon. But since I'm not a kid... eh.

White House Down - several months ago, I was excited. Now... eh. I think I will wait for the DVDs. IMHO, the trailer for Olympus Has Fallen looked much better.

Wolverine - I do want to see this in the cinema but the first Wolverine movie was a huge bust, boring as hell and whatnot, and I'm not that big a fan of Wolverine. Actually, I wish they would stop forcing him in every X-Men movie! But it's X-Men. I will go and see it in the cinema in 14 days.

DVDs bought:

Hollywoodland - reading the summary, it sounded very noir. And I like Adrien Brody. And it cost me $2.5 only, so...

Stay - looks like a supernatural thriller with Ryan Gosling and Ewan McGregor. That's pretty much all I needed to know :P

Trainspotting - yes, I haven't seen the movie yet. Not really my cuppa but everybody seems to rave about it and it cost me only $1, so...

Unstoppable - gosh, GOSH, they had the movie in the sales bin! Chris Pine and Denzel Washington! I have wanted to buy it for ages and now I got it for $4 only! I love it when Datart has a sale!
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So, I missed Olympus Has Fallen in the cinemas but I definitely want to see White House Down. It looks like a much funnier movie, not taking itself as seriously. And everybody is praising the awesome chemistry and banter between Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. But I think I will get both on DVD.

GI Joe 2!

Apr. 6th, 2013 05:39 pm
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Yes, I'm using Byung-hun Lee's character poster because I fell in love with Storm Shadow in this movie. Like HEAD OVER HEELS, TOTALLY SMITTEN, DOLPHIN NOISES in love! He had a much bigger part here than in the first film and he was GLORIOUS! Oh God, purrfection pure! I mean, it started with Channing Tatum's Duke and Dwayne Johnson's Roadblock - who were the best besties I've seen in a long time! - and then Byung-hun Lee came along and I was like Dwayne WHO?! For me, Storm Shadow didn't just steal the movie, he ran away with it! And can you believe that Byung-hun Lee is 43?!

Watch me wax poetics about the glory that's Storm Shadow! )

Oh, the sequel was already picked up! There will be a 3rd GI Joe movie! Hopefully with more Storm Shadow!

The Vow

Feb. 26th, 2013 10:48 pm
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The Vow is such a wonderful movie and the fact that it's based on true events makes it even better, sweeter somehow. It made me laugh, it made me cry... but mostly, I was totally smitten with the way Leo loved Paige.

Channing Tatum was amazing in the role! He had his heart in his eyes every time he looked at Rachel McAdams' Paige. I FELT how much he loved her. Anybody who says that Channing can't act after seeing this movie, will be kicked in the kisser. When Leo told his friend that he was done trying to win Paige back, that she didn't love him anymore, I cried. Literal waterfalls. Channing was amazing in that scene!

And the great thing was that I didn't hate Paige. Yes, I felt more sorry for Leo, but it wasn't Paige's fault that she lost her memory and she did her best with the memories she had left and the information she was given, I didn't blame her. This is one movie where neither party is the guilty one and I loved the way she put her life back in order, that she learned how to stand on her own two feet on her own, that it was her decision to go back and ask Leo out, that she didn't let anyone or the circumstances force her into anything.

To sum it up: Wonderful movie. One of the best romances I've ever seen! No wonder it earned so much money.

Magic Mike

Dec. 31st, 2012 05:43 pm
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I watched Magic Mike with my mom. And I don't get the hoopla around it, why it's such a hit. Sure, the stripping scenes were very well done, Channing Tatum was awesome and Matt Bomer was cute but...

That's pretty much it. It was not all that funny and it had a very cliché/stereotypical plot. I would've preferred if Mike left for Miami with the others and made money out of the club and fulfilled his dreams. This way... I don't know, it was a let-down, a typical "I'm too old and want to settle down" schtick.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Channing Tatum that it was a real hit, he deserves it. And I know that it's based on his own experiences and that it was just the tip of an iceberg, that they showed just tiny bits and pieces of how ugly this business really is. But overall? Eh. I would've preferred if it was a comedy that didn't take itself that seriously.
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Looks good. At least the special effects, that is. And I love Dwayne Johnson. But I still hope that the reshoots with Channing Tatum mean that Duke won't bite it in the first 10 minutes. I mean, I get that he won't be there for most of the movie, that I don't mind - I just want him to SURVIVE! Don't kill him off or I'll be really, really pissed. I loved his Duke! I wouldn't mind him captured and secreted away somewhere, just a revelation of him in captivity somewhere at the very end, leading into movie #3. That would be perfect, actually. Just DON'T KILL HIM OFF!
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Or JGL on Jay Leno:

Yes, it's that Magic Mike SNL monologue. I love it when JGL LOLs so hard. He looks so sweet and relaxed in this clip. And he's talking about being good friends with Channing Tatum - who sent him 2 emails while he was doing that skit, the second one saying "Humping the floor = amazing!" LOL! Gosh, I love them both, JGL and Channing Tatum!
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So, in May, the rumor had it that JGL was about to be offered a role in the Wachowski siblings' new movie, Jupiter Ascending: link. Since then, nothing. Unfortunately. I would so want him to be in the film! Why? It would be his FOURTH movie with Channing Tatum. Yes, FOURTH! He already filmed three movies with him! Unfortunately, JGL's characters always drew the short stick in them... :P

1. Havoc (2005) - well, that one ended badly for every character involved, so...

2. Stop-Loss (2008) - JGL's character committed suicide in it...

JGL as Tommy Burges in Stop-Loss

3. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) - JGL's character went nuts.

Yeah, a pretty bad track-record where his movies with Channing Tatum are concerned, huh? But I still would want to see them in another together! I love to see the same actors in movies together! And Jupiter Ascending should be a sci-fi retelling of Snow White, with Mila Kunis as Snow and Channing Tatum as Huntsman. So, pretty please? JGL and Tatum have fantastic chemistry together!
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There's a very, very long interview with the Magic Mike cast - Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer - here: link. And you literally feel just how much these guys clicked while filming the movie!

My favorite LOL-worthy moment was:

EW: Matthew, a lot of photographers have probably sent their kids to college with the money they made selling photos of you shirtless at the beach. Were you worried about playing into that image?

McConaughey: [Deadpans] This was a new challenge. I had to be pantless.

[Tatum chokes on his food laughing.]

Tatum: I didn't look at it like that till now.

Also, according to this site - link - Channing Tatum's working on the sequel already. Sweet. I'm glad that his career took off so well. He seems like a great guy :)
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But mostly about Matt Bomer...

... about whom Channing Tatum posted: "Matt Bomer is one of the most talented and beautiful human beings I've met in this life." Link. Aww. Could this guy be any sweeter? No wonder I love Channing Tatum so very, very much! \o/

Also, Magic Mike is receiving great reviews, Rotten Tomatoes has it at 82%! And it did amazingly well in midnight showings, $2.05 mil.! And this is an indie movie, filmed for $7 mil. only! And the guys all seemed to have so much fun making it. Aww! I hope it becomes a huge hit and all the actors become huge stars. They deserve it so much!


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