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This was everything I've wanted - and didn't get - from movie #4! Personally, I don't care much about Jack, he's the comic relief and nothing more for me. I'm all about the Turner family, Will and Elizabeth - and now Henry. I hated movie #4, but this one had so much heart because we got to see the Turners once again. And the movie itself was hilarious. Hilarity pure. The cinema was in stitches. I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard! I can't wait to get it on DVD!
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--> It's official! Orlando Bloom's Will Turner will be in Pirates of the Caribbean 5! Source.

--> There will be a RED series on NBC: Source. For me, the best part of the first movie was the push and pull between "old" Frank and "young" Cooper. I hope they keep that in the show because this relationship grounded the movie - which was otherwise ridiculous! - for me. And it would be a great sorta father-son relationship to explore.

--> And Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk joined Star Wars: Rogue One: Source. Let me guess, Mads Mikkelsen will play the bad guy...
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Well. That was... really boring. Full on bad in places, as in unintentionally funny because it was so lame. But mostly very, very, VERY boring. I can't believe this crap earned over $1 billion worldwide.

Jack Sparrow really can't carry a movie alone. His quirkiness and craziness work well in an ensemble with many straight-laced characters, in a groupe where he's the odd duck. But too much of him is simply bad. He worked well as a counterpole to Will and Elizabeth's epic romance, but here? Eh. Just... eh. I was really bored with his scenes.

The only good part? Phillip and Syrena. And with these two, it mostly felt like they were a part of a completely different movie because they were almost completely disconnected from the main storyline. They just ran down their own road - or swam, that is. I would've preferred watching a movie about them, to be perfectly honest. And did I understand it correctly? Syrena took Phillip with her and made him a merman? If so, then nice! Usually, it's the girl who leaves her underwater world.

But overall? Sheesh, what a crapfest. I knew I loved the PotC movies mainly because of Elizabeth and Will - which was the reason why I didn't bother with #4 for years! - but I didn't expect to actually dislike the film without them. Eh.
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I listened to the audio commentary by Gore Verbinski (the director) and Johnny Depp. They mostly gushed about Geoffrey Rush - Johnny Depp was so excited to make a film with him - or about Keira Knightley. Orlando Bloom was mentioned only in passing - when Verbinski talked about how the various actors' approached their sword fighting training and Orlando was all "Oh, I know how to do that, I DID Lord of Rings, you know? I can handle that" - so, I have to wonder if Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom didn't get along or if there was just nothing to say. But it didn't seem like there was bad blood or something, Johnny did say that Orlando had a great talent for comedy and that he should do more of that. So, who knows? *shrugs*

I just skimmed through Keira Knightley's audio commentary - by then, it was almost 1am! - but she seemed to have had a lot of fun with Orlando, even though they had only four scenes together. It was so funny to hear her gush about their kiss, Elizabeth and Will's, she even said it out loud, "I'll be gushy now!" She almost swooned about the way he kissed her and then she giggled about how the teenage girls on the set were giving her the evil eye, LOL! Oh, and I didn't know she was only 17 at that time. Wow! Also, Jack Davenport who played Norrington? Seems to be a really funny guy!

I caved!

Feb. 16th, 2011 05:28 pm
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Okay, okay, I give up, I CAVED! I ordered The Lord of the Rings, the extended edition box set. Amazon UK had it for £15.93, 75% discount, which is not bad for 12 DVDs. And I've heard so many good things about the extended version - *glares at [livejournal.com profile] twilight_angel* - that I decided to give it a try.

Also, regarding the books, since I'm going to the shop next week anyway, I'll take a look and maybe my boss will have them in stock... I'll try at least the first one *head/desk* You'll be my death one day, my dear flist!

But one thing I have to say. I watched both PotC and LotR during the last week or so and I like PotC better. Because there was no need for world building - the Caribbean Islands are the Caribbean Islands, after all - PotC could go for action from the get-go. And because there were fewer leads, the story telling felt... denser. Don't throw any dishes my way! *hides*
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At World's End

I'm glad that I didn't go to see it in the cinema. Why? Not because it's a bad movie, just the opposite. But because I bawled like a little kid, literally. Actually, I'm still bawling. Man, I didn't expect THAT...

It needs to be cut because it would basically spoil the whole movie... )

This was quite a dark movie, and really sad. After the first one, which was really a comedy, a didn't expect that. The fourth one seems to be a comedy again but I'm not going to see it for reasons I mentioned in my first post: Elizabeth and Will aren't in it and for me, PotC has always been about their love story...
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Dead Man's Chest

I felt so angry on Will's behalf. After all he had done for Jack and Elizabeth, they betrayed him both, Jack even several times. And even then, after everything, he was willing to do anything to get Jack back... That left quite a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. He was the only honest person in the whole movie. Man!

It wasn't as funny as the first film, but I LOL'd during their escape from the island where the natives wanted to cook Jack to release his godhood, that was hilarious! Or the fight Will and Norrington had in the wheel!

I also really liked Tia Dalma. I don't even know why, I just really liked the way she talked to Will, her voice... Don't know.

The movie is really great, but mostly, at least for me, because of Will and his determination to keep his word against all odds. Other than that, by the end of the movie it was really hard for me not to hate Jack and Elizabeth's guts.
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Last weekend, I bought the box set and I plan to finally see all three movies! Sorry, not the 4th one because a) it looks really boring, based on the trailer, b) I don't like Penelope Cruz and c) for me, PotC is Jack, William and Elizabeth all together!

The Curse of the Black Pearl

I laughed so hard, especially during the huge battle scenes, they were so funny! I mean, there was killing and mayhem and yet, just the way it was filmed, you couldn't take it really seriously.

It was great how Orlando Bloom utilized the swordsman skills he had to learn for LotR here. He looks really natural with a sword in the hand, doesn't he?

I adore the epic love between Will and Elizabeth. They are just so perfect together. And she's such an amazing female character: she never gives up, she always fights for what she thinks is right and she didn't annoy me one yota in this movie which doesn't usually happen with female characters, go figure.

And Jack... I love his humor, the levity he brings to the story. But honestly, I don't like him enough to watch the 4th movie just for him. He worked so well with Will, as a tandem. The second battle scene in the cave, when they played off each other, he and Will, was fantastic.

Oh, and the music! Wow, what a beat!


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