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I bought this movie solely for Dominic Sherwood - see my icon. And he's awesome in it. It's a story of a group of spoiled rich brats who are sent to a survival camp as a punishment for their transgressions. They become tight friends and everything's going perfectly - and then the island is attacked by mercenaries who take the kids hostage. And the kids get angry and start fighting back using everything they learned from their instructors, they don't even shy away from killing the mercs because they were taught to do anything to survive. This movie's also called Billionaire Ransom in some places. And it's actually pretty good! I'm glad I bought it :)
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I really needed this vid in here to brighten up my day whenever needed:

They're so precious, I love their friendship so much!
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I decided to do a challenge: I'll try and watch 50 movies on DVD this year. I really need to make a dent into the piles and piles and PILES of DVDs that I own and still haven't seen yet. And when I make it a challenge, my anal retentive tendencies won't allow me not to meet my goal. So...

Vampire Academy. I read the first book in the series by Richelle Mead but I bought the DVD solely for Dom Sherwood who plays Christian Ozera - his RL girlfriend, Sarah Hyland, is in the movie, too, playing Natalie. The movie itself is... passable at best. Still, it's better than Beautiful Creatures which I didn't even finish! But yeah, if Dom wasn't in it, I wouldn't have bought the thing. But seeing him as Christian, it really made me want to finish the book series. And the movie made me a huge Christian/Lissa shipper, too. I know that fans mostly like Rose/Dimitri or Rose/Lissa, but for me, it's Christian/Lissa. There's just something about her being a queen and him her consort... ♥_♥
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I love the way both he and Matt Daddario describe Jace and Alec's bond. They both do it so lovingly...

It’s a physical, kind of emotional bond, that if it was broken, it would be quite a serious test for both their physical and emotional spirit.


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