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This is a really strange movie. Why? Because you really don't like the pre-accident Chris. He was an arrogant, spoiled bratt who thought he couldn't do wrong. He had everything. And in his recklessness he caused the death of two of his friends and his girlfriend's injury. So, his traumatic head injury, everything he lost, his suffering? You feel it's deserved. But then... Then you see him struggle every day with what happened, you see him struggle with the simplest things like opening a can, you see him hurting and you start thinking, is it really deserved? Because there will be no end to it, he will never be cured or serve his time and be done with it, he'll be reminded of what happened every single moment of his life. Is it a just punishment?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is incredible as Chris. And so, so gorgeous!

His friendship with Lewis is the highlight of the movie for me. Put together by the center, they became friends who depend on each other. I love how Lewis always looks out for Chris, that he cooks dinner for him so that Chris doesn't go to bed hungry when he comes back from his shift late. Or when he sits Luvlee down and asks her what she's doing there, with Chris, because girls like her don't end up with men like Chris. Or when he tells Chris he shouldn't go home anymore after attending Thanksgiving dinner with him.

Which brings me to Chris' parents. Despite everything that happened, they still love him. And they still look out for him. Yes, it's hard for them to accept that he isn't the same boy/man he used to be and he never will be again but they still look out for him - like when Chris finds out that his father is paying all the bills for him, his insurance, his car, simply everything. And I love how proud Chris' father is of him at the end.

Great movie with great actors - Matthew Goode as the bad guy, ha! - and wonderful music.
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