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I saw this movie in the cinema and I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a depressing Robinson Crusoe tale and instead, I got a most inspiring story. I had to have it on DVD. Though I must say, after reading the book, the movie feels... dumbed down, overly simplified. The book is so much better and smarter. Still, even the movie is a rare pleasure. I admired Mark's endless optimism and resourcefulness. That was a thing to behold. His "never give up" attitude was truly inspiring!

Date: 2017-07-02 03:58 pm (UTC)
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I finished the book just before I saw the movie. While I was reading the book I was like 'omg, why are we getting so many details about potatoes' and while I was watching the movie I was like, 'why aren't there more details about potatoes'. I loved the movie (Sebastian Stan!), but I did like the book better because they left out some vital, imo, stuff. I asked people afterwards if they had any idea why he was having issues with the rover and they didn't because they left out a whole section from the book.


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