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Season 6 will be its last, Jeff Davis confirmed at SDCC yesterday. And thank the gods above. How much has changed for me over these last few seasons. I used to adore the show. Now... Not only are the plots downright dumb and never seem to go anywhere, they're actually making Stydia canon. Fuck. It.

You know just how much they had to bend over backwards to make Stydia canon? Let me count the ways: They fired Arden Cho, one of the main actresses, thus ending Scira - Scott/Kira - to make space for Stydia - Stiles/Lydia - as the main focus and main couple of S6. And to achieve that, they had to drop Stalia - Stiles/Malia - and Marrish - Lydia/Parrish - the two couples they have been building up these last few seasons. They just dropped them, no closure. Like they didn't even happen.

You know what the reason was for Stiles breaking up with Malia? That she loved him so much she accepted that he killed Donovan with a good reason without any explanation on his part. That was the reason. She told him she knew and she didn't mind - and he broke up with her. Without telling her or us, the viewers. Only a season later we found out that they broke up and this was their break-up talk. And all that in preparation for making Stydia happen this season.

You know what, Teen Wolf? Fuck. You. You destroyed three beautiful ships you have been building up to make this one happen, completely retconning one of the main messages of the show, that it's necessary to move on, not get stuck on unrequited love. Fuck. You.
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I'm losing interest in Teen Wolf fast. There are now so many characters I really don't care about. The only ones I'm still interested in are Scott, Stiles and Malia. And they had like 10 minutes of air time in total in the latest episode. I actually considered ffwd'ing through the episode, I was so bored. I don't give a rat's ass about Liam and Hayden, Lydia and her woes, Theo and his wannabe pack, Mason and Corey... The show's so scattered these days that it's really hard for me to give a damn about it *sigh*
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Dear goodness, I cheered when Stiles trashed Scott and finally confronted him with some hard truths: "You believed him? You trusted him? SO WHERE WERE YOU?!" This! So much this! I love that Stiles is finally being assertive towards Scott and I hope it means that the days when he kept crawling back to Scott while Scott paid attention to anyone but Stiles or thought with his dick instead of his upstairs brain, are over!

And I bet it won't come as a surprise but this fandom puts the blame firmly on Stiles' shoulders again, calling for his death, I kid you not. What the fuck?! Stiles warned Scott not to trust Theo, he warned him not to let Theo in the pack. And Scott didn't listen. And now Stiles' father is dying because of Theo. If I were in Stiles' shoes, I would pummel Scott black and blue because all this could've been avoided if Scott just TRUSTED HIS BEST FRIEND instead of the guy he hasn't seen in 10 years. But no, apparently Stiles' rage is inexcusable because Scott The Second Coming McCall cannot do any wrong and I bet that even out of this shit he will come out smelling of roses and Stiles as the bad guy because that's how this show and this fandom roll.

Dear God. I unfollowed every TW related tag over on Tumblr and decided to simply avoid the fandom in general. I still love Stiles and Stalia but this fandom completely lost its collective mind.

One thing I loved though: Apparently, at the NYCC, someone asked Posey if Stydia was happening in S5B. His reaction? "*grimace* No. Next question." Thank you, God!
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Wow. Just wow! This vid reminded me once again why I love Teen Wolf and specifically Stiles/Malia aka Stalia. Jesus Christ on a tortilla! Incredible.
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Gosh, I'm so obsessed with Steo, Stiles/Theo, from Teen Wolf. It's so dark and twisted and... wrong. It's just glorious! I haven't been this obsessed with a slash ship in... well, forever.
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How to sum up my reaction to this season? Well...

♠ Stiles' arc was amazing.
♠ Stalia is everything and will survive!
♠ Steo is TW's Hannigram!
♠ Theo is one sick puppy and I love it.
♠ Marrish is the cutest thing to ever cute.
♠ I have no idea what the Dread Doctors actually want.
♠ I hope Theo will manage to tempt Stiles to the dark side.
♠ Mason is precious and lovely.

Yes, that's pretty much it.
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The latest episode of Teen Wolf saw the birth of a new pairing for me, Stiles/Theo or "Steo". Except for their scenes, the episode was boring as fuck - pardon my French. Scott's never been the most decisive guy, but all he does lately is wallow. And whine. And wallow some more. That's NOT an Alpha, let alone a True Alpha. Honestly, if he dropped dead next week, I wouldn't shed a tear because he has been pissing me off this whole season long. If not for Stiles' storyline, this whole season would be a complete bust for me, more so than S4.

But back to Steo. These two remind of Hannibal/Will. The psychopath and the one guy who doesn't trust him but is always rescued by him, though said psychopath is motivated by his hidden agenda, not any tender feelings. It's creepily appealing. Just look at them:

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I completely forgot that I didn't post about last week's Teen Wolf here, probably because I talked about it till my fingers hurt on Tumblr. Which reminds me, I'm staying way, WAY away from the TW fandom over there from now on. Good God, the people are literally fucking crazy over there, pardon my French. So much Stiles and Dylan O'Brien bashing like you wouldn't believe it. And why? Because Stiles finally got an arc that's not about Scott again and TVLine named him the performer of the week. The crazies' reaction? "But what about Scott?!" For real? The whole fucking show is about Scott, excuse Stiles and DOB for having 10 minutes that are not about Scott the Second Coming McCall. Christ on a pogo stick!

But back to the ep. The first 10 minutes were amazing, especially when you realize that Dylan O'Brien had no dialog in it at all, it was all about his silent acting. And wow, just wow! I know that people are interested in how Scott or Malia will react when he tells them the truth, but I'm more interested in his father's reaction...

And Killjoys! I was so happy that Johnny knew the whole time, that there were no secrets between him and Dutch. That was so wonderful. I love their relationship so much! \o/ Also, Rob Stewart is so handsome as Khlyen! I've always considered him a very, very handsome man, since Tropical Heat, but the older he gets, the prettier he is, hands down!
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Jordan Parrish is fast becoming my favorite person on this show, right after Stiles. The mystery surrounding him, his arc, the CGI of his powers... AMAZING! My pairings are now Stalia and Marrish, both so cute! From the latest episode, I liked the beginning and the end best. Talk about cliffhanger!

SDCC promo for the rest of the season:

Also, TW was renewed for S6 by MTV and Jeff Davis confirmed that the Dylans - O'Brien and Sprayberry - will be back. I heard that the rest of the cast was also confirmed but I haven't come across where yet.
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The best ep this season yet, IMHO. Gosh, I loved the Scott & Stiles scenes, all of them. But most of all the two at the beginning, spoilers! ) Also, an unpopular opinion, but I don't miss Derek at all, not even a bit. I like how Stiles and Liam gelled together, they have become such a wonderful team and I like it. And Mason is rocking the exuberant, optimistic attitude. Also, Malia kicks major ass!

I love the new credits, the steam punk feel to it. The Dread Doctors are scary as hell!

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I liked it. I loved Stalia and Marrish and Scira. Lovely, lovely stuff. From episode 501, the most memorable scenes for me were Parrish related. Parrish is all kinds of awesome. I want a Parrish of my own! From episode 502, I loved Stiles and Marrish best. Gosh, Stiles' instincts when it comes to the Big Bads are uncanny. And Marrish is simply cute, I love how it's developing...

And the S5 supertease! Nice!!!

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Nice! Stalia! Stiles in peril! Huzzah! \o/ Only 5 weeks to go now...
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As far as modern music and less known artists go, the best shows to introduce them are, IMHO, Teen Wolf and The Originals. Thanks to them, I've come across so many new artists and bands and songs that have become my favorites...

Like Ruu Campbell and his song The Call, introduced on TW:

Or Snow Ghosts and Hunted, on TW, too:

Or Hozier and his Arsonist's Lullabye, both on TW and TO:

TW used this song in its S4 finale, once the bad guys were defeated and everybody was exhausted and hurt, standing around the destroyed church. But I think TO used it much more effectively, in the scene where Klaus thanked Marcel for helping him and everybody was safe and sound - and then Hayley came in and told Klaus that they had another problem... cut to Elijah, bloodied and bound and held captive. Now THAT was an awesome cut, especially with this music!

And then there was the song I linked yesterday, London Grammar's The Devil Inside. SHEESH! \o/

Yeah, as far as music goes, these two shows make me very, VERY happy!
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I will HOBBLE you! )

Overall, I would rate the finales: S3B »»»»» S4 » S3A » S1 » S2.

My overall opinion of S4? Eh. The only thing I hands down adored was Stalia. What miffed me the most was the absolute lack of any kind of storyline for Stiles that wasn't Scott's, Lydia's or Malia's by proxy. It felt like after S3B which was Stiles centric, they said, "Well, that was enough. Let's take three steps back and make him just the sidekick with no arc of his own again while everybody else is getting stronger, better, greater." Because literally every other main character became more... something this season. Just Stiles turned once again itno a simple prop for everybody around.

This reminds me so much of Dean in SPN: in 9 cases out of 10, the story was about Sam and when Dean finally got an arc, it was actually Sam's by proxy. In TW, Stiles is basically there to help Scott become the Werewolf Jesus. God forbid he had a storyline that was NOT linked to Scott - in S3B, he did have his own arc and it was the best rated and best reviewed and most popular season yet. So what do the writers do? Make a 180 and turn Stiles into a background noise again. Good job.
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I can't believe we're already 3/4 through with the season ;_;

Are you all psychic? )
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My feelings, summarized in one short scene:

The best scene in the whole episode! I might have gotten a bit misty-eyed over his crushed expression ;_;


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