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Mysterious Skin is an incredibly disturbing film. It's painful to watch and really disquieting. It deals with the sexual abuse of children, underage prostitution and also with a male-on-male rape which is shown in a very graphic way. The movie is rated NC-17 or 18+ and for a very, VERY good reason. If you are a sensitive person or a survivor of either abuse or rape, approach this movie with caution.

Both Brady Corbet and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are amazing here as Brian and Neil respectively. But it's JGL who literally steals the show whenever he's on-screen...

(Can you believe he was 23 at that time? O.o)

It's no wonder that this film brought him so much praise and proved that he wasn't just a pretty face or "the kid from that show about aliens." He gave Neil so much charisma and gravity that everybody just circled around him like planets around the sun, he made him so sensual that - considering the movie's theme - it made me a bit uncomfortable...

Neil was all lean muscles and lithe grace that it was no wonder all gay men were so turned on by him. And JGL has my admiration and respect for stepping out of his comfort zone so far, going nude and filming the sexual assault scene - for which I give this movie heartfelt kudos because when it comes to rape, people tend to forget that men can fall victim to it too.

The most touching thing about the movie was the friendship between Neil and Wendy...

Wendy - played by the amazing Michelle Trachtenberg - was the only one who knew about the abuse so it broke my heart that Neil kept the rape from her, when he broke down in the bathroom and cried silently, my heart was breaking for him so much.

A terrible, wonderful movie. It hurts so much yet it's so worth seeing. It's a film that will stay with you for a very long time. Tomorrow, I would like to watch it with the audio commentary because with this movie, I would love to learn more about the whole thought process behind it.
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