Feb. 21st, 2017

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I dropped by just to complain about RL a bit. Well, to whine, actually. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow - no biggie, just a regular check-up. But since he's a specialist, it means at least 3 hours of just sitting on my ass in his waiting room. And before that, I need to find a parking space, which is VERY limited around the clinic. And now... because of all the rain? The dirt road to our garage is so soaked that it's all mud and I'm not sure if I'll be even able to get the car out of the garage tomorrow! I had a technician over because of... some other issues... and he actually got stuck on the road and now there are these deep, deep trenches he made with his car! How will I be able to ride over THAT tomorrow? Jesus!

And my other issues, the ones I mentioned? I bought a new computer but I couldn't connect it to my screen. Not with the HDMI, nor with the DVI cable. "No signal." So, I had to call the technician, who dropped by - and got stuck on my road! - and after checking for himself that the computer's really not working right - because, you know, dumb girl here - he took it away and I might get it back sometimes this week. Maybe. Christ on a cracker!


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