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I bought this one because of Kevin Zegers who plays one of the supporting parts. But I loved it because of the friendship among the women - and Hugh Dancy. He's absolutely perfect here as the dorky, super intelligent but so not cool dude, and him and Maria Bello are the best - and most interesting couple for me - in the film. Loved it. Loved it so much. What a feel good film.
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I haven't been present the last few days because [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai was visiting! I didn't know there were so many wonderful things to see in Ostrava - and I actually live here -_-;; And then we watched the whole S3A of Teen Wolf and also bits and pieces from Children of Dune (James McAvoy!!!) and The Persuaders. Nice!

In the meantime, so many things happened on the internet. Like...

♦ This great photoshoot of Hugh Dancy: link!

♦ An article about Mads Mikkelsen talking Hannibal Lecter and Hannibal's relationship with Will Graham, and also of his own relationship with his older brother Lars: link.

♦ Wentworth Miller came out in a really powerful message: link. Good for him.

♦ Marion Cotillard replaced Natalie Portman as Lady MacBeth in the upcoming movie featuring Michael Fassbender as Macbeth: link. Interesting. I couldn't see Natalie as Lady Macbeth anyway.

I also decided to give a try to Welcome to Night Vale since everybody and their uncle are following it: link.
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It was kinda hard for me to feel for Rebecca. I mean, I also like shopping - for me it's mostly DVDs - but to the point of amassing huge debts, lying and cheating and betraying the trust of people who gave you a real chance at happiness? That's something I don't get. Isla Fisher made Rebecca immensely likable, that's true, but... As a daughter of an alcoholic, I have no sympathy for addicts, none whatsoever.

So, why did I buy the movie? HUGH DANCY, my friends. Hugh Dancy who's perfection pure in this one and using his native British accent. I want a Luke of my own. What a gorgeous, sweet, loving, patient man...

Another think I liked, besides him, that is? Luke's secretary, that she went with him when he left the company. That was incredibly sweet. She was like a doting mother, wanting him to be happy.

Also, I skipped Rebecca's outing on the national TV. It was pushing my second hand embarrassment squick buttons way too hard.

Hugh Dancy

Jun. 13th, 2013 02:33 pm
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This needed to be posted. Because of reasons! *_*
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It's hard to shake off something that's already under your skin... )

And a sweet BTS pic! Hugh Dancy has the best smile. It's so beautiful...

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It took me a whole week to write down anything about this episode. Why? Well, I was actually so full of feelings. If I tried to put them into words, I would pretty much go all "ADAHFANSDBAIALSDFKKFJK!!!" Kinda sorta...

Have I broken you? )

And if anyone has ever doubted that Will's a submissive...

Exhibit A: Hugh Dancy in Hannibal...

Exhibit B: Hugh Dancy in Venus in Fur

I wonder if that was a conscious reaction on Hugh Dancy's part, to play the scene like that, or if he didn't even realize it. I wonder if he's consciously playing Will as a submissive man. And I also wonder if that, his submissivity, is why everybody is feeling protective of him. I mean, everybody else - Hannibal, Jack and Alana, even Beverly - are pretty much alphas, top dogs, people who make decisions and lead. And every one of them feels the need to... protect Will or manipulate him. Food for thought.
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Oh God! Wow! I think I finally get what Hannibal is up to with Will. Speculations based on this promo! )

Also, according to this article - link - should NBC cancel Hannibal, there's at least one cable and possibly Amazon too who would be willing to pick the show up because it's quite cheap since it's being produced together with Gaumont and AXN. Please, please, please, let it be true. I need this show in my life! ;_;

And this is how Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen were cast:

I didn’t have who Will Graham was in mind. And then, our very first conversation with the network about who this should be was Hugh Dancy. There were three names that came up – Hugh Dancy and two other actors – and everybody said, “Let’s go to Hugh and see if he’s interested.” We just thought that he has an innate likeability and this character is very complex. Like it says in the book, “Fear makes Will Graham rude,” so he is anti-social and complicated and in his own world. You have to have somebody who has an innate likeability, otherwise they’re just going to come off like an asshole, and Hugh has that. You want to be invited into a world by an actor, and Hugh Dancy, as an actor, invites you in to the world that he’s inhabiting. So, that was a very clear, easy choice.

And based on getting Hugh, Mads was interested because they had worked together on King Arthur. They were friends. So, we sat down with Mads and pitched what the show was to him. Even in that very first meeting, he said, “So, this character is a bit like Lucifer. He sees the beauty in the world and in humanity, but is also punitive to those who don’t recognize beauty in the world and in humanity.” If you look at his performance, he is playing Lucifer, as opposed to Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal. I don’t think any of us wanted whoever we cast as Hannibal to go anywhere near Anthony Hopkins because you would be slain. There would just be no way to live up to that. So, we had to go a different direction with Hannibal. With Mads, who has this beauty, elegance and grace, and was a dancer, as well as having played several villains in prominent movies we had somebody who was going to bring something so unique to the role. Hannibal Lecter is not American. In the books, he is Eastern European, so he is other and he is different. So, getting a foreign actor to play the role was always at the front of my mind because I wanted to have some indication that he couldn’t be American.

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That, my lovelies, the guy in the middle, is Hugh Dancy! Yes, folks, Hugh Dancy! The movie is called Savage Grace, it's based on a true story and it stars Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne - on the left and on the right respectively - as a mother and a son in an incestuous relationship that ends in murder.

You can watch the whole threesome clip here: link. You can also see a few pictures and the trailer for the movie here: link.

Gosh, gosh, gosh. Hugh Dancy playing the filling in an incestuous sandwich. Who would've thought that?! *_*
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Ella Enchanted is a stupid movie. I mean it. I hate modern reimaginings of classic fairy tales. When they turn them into epic adventures like Snow White and the Huntsman, fine. Great even. But modern reimaginings? Stories where there are malls and Disney like singing and dancing and everything is all cutesy? Eh. Just... EH!

You know why I bought this movie? For Hugh Dancy only. He's the best part too. Yes, Anne Hathaway played her part really well, from her obedience to her desperation when she was ordered to kill Char, but... Hugh Dancy was so incredibly, incredibly sweet. I have no idea what it is about him that, even when he kicks ass, you feel... protective of him. I mean, this, Blood & Chocolate, Hannibal... someone's always protecting his character. And I gobble it with a spoon, he does vulnerable so well :P

Oh, and Cary Elwes! He was in this! I wouldn't have recognized him! Wow!
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First thing first: I haven't read the book on which this is based nor have I any desire to read it. Like, seriously, cutting the book spoilers or else I get my ass kicked! ) Yeah, I read the summary and it was enough for me. And people say "Twilight" is wrong. Icky!

But the movie! The movie is really good, great atmosphere thanks to its setting in Bucharest. But why did I actually watch it? Because a younger Hugh Dancy is in it! Hannibal's Hugh Dancy. And I really liked his character, Aiden. I loved that he could hold his own, I loved his backstory, that he was running and hiding from his father, that his own father, an ex-military, wanted him dead. That was so, so cool! Not something you usually see in a movie. Usually, when someone wants a character dead, it's either their spouse or sibling. Definitely not their father!

And the werewolves were so cool. I loved the way they changed from humans into real wolves. That's my only pet peeve when it comes to Teen Wolf, the werewolves. They look utterly ridiculous, especially when they do the skip-hop-jump running. But here, the weres turned into real wolves. And it was glorious. There's just something about wolves that makes my heart beat a little faster. Beautiful creatures...

So yeah, definitely worth a watch, especially if you are into Hugh Dancy!

Speaking of Hugh Dancy. I ordered Ella Enchanted because of him. I also plan to get King Arthur for him and Mads Mikkelsen. And Hysteria, Adam and The Jane Austen Book Club. Any other fans of Hugh on my flist? What else should I get? Yeah, I kinda fell for him the way I fell for JGL, Tom Hardy or James McAvoy before... Sue me :P


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