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Many of my favorites won last night - like Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans - but what pleased me the most were two wins: Misha Collins' and especially Matt Bomer's! Link. I suspected Matt might win when it was announced that he was added to the official guest roster and I'm so happy it happened. SWEET! To win the Favorite Cable Actor at the end of WhiCo must have been a huge gratification for him!

Also, HBO announced that they picked up Matt's Montgomery Clift biopic Monty: link. I guess HBO was very happy with how The Normal Heart and Matt's role in it were received. Good for Matt! Both Monty and The Normal Heart are projects very close to his heart!
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You know, the whole Kramer arc in WhiCo's S3 was really painful, especially in the light of S5, because in S3 Peter stood firmly against Kramer and by Neal - but in S5 he did exactly what Kramer had done to Neal, called him a criminal and told him he would never change. After everything Neal had done for him, Peter turned into Kramer. So in the light of that, watching S3 was even more painful.

And it was lotsa painful as it was, because Kramer wanted to take Neal away from Peter, he wanted to transfer Neal to Washington, slap the anklet on him indefinitely and threaten Neal with a life sentence to force him to work for him, Kramer, and only for him. It was one thing to make Neal serve his 4 years but a life sentence? Peter got so furious when he heard what Kramer had in store for Neal and that made him help Neal even though he wouldn't have done it otherwise, but he just would not, could not stand for this, for Neal basically being Kramer's slave for life. Because what Kramer wanted to do to Neal really was slavery, he wanted to take away Neal's free will, completely. Peter rather wanted Neal on the run than... this.

And at the commutation hearing... both Elizabeth and Jones really pissed me off. She wouldn't want Neal dating her sister? Really? REALLY? You might say many things about Neal, but when he loves someone, he would die for them. And she said THAT at his commutation hearing? Are you fucking kidding me? And Jones - he said that Neal was his friend but then he dissed everything about him. No, Neal was not his friend, he has never been his friend. He was just a tool for Jones and in that regard, Jones was no better than Kramer, because he has never seen Neal as a person, only as a thing that helped them solve cases, an additional computer or whatever.

Which is something that really pissed me off about this show in general - as much as I adore WhiCo: Neal helped the NY branch of WhiCo reached a solve rate of 94%! Unprecedented thing. And who got all the accolades? Peter Burke. Because in the eyes of the Bureau, Neal didn't deserve it, even though it wasn't until he joined the unit that their solve rate jumped 20+%. But that didn't matter to anyone, ever. Because Neal was just a CI. Only Kramer took notice - and he was determined to exploit Neal by trying to slap a life sentence on him so that the Bureau wouldn't lose him as a tool. Jesus! Yes, I feel very strongly about this because the FBI was using Neal to their benefit with not even a thank-you and yet they still made it sound like they were doing Neal a favor because he was a convict.

So yeah, after this and after how Peter behaved towards Neal in S5, I actually rooted for Neal to take off and it's also the reason why I'm very happy about how the show ended.
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I wasn't a big fan of the treasure arc, mostly because I hate it when Peter and Neal go AGAINST each other instead of fighting side by side against an outside force. Also, as much as Neal liked having the treasure, it really wasn't his fault that he got stuck with it, it was Mozzie's idea, he had done it behind Neal's back. And then Neal really WAS stuck with it because by the time he found out about it, Peter was already suspecting him and threatening to arrest him, so Neal couldn't just waltz into his office and tell him.

But in the light of the series finale, I'm now enjoying even episodes I didn't care for much the first time around. Like The Dentist of Detroit. That was a wonderful ep, funny yet heart-warming, not only because we found out much about Mozzie's background but because Neal stuck by him throughout the whole thing. I now have a much better appreciation for their friendship than before.

I also don't mind Sara as much as back then. I guess I learned to appreciate female characters more. Yeah, her introduction was still rather painful to watch but once they toned down her "action!girl" tendencies, I started liking her much more. An advice to writers: your female character doesn't have to make a huge splash the moment she appears on-screen, it's okay to reveal just how awesome she's bit by bit.
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This is one of the best Neal Caffrey vids that I've ever seen. Just... wow! It's exactly like the show itself: sleek, beautiful, dangerous. Mwah!
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The scene in Point Blank where Neal gets to Fowler is still one of the best scenes in the whole show. The way it was shot, from the moment Neal got the gun through the metal detector frame to where Peter convinced Neal not to shoot Fowler... wow, just... wow! Incredible.

What really got me, though, was when Mozzie was shot and ended up in hospital - and Neal slept in the chair next to his bed till Mozzie woke up. That was amazing. And when Neal thanked Mozzie for calling Peter and telling him that Neal was planning to kill Fowler, for stopping him... The whole Burke's Seven episode was fantastic!

I know that Forging Bonds is a fan favorite, but again, not mine. I like bits and pieces in it, mostly how Neal and Mozzie met and the whole Vincent Adler thing, but since I've never been a fan of Kate, I really didn't care about that part of the episode.

I liked What Happens in Burma and Countermeasures much more than the previous ep because the former gave us the first info on Neal's father and the latter told us more about June. When Neal asked June for a dance, you could see just why she loved him so much. I think he reminded her of Byron - A LOT!

And Payback! When Neal said, "Keeping Peter alive is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn’t," and when he then gave up the engagement ring he bought for Kate, when he helped Peter escape from the cell over the phone - which proved just how in sync they were - and the hug at the end... Lovely!

Power Play was not bad - I mostly loved the bits where Neal had to pretend to be Elizabeth's husband, much to Peter's annoyance! - but what really hit me was Under the Radar, the season finale. Ouch, right in the feels. First Adler told Neal that he had been like a son to him - and then he tried to kill Neal. And then the final confrontation between Neal and Peter. For once, Neal did not do what Peter accused him of doing - yeah, he did end up with the treasure in his hands, but it was all Mozzie's doing, at that time Neal had no idea what Moz had done - and yet Peter didn't believe him. Peter's anger, Neal's feeling of betrayal... When Neal told Peter, "Prove it!" Well, ouch!

And I'm done with S2! Gosh, I'm loving this show so much all over again. And in the light of the series finale, seen through the lenses of what's really important to Neal - Peter and El, Mozzie and June - every little bit I love seems... deeper and every thing that I hated before not really important anymore because those things were of no importance in the end, they weren't even a blip on the radar in S6... And yes, I re-watched the series finale and I bawled AGAIN! Gosh...
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Having seen the WhiCo series finale, I'm now paying more attention to Neal and Mozzie's relationship while re-watching the show from the beginning. And let me tell you, their rapport is nothing short of amazing, especially in the first few episodes of S2, while Neal's grieving for Kate. The way Mozzie's helping Neal - and the way Neal looks at Mozzie in those moments, with so much fondness. It's fantastic.

And Peter's always been protective of Neal but never more than during their hunt for Fowler. Peter's so worried about Neal in these episodes, it's heart wrenching.

I still don't like how Sara was introduced. Sometimes, it seems to me that writers tend to overdo it when introducing new female characters, like they need them make a huge splash immediately. But that leads to a very grating first impression. And in the case of Sara I never got over it and I never warmed up to her, even though they did tone down her "action!girl" stunts.

At this point in the series, I prefer Alex for Neal as a love interest, not Kate or Sara. The scene where Alex gives Neal the cherub from the music box, there's something really magical about the way she kisses him, so very gently. The whole scene is beautiful.
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I can't help but see Matthew Keller as a jilted lover. Not Neal's rival but someone who wanted ~Neal~ but Neal wasn't interested. Why else would Keller want to humiliate Neal? Not just best him but humiliate him? Why else would he dangle Kate in front of Neal like that?

And then the ep with Wilkes. When Peter realizes that Rice sold Neal out, that Neal is the ransom, that he is headed right into the trap and Peter can't stop it! Wonderful.

And the S1 finale... Wow! It was one of the best shot episode I've ever seen on TV. Not only did it have a huge emotional impact - the script was flawless! - but the cinematography was stunning, too, and the music! The scene where Neal's working on his sculpture, the tune is amazing. I wish I could get my hands on it! And then the scene at the airport, when Neal gives Peter back his badge - gosh, that tune is simply incredible! So much wonderful stuff crammed into one episode. The S1 finale is my favorite episode of the series, hands down.

Man, S1 is chock full of beautiful, wonderful, amazing, stunning, heartbreaking stuff. So good!
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Man, Hard Sell! First Neal as a stock broker, impressing his team with his skills. And then Peter, telling Kate to fuck off and leave Neal be, because...

"[Neal]'s good. Because he’s the smartest guy I’ve ever met and I’m tired of watching you twist his heart around. He’s my friend. Let him go."

Peter's realization that Kate didn't love Neal, that she had never loved him, that she was only using him. That got Peter so angry because he knew that Neal deserved better, that Neal ruined his life for this girl who wasn't worth the filth on his shoes. And Peter and Mozzie actually agreed on that! Wonderful.

Bad Judgment or the ep where El met Mozzie and they became the best of friends! Hilarious.

I know that Vital Signs is a fan favorite - but honestly? Not mine. There was this great scene where Neal confessed to Peter that Peter was the only person that Neal trusted and that was wonderful, but... The rest of the ep? Eh. My favorite bits were the scene where Neal was sitting on the the windowsill, eating Chinese, while they brainstormed and when Neal immediately offered his help to June, no questions asked. Beautiful.

Home Invasion and Daniel Pika! LOL! And Alex... I think Alex has always loved Neal, in her own, conwoman way. But the funniest thing was when Peter invaded Neal's home, LOL!
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Those were some of the best episodes. You can already see the relationship between Peter and Neal building. Like in the scene in All In where Peter talked to the little Chinese girl and he thought she didn't understand him, so he complained about Neal:

[Neal]’s unreliable. He never listens to you. And he always gets himself in trouble. I mean, it’s not like I’m worried about him. I just feel responsible. Anything happens to him, I’ll have a lot of paperwork to fill out. Paperwork’s a hassle. Neal’s a hassle.

And Neal just stood there quietly in the door, listening to Peter's fussing and smiling softly.

Or in Free Fall, when Neal ran - and went to Peter's wife, to Peter's home! Because he knew it was a safe place for him, that Peter would help him. And Peter did! And not only that, he let Neal go, first after he saw him jump from the judge's window, then later in his house. Peter let Neal go and trusted him to come back. And his smile every time!

Or when Peter met Mozzie in Flip of the Coin and they became friends right away. He even covered for Mozzie with Jones. And when you know that later on, these two will take it upon themselves to protect Neal at any cost, even from himself, that Mozzie and El will become best buddies...

Yes, I'm feeling all mushy and fuzzy and fluffy. Sue me!
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I started watching WhiCo from the beginning again. After that finale, after I bawled my eyes out so hard I woke up all sore-eyed and headachy this morning, I had to go back just to see again how it all started.

You see, in the very first episode, you see Peter and Mozzie, you see Kate and you think, yeah, Kate's the most important person in Neal's life. Peter likes Neal, he has a soft spot for him, but only as far as Neal being his CI. And Mozzie, he didn't visit Neal once in prison, he's an acquaintance of Neal's, a friend of his but not a close one...

And then you see the finale and you realize, not Kate, not any of the women in Neal's life, not even El and June whom Neal loves - that scene with June in the finale, Neal's expression, broke my heart - but Peter and Mozzie, these two are the most important people in Neal's life. It's a really strange juxtaposition of the premiere and the finale, Neal being Peter's CI vs. Neal being Peter's best friend slash little brother slash son, Neal being Mozzie's old partner in crime vs. Neal being the center of Mozzie's universe. There's so much depth there, so much love.

Spoilers for 606! )

God, I'm still so emotional about the finale. And when I watch the old episodes, knowing how it all ends... I'm so very glad that the last season and the last episode in particular was about Peter, Neal and Mozzie and their relationship, that the writers didn't bring back any of Neal's flings, that they didn't dilute it with shipping, that it was all about friendship and the depth of it. Going back and watching the series from the beginning, knowing how it ends, makes for a richer viewing experience. It makes everything a little more beautiful because in the light of the finale, you know what is and will in the future be really important to Neal.
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How WhiCo came full circle and Neal Caffrey once again became Peter Burke's ~other woman,~ so to speak! )

You know, the whole show long, I considered El/Peter/Neal my OT3. But S6... I understood El's POV, I really did, but the whole baby thing... eh. I loved Peter and El because they were two career people who didn't need a child to feel fulfilled. But once she got pregnant... She dropped her career, then he dropped his career... for a kid? Why? Diana managed being a career woman AND a single mother. Why not Peter and El?

And with how the show ended and in the light of the interview I linked under the cut... I now actually COULD see, from a shipper's point, Peter ending up with Neal, whereas I couldn't even imagine that before. But as Jeff Eastin said, Peter loves spoilers! )

Lovely. SO VERY LOVELY! \o/\o/\o/
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I'm now more than ever convinced that Neal will fake his own death in the series finale. There are canonical hints for that: spoilers for 601-603! ) And there are also hints in the general spoilers for the series finale: vague spoilers posted before the show came back! ) And there was also the Mozzie related thing: spoiler! )

I also think that Peter will quit the FBI and that Neal's death will be partially the reason for that, because he will be grieving for him - he admitted many times that Neal was like a son or a younger brother to him. I think the FBI will once again try to screw Neal over and Peter will finally grow disgusted with the bureau. As he said in the very first episode, that's not how things were supposed to go, you get caught, you do your time. This, the bureau keeping Neal on a leash indefinitely? Peter will not stand for that. Also, the talk Peter and El had in this ep, about spoilers! ) And then there's the Diana and Jones related thing that said spoilers! )

So yeah, I think Neal will "die" and only leave a small clue for Peter that he might be alive, a clue Peter will decide to keep to himself. And I think that will be the perfect ending.
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Despite mediocre ratings, ABC gave Forever a back-nine order, which means, we'll be getting at least 22 episodes this season! Link. I don't expect a S2 pick-up after that, the ratings are really bad, but I hope the writers will be smart enough - unlike those of The Tomorrow People! - not to end the season on a cliffhanger with fingers crossed for a pick-up. That's selfish and unfair to the viewers, IMHO. So yeah, I hope we get a passable ending, with some loose ends, sure, but an ending nonetheless!

Also, I decided to drop Stalker. I really don't like any of the characters and if I wanted to watch a show about cops chasing psychos, I would rather watch Criminal Minds where the team actually feels like a family, where they trust each other. Which reminds me, I should really watch it. Hm.

Also #2, what's going on with most shows this season? I mean, their ratings! Haven 0.2 demo. White Collar 0.4 demo. Covert Affairs 0.3 demo. Even Graceland - which I don't watch - 0.4 demo. What the heck? *hands* These shows - well, except for Haven which mostly got 0.5 demo - were all 'round the 0.8-1.0 series!
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I know, I know I haven't seen S5 yet, but I would never catch up and I don't want to be spoiled for how the show will end, so...

I loved the premiere, all the wonderful Peter&Neal moments, all the wonderful Neal&Mozzie moments... I loved everything except for the Elizabeth bit, the you-know-what. Why? Just, WHY?! That was so unnecessary and rather 1950, to be honest, because of course Elizabeth will spoilers! )

But, man... As I wrote on Tumblr, I've always adored Neal because... well, it's hard to explain and I bet I will be accused of woobiefying him, but... Neal is rather... magical, ephemeral, almost otherworldly. He's not made for the day-to-day hardships and routine. And I think that at the end of the show, Peter will let Neal go, not the FBI, but Peter, that he will let Neal run and cover for him, possibly pretend he died or something. Why? Well, in the S6 promo, Peter said, "Is your freedom worth your life?!" and Neal answered, "It might be!" And after spoilers ), I think Peter will let Neal go because he will be afraid he might end up the same way. And Peter would rather see Neal free than... that.

I think I'll pull out my DVDs and watch the show from the beginning...
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WhiCo tonight! WOOHOO!

And the new promo can be watched here: link. AWESOME!
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Why do I have the feeling that WhiCo will end with Neal faking his death?
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According to USA Network, White Collar's final season will premiere on November 6 2014 and it will have an "exciting and shocking ending that fans will never forget." Link.

My wish? Neal fakes his death, he and Mozzie run away and later on, Peter and El quit their jobs and join the boys on a tropical island. THAT would be shocking, Peter quitting his job.
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I'm on White Collar with the prettiest man in the world. Even Jensen says so. Matt Bomer is totally my man crush.


Aww... Just... aww. I can't wait to see him back on WhiCo! \o/


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