Oct. 7th, 2012

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"Cause=Time" by v_greyson, read by anatsuno | Arthur/Eames/Ariadne | AU | High school AU. Ariadne and Arthur bromance, where Arthur is gay but they love each devotedly. Eames is the hot college student they mutually want. So they decide to lose their virginities to him, together. | 56min.

“Where Cobb went to high school? Wait, are you in high school?” Eames asks, before answering himself, “Oh my god, you’re in high school. I’m a dirty old man,” he says, laughing.

“We’re both 18, god,” Ariadne says, grabbing the cigarette. “Calm down.”

“How old are you?” Arthur asks curiously.

“I’m 23,” Eames says, taking the cigarette back from Ariadne. “I’m probably like – making minors delinquent, or something,” he says. “I’ll get deported. It’ll be written up in the papers.”

This is exactly the kind of a threesome fic that I love, they all participate in the sex bit. So wonderfully gentle and hot. Yet, a bit sad. No, not the sex part, but their future. Ariadne's about to leave for France, Eames is already in college but Arthur... he doesn't know and he's thinking of joining the army which terrifies Ariadne. I wish there was a sequel about them meeting up again in the future. That would be wonderful...
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Simon, Matt and their son, Revlon Run-Walk in May

They are such an incredibly sweet family. I want to cuddle them all and tuck them into my pocket, they are just so sweet!

Also, Simon & Matt were awarded with an Inspiration Award by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network that works to create safe schools for LGBT youth: link.

True Blood's Joe Manganiello made the Inspiration Award presentation to Slate PR executive Simon Halls and his partner White Collar's Matt Bomer, who spoke of being a gay adolescent in a small Texas town where he "did what any self-protective 14 year-old would do: sign up for the school play and the football team -- to cover my tracks."

Seriously, could this man be more perfect? \o/

ETA: More from Perez Hilton: link. Joe Manganiello seems like such a sweet guy, aww...

Book #42

Oct. 7th, 2012 01:37 pm
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"Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

♦ ♦

Shakespeare's drama about the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous if not the most famous tragedy in the world. And it's quite an interesting story, it really is - but my biggest problem was that it took place over the course of just a handful of days. Because of that, everybody's reaction seemed a tad extreme.

Romeo and Juliet came off as spoiled brats used to getting everything. Romeo, switching love interests like shoes. And Juliet, she had one whole conversation with Romeo and already demanded a ring. I know, I know, we are talking about the 16th century here, still... Both characters came off as very unappealing hotheads to me.

The real tragedy, in my opinion, was Romeo and Juliet's familial situation, the unreasonable hatred between their families, their parents' refusal to listen and willingness to sacrifice their children's happiness for monetary and social gain, that went especially for Juliet's family. It was their families' attitude that convinced the kids they had no other choice but to resort to such extreme measures that lead, in the end, to their untimely demise.

So, a good family tragedy. Star-crossed lovers? Not so much, at least in my opinion.
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I don't usually do it, I don't usually download cam rips of movies currently running in the cinema because I believe in supporting stuff you like. But since Sony and Falcon dropped the movie from the Czech cinemas a week before its premiere, I did download it as a bick FUCK YOU to all the distributors. If you think that this is a way to fight net piracy, by not showing a movie AT ALL, then fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

I loved the movie! Loved it! And I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. Spoilers! )

I'm now even more pissed at Sony and Falcon for not bringing it to our cinemas. It would've been awesome to see the bike chases on the big screen. Damn it! *grumbles* I'll be definitely getting it on DVD as soon as it's out!
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"Renovations" by joosetta, read by anatsuno | Arthur/Eames | In which Eames builds a nest and (accidentally) lures Arthur into it. | 33min.

"Oh by the way," Eames said, looking up from his briefing. "I bought a bed frame."

"Good for you," Arthur muttered. Eames let it lie for as long as it took for him to need a cup of coffee.

"No," he said quietly, as he moved past Arthur. "Good for you."

Beautiful story. I love the slow progress, that it takes them years to become a real couple, not just friends with benefits. There's just something so sweet about them building a nest together.
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I'm getting tired of the Argents and their issues. They are all nuts, with Allison's father as the only sane one in the family but instead of standing up to the crazies, he toes the line. It's so annoying.

And Scott, with his "We should trust the Argents!" For real? Spoilers! )

My favorite character is still Stiles. My favorite relationship, Stiles and his father's. Closely followed by Stiles and Derek's.

But, gosh, the hunters are so incredibly annoying. Who died and made them the law? Eh. I hope the focus will move away from them in S3 because I'm fed up with them 4 eps in already, they're pretty much ruining the show for me.


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