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Seriously, Freeform should take lessons from fans about how trailers are actually made. This is incredible! I wish this was the official trailer, I think it would make many more people excited for the show.
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Sheesh, it's been almost a month since I was here. Huh. I'm still very active, fandom wise, just not here anymore... I've now written over 200k words in my Shadowhunters ficlet collection (350 chapters!) and I'm still as obsessed with SH as before. And... that's pretty much it.

Here, have a Malec vid!

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I really need to watch The Magicians. Both Eliot and Quentin are so messed up, yet together...
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I fell so hard for these two! I actually started writing fics about them. The Zude fandom is not as big as the Malec fandom, but still...
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I fell so hard for this pairing, Zero/Jude from Hit the Floor. Goodness gracious, they're amazing. And sweet and hot and simply... MWAH! ♥_♥

Malec Vid

Sep. 12th, 2016 10:29 pm
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This is truly one of the most beautiful vids that I've ever seen. And the song is simply heartbreaking, considering the context...

Malec Vid!

Jul. 31st, 2016 12:34 am
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Oh, wow, folks! This vid is just breathtaking! I hope we get many more scene with these two in S2!
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This vid is HILARIOUS! I love this show so frickin' much!
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Yup, still can't get enough of this show and all the wonderful relationships. I have now written over 70 ficlets in this fandom O.o I have never felt so inspired...
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Wow! Just... wow! And Jalec - Jace/Alec - aren't even a couple, just platonic soulmates. Like literally, soul bonded on the show. I have never seen it done this way, a bond like that, and I'm seriously smitten. Just one of the reasons why I adore the show... ♥_♥
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Wow, just... wow! I love the Lightwoods on the show so much. And I'm happy that, unlike in CC's books, we are given so much of them... \o/
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Only 5 episodes remaining. I think I might weep. I need mooooooooooooar!
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This is an excellent Malec song vid! The pairing just makes me go all ♥_♥

And this is a wonderful article, explaining why Shadowhunters is great BECAUSE it doesn't follow the books: Shadowhunters: How Going Off-Book Made The Show (And Its Characters) Stronger. Just a little FYI for those reluctant to watch the show because it's based on CC's books.
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Wow, this is AMAZING! I keep re-watching it, over and over and over, it's just so fantastic. I love this character so much, his arc is simply breathtaking, and this vid pushes all my buttons!

Seriously, folks, give this show a chance. The first few eps were just so-so, but starting with ep 4 and now 5... Christ on a cracker! The Lightwoods are breaking my heart.
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OMG! THE LATEST EPISODE OF SHADOWHUNTERS. OMG! All the Malec, Jalec and Lightwood siblings feels! ALL OF THEM!!!
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Good grief, I love the show. The characters just make it for me, similar like it was with Teen Wolf. I can forgive a lot when I love the characters and their relationships. And here, Alec, Jace, Izzy... Yeah, I'm in love!
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Good grief, I love this. Their chemistry is simply off the charts!
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All the wonderful Alec and Jace scenes in one place. Good God, these two have mesmerizing chemistry! ♥_♥
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Wow, some vid makers are lightning fast! And this is so good. Alec and Jace and their parabatai bond are so incredibly well portrayed on the show, I'm simply stunned!
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I love the way both he and Matt Daddario describe Jace and Alec's bond. They both do it so lovingly...

It’s a physical, kind of emotional bond, that if it was broken, it would be quite a serious test for both their physical and emotional spirit.


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