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I'm loving S8! I admit that I basically skipped S5-7. I hated Princess "I can do no wrong" Lana and the Lex/Lana/Clark love triangle. I hated it so very, very much. But S8, what with both Lex and Lana gone, it feels like a completely different show, it's like they poured new life into it.

What I really love is Tess Mercer and her little dance with Clark. She pushes, he deflects. He's no boy anymore who would panic at the first chance of being found out, in that Lex was a good teacher. Now she prods, he smirks, and they circle each other like sharks, it's not a cat and mouse game anymore.

And I love Clark and Lois. They are amazing together. Tom Welling and Erica Durance are my favorite Clark and Lois, hands down. I love that she cares so much for him but she always covers it with a laugh and a punch in the ribs, for all her femininity, there's something really tomboyish about her. And their chemistry is off the charts. And despite Clark's superhuman abilities, it still feels like SHE is the one wearing pants in their relationship and there's something incredibly appealing about it.

Another thing that fascinates me is, how far Clark's friends are willing to go to protect him. First Chloe with the memory thief, then later on Oliver with Lex... And at the very end of the show Tess Mercer herself. People seem to fall hard for Clark and it's kinda amazing.

Cannot wait to watch more of the show! When it first aired, I saw only bits and pieces of the later seasons so this is my first thorough watch-through of it. Nice!
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NCIS 1211 or I can't believe that this show actually managed to shock me O.o! )

NCIS: NOLA 111 or is it just me or is the culprit totally obvious? )

Also, I decided to drop Scorpion and move The Flash to my "watch later on on DVD" list.

On Scorpion, I love the team but the cases are boring, I don't like Paige much and I hate all the attention the show's paying to Ralph and his dad by proxy. And all the unnecessary shipping goes on my nerves: Happy and Toby, Sylvester and Walter's sister, Walter and Paige, Paige and her ex... Why? Just... why?!

And The Flash... I'm not as enamored with the show like many others, it seems. It's a good one but also one better watched in big chunks. Because in big chunks, I can dismiss Barry's unhealthy obsession with Iris but week for week? Sorry, I don't find his infatuation endearing but creepy and annoying. He had ALL HIS FRICKIN' LIFE to tell her he loved her, but no. And now that she has a boyfriend he's starting to make an issue out of it? Stop, just... stop, please.

Also, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'll watch it once more eps air, marathon it. In these itty bitty pieces, I just don't enjoy it as much. The same goes for The Mentalist.

So, the only shows I WILL keep on watching "live" are: The Originals, NCIS, NCIS: NOLA, Agent Carter/SHIELD, Forever and The Librarians (only 4 eps to go there). Man, I really cut it down, didn't I? O.o But it will give me the time to watch my DVDs. Right now, I'm watching Smallville S8!
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This is my new TV schedule (I took White Collar out because there's only one episode left, next week's). I decided to slash it severely because I just can't keep up with over 20 shows! Some I dropped entirely - Stalker, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham among others - some I moved to the "I'll watch it on DVD later on because, as much as I love it, dude, I JUST CAN'T WATCH EVERYTHING LIVE!" category, namely Castle, NCIS:LA, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Arrow and Grimm. With most of them, I'm over a season behind anyway and if I want to keep up with at least some of the series AND watch my DVDs, I need to prioritize. And since I'm buying or planning to buy the shows on DVD anyway, well. That means I won't be DDL'ing the shows anymore, which should free some space on my HDDs, both external and internal. Those TBs are filling up fast O.o

Also, I ordered S9 of Smallville on DVD! Used and for Ł7.12 only, incl. shipping. I just suddenly got the craving to watch Clark and Lois and their shenanigans and Tom Welling and Erica Durance are the best, they're MY Clark and Lois!

And to catch up on some old shows cluttering my HDD, I started watching Pushing Daisies. I'm a few eps in but... I don't get the hoopla. We will see how it goes.
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After seeing Justin Hartley on Revenge, I got this sudden craving to watch Smallville again. And him as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Gosh, he was awesome as Olli, wasn't he?

I own seasons 1-4 on DVD. S5-7 are better left alone even though they feature some awesome Lois and Oliver stuff. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back and watch them again. I just can't with the Clark/Lana/Lex crap, no way, no how. But S8-10 are incredible again because the show managed to totally reinvent itself after Lana and Lex left. It became much darker, it stopped being an after-school especial every other episode, and the mythology was mind-blowing. And Clark and Oliver's friendship... *_* It made me very, very happy. Just like Clark and Lois' ship! Because SV's Lois is my ultimate Lois!

Which means, I need to get S8-10 on DVD. Not owning S5-7 will literally pain me - yes, I'm obsessive-compulsive! - but... Maybe one day? And I will skip everything Lex and Lana related? But for now, I need S8-10! Clark! Oliver! Lois! Chloe! \o/
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Day 19: Favorite Hero/Villain pairing

Clark & Lex, Smallville

The way Smallville portrayed their friendship, at least in the early seasons, made me fall in love with them. And even after all that happened, I still think they have a chance to become friends again, no matter the show's ending. Well, they actually sorta, kinda reconciled and if Lex hadn't lost his memory... But he still has too many memorabilia connected to Clark lying around not to get curious about him...

And Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum had an amazing chemistry! Sure, I loved Clark and Lois (Erica Durance was awesome!) but they didn't come even close to my Clark/Lex obsession! I still re-read my favorite fics and listen to my favorite podfics on a regular basis. And I'm convinced that even dark!Lex would protect Clark if push came to shove. And Clark... well, Clark is a goody-two-shoes. If Lex showed remorse and wanted to be friends again, can you see Clark refusing him?

Remaining days cut! )
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A gen Smallville story in which Clark isn't an alien, just a simple boy adopted by a lovely couple. At the beginning, Clark's a high school dropout, working on his GED. He dropped out after his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, died of a heart attack. Clark and his mom can't really manage the farm alone but the land was Jonathan's pride and joy, so they do what they can.

Lex doesn't hit Clark with the car but he does crash it and Clark does save him. Lex gives Clark a new car as a thank-you and Clark accepts it because it's a new car! And pride be damned when you need a car to run a farm with little to no funds. Lex is impressed by Clark because Clark didn't grovel or try to milk Lex's favor. So he decides to invest into the Kent farm - they accept. Clark and Lex become friends, much to Lionel's disapproval - you don't befriend people who basically work for you.

But then Rachel Dunleavy comes to Smallville, claiming Clark's her son - hers and Lionel's. And it proves to be true. Lex is delighted, Clark's confused, Martha's scared, Lionel's intrigued and Rachel's vengeful. She wants to take Clark away from Martha - and milk Lionel for support money. She goes too far though and lands herself in prison.

In the middle of the "war" between Lionel and Rachel - and Lionel and Martha - Clark gets so upset/confused/lost and exhausted by everybody's demands that he forgets to replace the break fluid in Martha's old car as she asked him to and she dies in an accident. Clark has a breakdown and Lex takes him in, making it clear to Lionel that he is not welcome.

Clark and Lex become as tight as ever. Lex helps Clark get his GED and rent out the farm. Clark becomes Lex's confidant. They ally against Lionel. Lionel tries to lure Clark away, offering him a piece of Luthor Corp as a "gift" to get into Clark's good graces. Clark asks for Cadmus lab, a local company, which Lionel is happy to give him - he considers it worthless. But Clark and Lex have a plan - they give all their shares in Cadmus to Sir Hardwick who really wants the lab, not knowing it's worthless, and in exchange he gives them his shares in Luthor Corp. With that, Lex becomes the majority shareholder of Luthor Corp, ousting Lionel.

Lex becomes the head of Luthor Corp, expanding the company. He takes over Sir Hardwick's corporation and turns Luthor Corp into Lex Corp. He and Clark move together to Metropolis. Clark becomes Lex's right hand. They keep the fact that they're brothers to themselves but Lois Lane is determined to uncover their clandestine affair - much to their amusement. It's them against the world and sky's the limit.

So, there you have it. This is the fic I'll never write. And as you can see, I have it broken down to minute details since it's been stuck in my head for the last... 5 or more years. I love to poke at it in my head, usually in bed when I'm about to fall asleep. That's when I add a bit here, a bit there from time to time.

I love the fic - even in its unwritten form :)
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OMG! OMG! OMG! *flails like a flaily thing* It's... Eeeeeeeep! *incoherent noises*

Ehm, the link! VERY spoilery for SV series finale!

Eeeeeeeeeep! *runs in circles*
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The CW will present the series finale of Smallville as an epic two-hour television event on Friday, May 13 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.)


Supernatural will be pre-empted on May 13 but will return with a two-hour season finale on Friday, May 20 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.) Link

Just so that you know :)
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I've seen Smallville's eps 1002 and 1003 and I have to say - I'm disappointed. Ep specific spoilers... ) But the rest... It's all about how unworthy Clark is these days and how everybody and their uncle is so much more noble and whatnot than him. All Clark and Oliver do lately is whine and pine. I admit that I ffwded through 1003 because I just couldn't stand them ruminating about life and Jor-El and Clark's doubts. The only saving grace? Lois. Erica Durance's Lois is... awesome! I really hope that the show starts being awesome too soon :/


Nov. 6th, 2010 08:47 pm
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For the longest time I've wondered why I disliked Hilarie Burton on WhiCo so much - well, besides the "I'm little Miss Mary-Sue personified" thing, that is. And today, while I was watching Smallville? Revelation! She looks so much like Cassidy Freeman, it's eerie. And I just CAN'T STAND Tess Mercer on SV.

Photographic evidence:

Cassidy Freeman

Hilarie Burton
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I don't follow the show religiously - mostly, I ffwd through everything but the Arthur&Merlin scenes - but it still made me kinda happy:

Ben Stephenson, the BBC's controller of drama commissioning, said: "Merlin continues to perform outstandingly well against X Factor and offers audiences an alternative treat on Saturday nights.

"I'm pleased to confirm that the magical world of Camelot will be returning next year for a fourth series of this fresh and modern retelling of a classic British legend."


The new 10-part series will start filming in March. The BBC said the drama has enjoyed huge international success, selling to 180 countries. Link

Thank you for the heads-up, [livejournal.com profile] ckll!

Though, honestly, why only 10 eps? Until now, it's always been 13, right? It can't be the ratings. Hm... Oh, well. I do hope that Arthur will finally, FINALLY find out about Merlin's powers!

I read somewhere that the makers of Merlin got their inspiration for the series from Smallville. I like both shows, so, more power to them. And I do find similarities in my likes/dislikes considering these two shows. But also opposites.

In SV, I loved Clark and Lex and I disliked Lana with passion - but I knew that Lex would end up being Clark's nemesis, so watching their friendship crumple was like watching a train wreck. In Merlin, I love Merlin and Arthur and dislike Gwen because I know where it's headed, that Gwen will betray Arthur and partner betrayal is a big no-no in my book - but I know that Merlin and Arthur will stay friends, the best of friends, that their friendship will become the stuff of legends unlike Clark and Lex's. And that kinda makes up for that. In SV, I had to cling to the SV mythology because I knew that sooner or later, Lex and Clark would end up hating each other - in Merlin, I can pretty much disregard the show's mythology because I know that Merlin will stay at Arthur's side, that he will be the one person that will never betray him. And that's kinda cool.

ETA: According to Spoiler TV, it looks like S4 won't air until spring 2012 because of the rescheduling of Dr. Who - maybe that's the reason for a shorter season?
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For the first time ever, SPN beat SV in both the A18-49 and the A18-34 demo! For the FIRST TIME EVER, folks!

Smallville 1.0 A18-49, 1.0 A18-34
Supernatural 1.1 A18-49, 1.2 A18-34

And demo's what's important, not the overall viewership. SV tied Nikita this week in both the demos!

The funny thing? Supernatural - together with Hellcats - has the cheapest ad rates on all broadcast: 30 sec. promo costs only $30k (link). What an irony...
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Lazarus )

ETA: 1002 promo.
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Here. And wow, I'm smitten. SMITTEN! Man, I can't wait. It's... WOW! *stares*
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SpoilerTV posted the first real SPN S6 promo - kinda bad quality but what can you do, right? - and I'm definitely intrigued. I'm curious about where the plot's headed. And I don't expect the first ep or two to sweep me off my feet, after all, it's basically a sequel so the action has to get going first.

Also, I think I'll withdraw from the SPN fandom completely. I'm so tired of everybody putting the show down and nagnagnagging about everything. I understand the need to vent once or twice - hey, remember my "I hate SGU!" phase? - but why keep going about something you hate? Boggles the mind.

SPN - and Smallville! - starts on Sept. 24th! My B-day! \o/

Of spoilers

Sep. 6th, 2010 09:44 am
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SpoilerTV posted the official synopsis of Smallville's 10x01! Beware it's chock full of spoilers! My favorite part?

Lois, you're rocking awesome! )

But I decided to try and stop reading spoilers. You know, I've read so many of them for SPN and SV and and and... the summer finale of WhiCo that... Would you believe that I'm not even looking forward to it anymore like I used to? It's really weird :( So, from now on, I'll try to stay away from spoilers - at least for some time. Uh, where did I hear that before? ;P

Love it...

Jul. 26th, 2010 09:44 am
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... when Tom Welling talks about Michael Rosenbaum. It's just so funny. They must have had a blast filming SV! Loved this part:

Spoilers for SV S10! )

So much fanfic material at hand... :D


Jul. 25th, 2010 09:48 pm
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Isn't Green Lantern's costume simply amazing? Ryan Reynolds looks gorgeous in it. I can't wait to see this movie! *bounces*

I've seen many "purists" criticize the costume, that it doesn't look enough like the comic book one. But some stuff just can't be transferred from a drawn picture onto the big screen, it would look ridiculous. I really don't get the "purists" *shakes head*

I mean, if everything was kept intact, we would see this on Smallville...

... instead of this.

And I very much prefer Ollie the way he is - it's close enough, but it's not a carbon copy!
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"Kneel before Kal-El!"
~ Zod to the Kandorians (Smallville, Pandora)

Okay, tell me that that scene wasn't creepy, with all of them kneeling down before Clark... O.o


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