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I don't usually do it, I don't usually download cam rips of movies currently running in the cinema because I believe in supporting stuff you like. But since Sony and Falcon dropped the movie from the Czech cinemas a week before its premiere, I did download it as a bick FUCK YOU to all the distributors. If you think that this is a way to fight net piracy, by not showing a movie AT ALL, then fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

I loved the movie! Loved it! And I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I loved the non-linear story telling and the humor, the bike cop who had it in for Wilee was hilarious, the poor sod! His "You know what? I give up!" was hilarious XD I loved Wilee's "teehee" little laugh whenever he managed to escape him. And Det. Monday, he was such a funny cartoonish bad guy. I now understand why so many reviews called Wilee - named after the crazy Coyote - actually the Roadrunner, because it really was like that, Monday coming up with more and more complicated designs and Wilee always escaping. LOL! I also liked Vanessa and by the end of the movie you actually understood why she chose Wilee over Manny because although Manny played the good guy, he really was an asshole.

I'm now even more pissed at Sony and Falcon for not bringing it to our cinemas. It would've been awesome to see the bike chases on the big screen. Damn it! *grumbles* I'll be definitely getting it on DVD as soon as it's out!


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