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Man, they all look so young in the pilot! Babies! No wonder, it was filmed 15 years ago. Sheesh on a pogo stick. I remember watching it "live" on RTL2. Ha!

It's so strange, to see them all... not as close as they're going to be. I mean, when you watch season 8 or so, they're like a family. I mean, even in S1 they do care about each other, that's pretty obvious, but the easy rapport isn't there yet.

I wanted to watch the pilot so that I could compare SG-1's Children of Gods to SGA's Rising directly. And even though I love both sets of characters immensely, I like SGA's pilot much better. I think it's because a) SG-1's is a bit... rough around the edges, it was new and not all that well thought through and b) it's too military. SGA's pilot was like a happy extension of SG-1, I mean, everything felt... brighter, more colorful. And what I also adored was the setting, Atlantis itself, the soldiers and the civilians were pretty balanced out, neither faction had the upper hand. They WORKED TOGETHER as a team, they were friends, neither side was trying to upstage the other. They completed each other, together they made a whole. In SG-1, the civilian part was suppressed by the military, the soldiers had the last word. In SGU, both sides were at each other's throat all the time, backstabbing and hidden agendas were on the menu every frickin' day - so not my cuppa. But SGA... that one was perfect - till the writers started mucking about with it, in S4.5 and S5.

I also wanted to watch the pilot to get into the proper headset for some SG books. I chose "Transitions" by Sabine C. Bauer, which is a crossover between SG-1 and SGA :)
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OMG! I COMPLETELY FORGOT JUST HOW MUCH I ADORED THE SERIES! EEEEEEEEEEEE! Sorry, needed to get it off my chest! Just... Elizabeth! John! Rodney! Teyla! I'm even liking Ford this time around, with some distance! But especially, SHEPPARD! EEEEEEEEEE!

Sheppard and O'Neill! "Don't touch anything!" "I told you not to touch anything!" "I just sat down." Like twins, separated at birth!
Sheppard and McKay! "720." "I knew that, I'm just surprised that you do." Already shocking your teammate with your intelligence, major!
Sheppard and Teyla! "Your leader looks through me as if I were not there." "Do I?" I love, LOVE their friendship!
Sheppard and Elizabeth! The way he's all, "Yes, ma'am." Or when he waved to her, going through the gate with Sumner!

This is so, so cool! I love it! LOVE IT! Man, how could I have forgotten just how much I loved it? I'm glad I still have so many SGA books to read, 13 if I'm not mistaken! \o/ Like, really! \o/
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Day 9: Your least favorite couple

Ah, another easy one!

Keller & McKay, Stargate: Atlantis

You can't even grasp the depth of my hatred for this pairing. I hate it so much I still haven't re-watched SGA's S5.1. Just because Martin Gero, one of the writers of SGA, decided that it would be awesome if the nerd got the prom queen, his own words paraphrased, they destroyed the build-up of Ronon/Keller and made Keller and McKay a couple. It grated so much that the episode Brainstorm remains my least favorite, most hated episode of all SGA! "Rodney, pay attention to me, don't be so selfish, you always have to be the center of attention, you're embarrassing me etc. and so on!" And THAT's the great love between them? Wow. Just, wow! *bristles like a cat* Oh yes, still mighty pissed, as you can see!

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Day 4: Favorite crack pairing

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay, Stargate: Atlantis

I love these two to pieces but let's be honest, they are NUTS! One is a sharp-tongued genius hypochondriac with a bad attitude, the other is a genius laid back surfer dude with a dislike for authority. Yet somehow, these two managed to save the galaxy time and time again - in-between their epic bicker fests that made their superiors shake their heads in despair!

What I really loved about them was that until McKay met Sheppard, he was an outsider and nobody could stand to even work with him let alone be friends with him. But Sheppard could dish out as much as he could take from McKay, he matched McKay in his geekiness and he was smart enough to understand what McKay was talking about most of the time - and all that made McKay completely flustered! A military guy with a brain! Who knew such a thing was possible?!

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SG-1 701

Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:14 pm
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I just re-watched ep 701, Fallen, of SG-1. You know, the one with nekkid!Daniel returning from the dead - again! - and I realized just how much I missed the show. I'll have to marathon it soon. SG-1 and SGA are two of my most favorite sci-fi shows ever - if you know me even a little, you know that SGU is not - and I feel the need to watch a space based series again - it's like an itch that needs to be scratched. I watched this show religiously till the end of S5 - I guess you know why, right? - and then only here and there, so I have basically 5 seasons of mostly unwatched Stargate waiting for me! \o/

Oh, and why did I watch it? I want to read the SG-1 tie-in novel "Four Dragons" by Diana Dru Botsford and it's set directly after 701&702.
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I felt really angry/disappointed/annoyed when, some time ago, Brad Wright stated once and for all that there would be no more SG-1 or SGA movies. Ever again. But then, I read this article and can I say, a bullet dodged?

The third Stargate SG-1 movie would have finally revealed the top-secret Stargate program to the world, Stargate executive producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog this week.


Mallozzi said that, even after those shows’ sets were taken down and key pieces auctioned off, he still held out hope that Revolution and the Atlantis movie (titled Stargate: Extinction) might still be made. (...)

“I still held out hope for both movies because, in the case of Stargate: Revolution, the lionshare of the action would have been off-world and ship-based while, in the case of Stargate: Extinction, although there was some action on Atlantis itself (eminently achievable through the magic of VFX), much of the story takes place on Earth and off-world,” he explained.

WTF?! The Stargate program revealed?! No, just no. I'm now so glad that the movie was canned. There would've been no way back from that and I never ever wanted to see the SGC revealed. Part of the show's charm was that the whole thing was Top Secret! And completely CGI Atlantis? The gate room and all? For real?!

Wow, I never thought I would say that but man, I'm so glad that these movies weren't made after all...
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Reports are coming out of the Creation Stargate Convention happening this weekend in Vancouver. The major news, just an hour old, is that Brad Wright said there will be no movies for any of the three Stargate series. Link

Not that I was still holding any real hope, but... They canceled SGA to MAKE THE FRICKIN' MOVIES! And now we have a flop of a series and no movies. Great job, TPTB. Just awesome!

At least we have the "Legacy" book series... *sigh*
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Day 31: How it should have ended

I think that Atlantis should've seceded from Earth and declared its independence. It would've opened so many new avenues, there would be so much new potential, I wouldn't have even had to see it, just knowing that it was there, that tie-in authors could tap into that would've been enough. Unfortunately, the writers were just too tame for that, always sticking to the same storylines, always going back to Earth... *sigh*

And with that, my SGA meme is done *throws confetti*

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Day 30: One thing you would change

I would've never established a connection with Earth. I know that such a prospect would've hurt the writers' collective chicken brain because they would've had to, you know, think up something new, use their imagination to write a consistent story and not use the connection with Earth as some sort of deux ex machina, but I think it would've been awesome. Just imagine it, the expedition losing members and gaining new ones from the various Pegasus societies, identifying themselves more and more as Atlantean, not Earthlings, building a completely new society... And best of all? No IOA medling.

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Day 29: Least favorite enemy

The IOA - "International Oversight Advisory". Yes, I always considered them an enemy and a really annoying one. Seriously, bureaucrats residing a galaxy away should have the power to tell me what to do when I live in a war zone and they sit at home on their collective ass, safe and sound? Meh. Really hated that organization since they came up with it in SG-1 :(

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Day 28: Favorite enemy

Acastus Kolya, hands down. He was the only enemy that felt really... dangerous. Why? Because he was so cold and rational - well, as long as it wasn't about John Sheppard, because John killed Kolya's son. Still, the episode Common Ground is one of the creepiest and most suspenseful episodes of the whole series. And I couldn't believe the lame way in which they killed Kolya - it just proved to me that these writers had the imagination of a gnat.

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Day 27: Funniest screen cap

I have so many, so just one at random: Air quotes FTW!

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Day 26: OMG WHY SGA WHY moment

The McKay/Keller pairing. I accepted everything else they had thrown my way. I went with Carson's death and Elizabeth's... whatever. I learned to live with Carter as Atlantis' leader (for the record, I do like Carter - in SG-1, where she should've stayed!). I fell in love with Woolsey. I accepted the convoluted story of Teyla's pregnancy. But this...

The writers threw all logic out of the window to twist the characters into a shape they wanted them to be. Suddenly, Rodney became meek and accepting and let Keller order him around in the name of his own "improvement"... Blech :(( The fact he was good 15 years her senior aside, what DID she see in him when all she did was try to change him?

So yes, that was my WHY?! moment, the moment when SGA jumped the shark for me.

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Day 25: Favorite kiss

Honestly, I don't have one. There were so few kisses on the show and none of them really set my heart aflutter. What did make me go all "Aww..." was the traditional Athosian greeting, the forehead-touch. That was beautiful and much more intimate than any of the kisses shown.

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Day 24: Favorite in-show lingo

ZPM vs. McKay's ZedPM. I still love this exchange:

McKAY: We need the ZedPM to power the Gate.
O'NEILL: What?
JACKSON: ZeePM. He's, uh, he's Canadian.
O'NEILL (sympathetically to McKay): I'm sorry.

Still LOL'ing here 8D

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Day 23: Saddest character death

Well, SGA didn't have that many deaths... I would go with two - for completely different reasons.

Dr. Carson Beckett - I wasn't a huge fan of Carson. I liked him well enough but I was teary-eyed mostly because of the way his funeral was filmed. But then awful!Keller replaced Carson - and THAT's when I felt like crying for real.

Acastus Kolya - I was sad because he was an AMAZING villain. I very much preferred him to Michael and the way they killed Kolya was beyond lame. He deserved a glorious death, not... that, bleh.

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Day 22: Worst quote

"I... I... I love you. I've loved you for some time now." ~Rodney McKay to Jennifer Keller, The Shrine

That doesn't need any commentary, I think :|

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Day 21: Best quote

I will go with the classics here:

"It's a city, not a yo-yo!" ~Rodney McKay, The Siege III

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Day 20: Unpopular opinion time!

I really loved Larrin of the Travelers. She was smart but not at the expense of Sheppard's cleverness. I loved the way they outsmarted each other in Travelers. Besides, she was really hot and the way she LOOKED at Sheppard, especially in Be All My Sins Remember'd... *fans herself* If Sheppard HAD to get a love interest, I would want it to be her.

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Day 19: Most annoying side character

Lucius Lavin, if you can call him a "side character", he was there only twice, after all. But he was incredibly, awfully, irritatingly annoying. I would say the worst character the SGA writers ever came up with.

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