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Movies on DVD 17/50: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

I liked the first three MI movies but it wasn't until Jeremy Renner's William Brandt came on board that I started to really love them. Which is why it was such a blow to find out that he won't be in the upcoming movie because it clashes with Renner's Avengers filming schedule. Darn it!

This film is such an awesome feel!good movie. Unlike Bond or Bourne, these movies are about the team. Sure, Ethan Hunt is the main hero but he, Benji, Brandt... they're all a team! And that's so wonderful about it. And then there's the amazing Ilsa Faust, of course. And Ilsa's rocking awesome! Her fighting skills, her smarts, but also her vulnerability - she isn't a hardened person - all that put together makes for an incredibly compelling heroine. Wonderful.
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I love the MI movies! They are a lot of fun.

Just so you know, I bailed on LJ over their new TOS. I deleted my LJ last night and will only be here now.
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Yes, the Federation of Russia law now applies. I didn't feel comfortable with that so I deleted my account. For the most part, LJ has been dead for years anyway. Most of my flist no longer posts though I'll miss Sharon and Sunhawk.
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Thanks! I found Sharon. I'm not on Tumblr but I know that is popular too.
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In case you are interested, Sunhawk16 is now on Dreamwidth. That makes me happy.