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I am a third grade teacher.

Most kids come in with notes or messages written by their mothers in their lunch sacks.

One little girl's dad left, and her mother abuses drugs. But her 12 year old brother never fails to write "I love you" on her brown paper bag.


From Kids Give Me Hope. Reading this, it reminded me of Dean and Sammy from SPN.
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I just received this spam over AIM:
"Dicks are isomorphic to the Olympics, but of course this is idiotic."
What should I think of that? *chortles*
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You know, watching Firefly, I wonder how the crew survived this long without a doctor. I mean, what did they do before Simon came on board? Sheesh!

And I was going through some nice, very nice fantasy covers and I have to say that I like Todd Lockwood better than Luis Royo. Lockwood is less obsessed with scantily clad women and also, his pictures are much... cleaner, sharper. I love his covers for Salvatore's "The Legend of Drizzt" series - they are simply stunning - on the other hand, Royo drew the covers of one of my most favorite series, Jane S. Fancher's "Dance of the Rings" trilogy. Well, they are both awesome ;)

My boss asked me if I could maybe read and review Adrian Tchaikovsky's "Empire in Black and Gold" for him. Well, it sounds interesting but I have so many other interesting books lined up for reading! Like Martha Wells' "Reliquary" or the second part of Naomi Novik's "Temeraire" series *whines*


Jun. 17th, 2008 06:29 pm
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-> I have no idea why I used this subject. I just couldn't figure out what to write in there and I hate to leave the line empty. Me anal retentive? No!

-> I just stumbled across the People's Choice Awards for the year 2008 site and it was awesome to find out that Stargate Atlantis won the "Favorite Sci-fi Show" category! :) On the other hand, Moonlight won the "Favorite New TV Drama" category and in the end, it was canceled... But it's still awesome for SGA *vbg*

-> Supernatural Actor Jensen Ackles Makes it to Emmy "Short List" Ballot. Awesome. That's the sort of positive promo Supernatural needs!

-> I didn't even start reading the big-bang fics yet! *whimpers*

-> To-Do Tattoo. People have some weird ideas, really XP
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--> I'm now the proud owner of S2 of Stargate: Atlantis on DVD!

--> According to TV.com, another Smallville actor/actress loses his/her "regular" status and is demoted to "recurring" only.

--> Star Trek's George Takei: Gay Marriage Ruling Is "Simply Exquisite": "Takei announced on his Website that he and Brad Altman, his partner of 21 years, will be taking advantage of the new California state law allowing marriage for all couples, regardless of gender combo." Congratulations! *vbg*

--> Nikki Finke says: "There are a lot of tipsters telling me that network boss Dawn Ostroff won't be around to see the CW's early launch on September 1st." Interesting...
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* Grandma of the Day! XD

* I'm reading "Dead Girl's Dance" by Rachel Caine at the moment and gosh, did it give me creepy dreams! O.O

* Still no final ratings for Thursday *pouts* I'm curious about Reaper because it's really hard to believe that it would gain over 400 thousands (20% more) viewers in one week...

* I'm still staying spoiler-free for SPN. But should you come across any news indicating that Kripke is finally killing off Bela or that Bela won't be in S4 or any other joyful news like that, let me know ;D

* And The Llama Llama Song - just because it's awesome! XD
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So, I'm all caught up on Heroes now...

Spoilers for S2 )

I have a new layout! The moment I saw that behind-the-scenes pic, I knew that I would make a header out of it. And I also wanted something with pastel colors. Something easy on the eyes...

Today, I received a notification that someone added my "Horrors of the Past" fic to their favorites over on ff.net. My reaction was O.O I have a story called "Horrors of the Past"? Really? In what fandom? When did I write it? And what is it actually about? *head/desk*
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Monstropedia! This is like the perfect place for SPN lovers!

Reading A. J. Butcher's "The Frankenstein's Factory", I realized that young adults books aren't anything for me anymore.

Supernatural fic rec, GEN --> "this road is wrapped around me, and i wear it like a chain" by [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing. He knows that he has to find Sam Winchester, he just doesn't remember why. Awesome!

Gossip Girl (repeat) 1.19 mil., 0.5/1
Pussycat Dolls (new) 1.68 mil., 0.8/2
Canterbury’s Law (premiere) 7.68 mil., 1.7/5
New Amsterdam (new) 8.78 mil., 2.5/6

The ratings of New Amsterdam so far?
March 4 - 13.66 mil., March 6 - 10.57 mil., March 10 - 8.78 mil.
That doesn't look good.
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  • I pruned roses yesterday and now I look like I wrestled with a nasty porcupine. Ouch!
  • I'm slowly but surely losing my faith in gay romance books. Are they all sex and sex and no plot whatsoever? *groans* Give me a gay mystery any day.
  • After I finish translating "Goblin Hero", I will be working on "Dragons of a Vanished Moon", the last part of the "War of Souls" trilogy. Please, shoot me now? 650 pages of THAT? *whimpers*
  • Still feeling ridiculously happy about SPN's renewal. If they just killed off Bela now my happiness would be complete XP

I wonder...

Feb. 9th, 2008 10:17 am
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I wonder, my dear friends, when a man turns genderswap-ish into a woman and in this female body falls in love with a man... Is it het or slash? *scratches head* I mean, the sex will be obviously het but the love part?

According to Pifeedback, Smallville is down 14% and Supernatural "only" 5% from a year ago. In percents, it doesn't look that bad, doesn't it?

Oh, and final numbers:
Smallville 4.1 mil., 1.8/5 Adults
Supernatural 2.68 mil., 1.1/3 Adults, retention rate 65%

At least SPN didn't drop even more like in the previous weeks. Oh, and from what I heard, big parts of two states lost their electricity/CW feed because of a tornado on Thursday evening, so hopefully, next week will be better *crosses fingers*

And another ouch!, this time for Women's Murder Club fans... According to Ausiello:
No additional episodes expected for this season. Future TBD, although one Club member admits, "We're terrified that it's over for us." *sighs*

As it stands, Blood Ties and Women's Murder Club are basically gone. Chuck isn't doing really great in ratings. Heroes and Numb3rs somehow lost me again. Bones and Moonlight are good but not something that I would jump out ouf the window to watch. Terminator: TSCC I have yet to start watching again. With Stargate: Atlantis I'm so behind that I started watching it from the very beginning again. Eureka is pretty much a bust this season because they would have to be already filming to be able to start airing new eps on schedule.

And that leaves what? Supernatural, NCIS and Psych. And Torchwood of course which is British. Well, there is one positive thing about that: I might start watching anime again XD


Jan. 28th, 2008 09:26 am
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I've been reading Josh Lanyon's "Snowball in Hell" and it's so good! I'm almost finished and I hope that it's the first part of another series of his! *bounces*

I find it quite annoying when authors review their own books - be it on Amazon or on GoodReads - and give it 5 stars and sing praises about how amazing it is *snorts*

Another thing that I don't like is when reviewers rate a book very badly, giving it 1 star, without saying why. "I don't like it" just doesn't cut it. If you don't like it, tell us why.

Funny fact about me: I love to eat liver, especially chicken liver which is very tender when done properly *drools*
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For some weird reason, I have to think about yummy stuff at the moment...

Like Pikao, condensed sweetened cocoa milk - you can buy it in a tube and suckle it right from it or in a can and eat it with a spoon *drools* It's this really thick, gooey, dark brown mass (you can't call it a fluid anymore) and once you taste it, you can't get enough!

Or honey, but the real Czech honey from Czech beekeepers. It's more expensive than the Tesco or whatever brands but it's really dark and thick and when you smear it on a wholemeal roll with a very thin layer of margarine and drink white, unsweetened coffee to it... *drools some more*

Or the chocolate Studentská pečeť (Student's Seal), a very thick milk chocolate with peanuts, raisins and orange jelly... Awesome, just awesome!

And what sweets do you like?


Dec. 17th, 2007 10:17 pm
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*pops in* I totally love this joke...

The pessimist sees the darkness in the tunnel,
the optimist sees the light at the end of the tunnel,
the realist sees the approaching train's lights,
and the conductor sees three idiots on the rails.

*pops off*

So weird...

Dec. 2nd, 2007 05:01 pm
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According to this TV.com article Heroes was declared a family friendly TV show by The Family Friendly Programming Forum (FFPF). Uh, are they talking about the same show that I'm watching? The show where a man eats other people's brains and a high school chick cuts of her toes just to see what will happen? *shakes head*

And I constantly receive spam from various @toostupidtobepresident.com addresses. Are they trying to tell me something? O.o
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So, according to my little poll, most of my flist knows about the TV show Chuck but doesn't watch it *sigh* That's so sad because you're missing out on a very funny, very endearing show. Beware, I might tickle you into watching yet! *threatens*

Does anyone on my flist remember the Canadian TV show called Danger Bay? Oh my, that show rocked my socks! This was the first series that I really loved for the siblings dynamics even though here, there were a brother and a sister and not brothers only that I prefer now. But it was so good and I was such a Jonah!girl :D *all giddy*

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] michalyn, I got to read the International Herald Tribune's article "In Japan, it's the men who want to be skinny and cute". It's quite interesting, let me tell you. Some of the most interesting passages are...

The new Japanese woman, according to the fashion critic Ikuko Hirayama, is: "strong, robust, bursting with energy. She takes care of her body but is not obsessed with being thin. She's proud of her biceps and also proud of her sexuality." (...) In stark contrast, it's the men who want to be slender, vulnerable and protected.

And then there is the young man, Shirakawa, who talks about his girlfriend and the relationship they have...

Both Shirakawa and his girlfriend like the fact that she weighs more than he does, and is the leader of the couple. "She's a lot stronger than I am, can lift heavy things and go drinking until dawn. I admire that about her, and feel protected when I'm around her," he said. Older than he by five years, it was Shirakawa's girlfriend who made the approach, started the dating process and decided what course their relationship would take.

Strange, huh? But I must admit that it tickles my darkest kink - men submitting to women XP That's why I adored the SPN fic "My Brother's Keeper" by [livejournal.com profile] juxtaposefantsy which is heavy on the OFC/Dean at first and leads to a kinky Sam/Dean in the end...
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I finished reading "La Esperanca 5" and started "Lets Get Criminal" by Lev Raphael, a gay mystery novel that puts a smile on your face the moment you finish the first paragraph. Hehe. Which reminds me to hug [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2 again. You are made of gold, luv! ;)

Okay, I had another Supernatural dream last night. In it, Sam and Dean had to go and investigate something in a small clinic that specialized in helping rape victims. They decided... well, Dean decided that Sam would pose as a rape victim, saying that it would "pan out" somehow. Sam told him to go ahead that he would meet him at the clinic. When Dean arrived there, the nurse went all "Oh, you're finally here" and she led him to a small cubicle where Sam was huddled all bloody and beaten. Dean dropped to his knees in front of him, reached out to him and whispered: "Oh my God, Sam, what did you do?" Then there was this big leap, like there usually is in dreams, and in the next scene, Dean was sitting on a couch, Sam way lying next to him with his head propped up on Dean's tigh, asleep and covered with a blanket. On Dean's other side, there was Ben, snuggled against him and asleep too and Dean was thinking how much he loved them both...

And then I woke up. Sheesh! X(

Some people just don't listen. In the new EZTV forum, the owners asked the members not to post thank-you messages because they steal bandwidth. And what do the dumb-asses do? Bingo, "Thank you from France" and "First!" all over the place *rolls eyes*


Nov. 4th, 2007 11:53 pm
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Folks, please, explain to me the appeal of MySpace. It's butt ugly, cluttered and... simply yucky if you ask me. It's so flashy and everything blinks and moves, it gives me a migraine. Finding your way around is another head-ache giving thing because there are no simple search machines. And the pictures and frames etc. are always out of order, too dependent on the member's screen resolution...

Butt ugly and unappealing doesn't even cover it for me. But if you think it's the best thing since sliced bread, could you tell me why? Because so far, I've seen no reason why people are so bonkers about it...
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As you may have noticed, I deleted my previous entry. I decided to make a big fat line under the whole thing and not let anybody spoil my weekend. Should I receive any non-fic related responses to my post in the comm, I will ask the maintainers themselves to deal with it and clearly state what is and what is not allowed.

I thank all my friends who responded to said entry for their kind words. I want to smooch you all :D

But lets turn the page. I have a question about plagiarism for you, my dear friends...

We all know and feel that plagiarism is bad. But when the culprit is caught and apologizes... Would you keep reading their fics? Or would the bad taste of plagiarism remain and turn you off completely so that you would never read any of their stories again?
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So, the writers decided to strike. Well, good for them. It's their constitutional right. But that's as far as I will support them, sorry. Does it make me a selfish bitch? Probably. But I can so see myself striking for better money... My boss would pat me on the head and kick me out.

But I don't think that the strike will hurt Supernatural. During the summer re-runs, SPN was among the first two or three most watched series on the CW after all *shrugs* It might even help us. Wednesday's re-run of Gossip Girl pulled in only 1.45 or so mil. viewers whereas SPN used to pull in over 2 mil. viewers in its re-runs.

And since I'm talking about SPN... It's downloading so slowly today *sigh* I've been downloading it for more than five hours now and I'm still on 80 % only *another sigh* And the direct download links provided? Megaupload doesn't have enough slots open for my country and Rapidshare wants me to wait more than 90 minutes to open the link for me.

Yes, I feel kind of grumpy, thank you.
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... I spent the whole morning with my insurance agent, working out the best superannuation scheme for me which means another thing crossed out from my to-do list.

... I finished translating and editing the short story "Legacy" from the "Second Generation" collection by Hickman and Weiss and shipped it off to my publisher.

... Another jigsaw puzzle finished, this time a fluorescent wolf :)

... I started a sorta "five domestic scenes in the life of Sam and Dean" wincest fic and the first scene is done and finished :)

... Chuck was watched and very much enjoyed :)


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