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So, rumor has it that Relativity would like to see James McAvoy as Eric Draven in The Crow reboot: link. This site has posted many The Crow related rumors before that proved true in the end, so...

That would be awesome, to be honest. Yes, James isn't exactly the "Brandon Lee" type but maybe they want to cast someone completely different, based only on his acting skills? I would love to see James in that part. Can you imagine what he could DO with it?!

Though physically, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would fit the role better, he is more of the "lean and dark" type. And he knows how to play guitar and sing... But I don't think he would do it even if they offered the part to him, see his no to the GotG lead part.

Oh, speaking about JGL - I don't think I'll be getting Looper on DVD. I can't wait to buy Premium Rush, that was such a fun movie, but Looper? It was enough for me to see it once. I might buy it once the price drops but... It was too dreary. I prefer fun movies!


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