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Finally watched it on DVD! Man, I can't actually remember when I bought it. I should be ashamed of myself -_-

I kinda love the non-linear storytelling in this movie, that we get everybody's story from their POV, that we get to see the other characters from each one's POV. The movie feels much more... three-dimensional because of that.

You know, I'm not sure if I would like the main hero, Wilee, in real life. I don't like reckless adrenalin junkies and he is kind of an asshole, especially to his girlfriend, Vanessa - who is the most likable character in the movie, I think. But even though Wilee is an asshole, he doesn't pretend to be anything else: he loves the job, he loves the risk and adrenaline. But Manny? Ow, now there's a dick of epic proportions. Sheesh on a pogo stick, I felt like slapping him the whole movie long. And the cop, Det. Monday? CRAZY like a bag full of cats, totally unhinged. Oi!

The funniest character? The bike cop who kept chasing after Wilee. Great comic relief. And the guy playing him is actually a stuntman, not an actor! But he was hilarious!


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