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This spoiler made me actually look forward to S11! Spoiler cut! ) I hope it's true and that they use it somehow. I always considered it a missed opportunity, that they didn't explore what made the Winchesters so special. Nice!
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Many of my favorites won last night - like Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans - but what pleased me the most were two wins: Misha Collins' and especially Matt Bomer's! Link. I suspected Matt might win when it was announced that he was added to the official guest roster and I'm so happy it happened. SWEET! To win the Favorite Cable Actor at the end of WhiCo must have been a huge gratification for him!

Also, HBO announced that they picked up Matt's Montgomery Clift biopic Monty: link. I guess HBO was very happy with how The Normal Heart and Matt's role in it were received. Good for Matt! Both Monty and The Normal Heart are projects very close to his heart!
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NICE! Now I just need to catch up *cringes*


May. 23rd, 2014 08:44 pm
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- Mark A. Sheppard AKA Crowley was promoted to a series regular on Supernatural S10 (Misha Collins is still a regular): link.

- John Barrowman was upped to a regular on Arrow S3: link.

- Agent Carter will have 8 episodes and it will air in January 2015: link.

- According to Deadline, Michael Weatherly signed up for 2 more years on NCIS.
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The CW just renewed Supernatural, The Originals, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Reign: link. Cool!
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This looks pretty good. Very... Supernatural like, just not so... deep and more gratuitously violent? Going more for gore than real scare? I think I will check it out.
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Agents of SHIELD 101. Why is it so bland? )

Brooklyn Nine Nine 109. I really like Peralta when he gets serious. )

Elementary 209. Thank you for proving that Sherlock, any Sherlock out there, is NOT a pleasant man! )

Supernatural 906-907. I've always defended Dean but right now? He's being an ass! )

I'm also downloading TVD again but it's mostly going like this, blahblahblahblah-JEREMY&BONNIE-blahblahblah-JEREMY&BONNIE-blah for me. Yes, Jeremy and Bonnie are my reason to watch it. They are such an incredibly hot couple. There's something about them... *_* Hopefully, the writers don't break them up again. That would piss me off, really!


Sep. 28th, 2013 10:22 am
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Have you seen the new promo pictures for Supernatural?

More pictures - Sam, Cas and Crowley - and larger versions here: link. Yummy! I'm so glad that the CW did a new photoshoot for S9!
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"Neither of us ever died on Tuesday!" LOL. Love it! I also love just how much Mark Sheppard's enjoying the part of Crowley, he's hilarious.
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GIMME! GIMME NOW! I'm so pumped for this! Looks so, so good. I actually feel like taking out my box sets and watching it all from the beginning. I haven't felt that urge for years, not since I got so entangled up with the BTS stuff that I broke down the fourth wall and stopped seeing the characters for the actors. Not gonna do the same mistake again.
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Showrunner Jeremy Carver promised a more character-centric story for Season 9, which will include more of the show's secondary players. "We're really including some of our supporting characters in big ways this year," he told HuffPost TV at Comic-Con. "We're doing a lot more B and C stories than you've ever seen from the show before, and we're really maximizing the new position that some of our favorite characters are finding themselves in."

He added, "The decisions [the characters] made at the end of last year are really causing a tremendous amount of fall-out, and that includes Castiel as well. Those decisions are going to propel them into some even greater and deeper and scarier decisions at the beginning of this season, that are going to have far-reaching, very personal consequences for our brothers."

Despite the spinoff, fans don't need to say goodbye to Supernatural yet -- CW president Mark Pedowitz sees no end in sight for the fan-favorite series. "I would love Supernatural to continue for as long as they can continue, as long as they have great stories to tell," he told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. "From what I've read, Jeremy Carver is writing arcs that could go longer. As long as fans are there and ratings are there, there's no reason it couldn't continue ... If they can still tell great stories and Jared and Jensen still want to do it, why wouldn't you continue?"


Interesting. If that means more Castiel, Crowley, Charlie and - hopefully!!! - Benny, I'm all for it. I really need Benny to come back. Best new character in ages *_*

Also, it's really strange to see the CW showering SPN with love. I was used to seeing the show struggling with renewal each year. Now the CW's doing what they can to keep it on air. That's... really weirding me out O.o
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♦ I don't know if anyone on my flist actually watches The Mentalist but Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman AKA Van Pelt and Rigsby will leave the show towards the end of S6: link. I don't mind at all, I never warmed up to them or their on and off romance - I very much prefer Cho - and I think S6 will be the show's last anyway, that the writers won't manage to reinvent it once the Red John storyline is over. And I wouldn't mind that either, the show ending. It's nice but pretty much, out of sight, out of mind for me.

♣ Tahmoh Penikett got a recurring part in Supernatural's S9, he will be playing spoilers! ) Link. NICE!

♠ And Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing one of the characters in the animated movie The Penguins of Madagascar: link. NICE, too! Right now, he's doing voicework on another animated feature, Magik.
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Am I the only one who really didn't feel all that excited about Supernatural at this year's Comic Con? I found barely any write-ups about the panel even though they had all the usual suspects there, Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark. But it made such a little splash this year... I think the comic book movies that held their panels in Hall H this year overshadowed pretty much everything. Still...

And to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what to think of the spoilers revealed. Nothing huge, just tidbits, but... )
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So, apparently, the CW is planning a Supernatural spin-off: link. A new character will be introduced around ep 20 this season and then spun off. Hm. Honestly? By now, I'm not sure I care. I guess it will depend on the character. I thought I wouldn't like Benny and I ended up loving him, so...

Person of Interest made Amy Acker's Root a regular: link. I still haven't seen S2, so I can't really say if I consider this a good idea or not, but I'm not sure I like how they are bloating the cast.

I have never been a big fan of Agent Coulson in Marvel's movies, but I think that might change once Agents of SHIELD airs. I like what I've read about his mysterious resurrection so far: link.
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You know, sometimes I feel like Dean is the only sane person around O.o )

You know what I wonder? Where God actually is. The way Metatron described him? I'm now more convinced than ever that it would be perfect if it were Dean, if that were the reason why everybody gravitated towards him. That would be actually pretty cool!

Overall, I would give this season a B. There were things that bothered me but it was a major step-up from S7. I adored the addition of Benny, the growth of Cas, Crowley and Charlie... The Men of Letters... Definitely a step-up! And I love that I have no idea where Jeremy Carver plans to take everybody next.
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Man, the latest two episodes were so, so good! I'm loving the plot, all the little bits and nuances, the characters' motivations, how... rich the SPN universe suddenly feels.

It's all about free will... )

You know, I'm really loving what Carver did with the show. He broadened it and the claustrophobic feel of S6 and S7 is finally gone. It's not just Sam and Dean and everybody else dead anymore. It's Sam and Dean and Cas and Crowley and Kevin and Charlie and Garth...

Also, it's becoming more and more obvious that, yeah, Sam has freakish powers and is "special" but it's Dean around whom everything turns. He's the grounding element for EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. It's Dean and Sam, Dean and Cas, Dean and Charlie, Dean and Garth, Dean and Naomi... it's like everybody gravitates towards him. You know what would be funny? If Dean turned out to be the God everybody's been looking for. That would actually explain a lot...


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