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AfterElton.com and their slash column made Inception's Arthur&Eames the pairing of the week: link. I loved what they wrote about it:

Inception fandom exemplifies what makes fandom unique. Here Christopher Nolan thinks he made this epic portrait of an alpha-male dealing with emo man-pain from the death of his wife, and then Inception fandom comes along and decides that, no thanks, that guy's kind of a major douchebag and we'd rather focus on the two hot dudes flirting in the background.

Inception fandom illustrates that how fans interpret content is never fully in the creator's control. And Arthur/Eames illustrates that you don't need more than 3 minutes of actual interaction in order to generate two years' worth of fantastic fanon. All you need are two incredibly attractive men playing suave, debonair criminals with a shared history... and a few brief moments of hardcore flirting.

Eames, who clearly enjoys becoming a woman and flirting with other men, is partially inspired by queer vintage heartthrob Farley Granger. Arthur, who may know Eames from their shared military background, is apparently inspired by GQ.

Normally a stand-alone film like Inception would never have a large fandom, but Inception fandom has thrived for two years, mainly because of the onscreen chemistry of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.

Exactly why I love this pairing. At first, I didn't see it. It took me 2 whole years to fall for them but when I finally did, I fell hard. I wonder if Chris Nolan's aware of how popular these two are. I bet that, if he does know, he pretty much went "O.o;; That's kinda, sorta not what I was aiming for?" when he learned about it. LOL! In any case, I need to thank Mr. Nolan for introducing me to JGL and Tom Hardy and their absolute awesomeness!


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