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So, USA Network canceled Psych after 8 years, the series finale will air on March 26: link.

I haven't been keeping up with the show since... season 6, I think, but I plan to get the whole thing on DVD - already have got S1-3. I don't really mind that the show will end this year. IMHO, you can take a whacky premise like that only so far and 8 years is a good run. I just hope the writers got the chance to write a proper series finale, that we won't be stuck with an open ending.
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Karl Urban is so incredibly sexy... *_* And now we will be having him on our screens every week! *_* I hope this is a hit, I really, really, really hope so!

Also, since I plan to sample at least 5 shows this fall, I decided to delegate a few oldies to DVD. I already did it with Psych (haven't seen any eps from S7) and now it's time for Grimm, Person of Interest and Castle. I have seen 1 ep from Grimm's S2 and it didn't really grip me. With Person of Interest, I haven't even started S2 yet. Not that I'm not interested, my plate's just too full. And Castle... the last ep I saw was 509, if I'm not mistaken. I just can't be bothered to catch up. So, DVDs it will be. Amazon UK usually drops the price to around 12-13Ł within a year after the box set's release.

I mean, I'm up-to-date with exactly 2 shows: Hannibal and NCIS:LA. And I would also like to watch some of the box sets that I own, like Babylon 5, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Enterprise, The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Leverage, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals... I own all these shows in their entirety and I still haven't watched the DVDs, for Christ's sake. Something must be done about that! Not to mention the SCORES of movies on DVD.
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-- Burn Notice will end after the upcoming 7th season. Psych will end after the upcoming 8th season. White Collar is moving to the fall, it won't air this summer, they are about to start shooting S5.

-- SyFy picked up Defiance for S2. Haven is coming back this fall, they just started shooting S4.

-- Nikita got a 6 episode pick-up, it will end after the upcoming 4th season.
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Because Maggie Lawson AKA Jules in Psych just got cast in ABC's new sitcom opposite James Caan: source.

Well, it's not unexpected. Dulé Hill said years ago that he wanted S7 to be his last. So we should consider the 8 ep long S8 pick-up a bonus. And we still have S7 to look forward to, starting Feb. 27. And they still haven't even started filming S8 which will probably air next year, so... Still 2 seasons and 24 episodes to come.

And I think... I think I'm okay with that. I like Psych but sometimes it's been too much already with Shawn's antics and more often than not he was being an ass, not funny. Besides, 8 seasons is a good run.
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TNT officially canceled Leverage: link. Luckily, the producers and writers decided already some time ago to film the S5 finale as if it were a series finale, just to be sure, because they thought fans deserved a proper ending, one that they had planned for from the get-go. Yes, it makes me a bit sad - though I got stuck around S2.5 - but at least it will have a real ending, not something rushed and nonsensical a la SGA. I think that shows that are on for more than 3 years deserve to be given the time to end properly.

Also, Psych was renewed for just an 8 episode long S8: link. That makes it pretty certain that S8 will be its last, that they got just enough episodes to end it properly. Well, Dulé Hill did say he wanted out after S7. I don't really mind. I like the show but I think they went as far as they could go with it. There wasn't much space for maneuvering in the first place and rather than let it go stale and get canned because of ratings, it's better to give the fans a proper good-bye.
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USA Network just renewed Psych for season 8. The number of episodes and whether the early renewal means that S8 will be its last is unknown. S7 premieres Feb. 27: source. Interesting. I still like the show but I wouldn't mind if S8 were its last.

Last week, SyFy pulled Haven's episode because it featured violence in a high school setting. Thus they had to postpone the season finale too because the show is heavily serialized and eps 12 and 13 are connected. Now, they will air both episodes back to back on Thurs. Jan. 17 8-10pm: source.

I still haven't caught up on Merlin - I plan to marathon the show once it's done next week - but my opinion on what will happen in the series finale, based on the promos! ) What do you think?
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614 )

615 )

616 )

My favorite quote?

Carlton Lassiter: So! When things fall apart with Spencer and you, Marlowe and I have met the perfect person.
Juliet O'Hara: That means that person is in prison. And is a woman.
Carlton Lassiter: Which one of those is a problem?

I really liked that they kept Shawn more mature in S6.5, that they didn't make him a complete idiot. He was really funny but the glimpses of seriousness made him even more endearing to me...

And I'm done with S6. Woohoo!
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I needed to take a break from all the TVD angst, so Psych it was. I had 6 eps downloaded...

611 )

612 )

613 )

3 eps watched, 3 to go!
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Psych got picked up for season 7! Link.

If you asked me just a couple of months ago, I would've been pretty indifferent about this show's renewal - Psych has an incredible capacity to disappoint me (there's a fine line between being witty and snarky and being an ass and an idiot and this show crossed it more than once in the past with Shawn's character) - but after seeing the latest 4 episodes over Xmas, I fell in love with it again.

So, hurray for more Psych - but please, writers, I'm begging you, don't screw it up again!

The show returns on Feb. 29th with the remainder of S6.
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Hey, I really liked these 4 episodes. It felt like my show again, like it used to in S1 - Shawn was really funny and NOT an arrogant ass or plain stupid. Yes, he still is a big child but he definitely matured.

Spoilers! )

My favorite ep was the one with the asylum! And my favorite quote?

Guest star: Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit!

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After the amazing first two episodes, these three were a let-down. I found myself cringing more than once when they hit my embarrassment squick button too hard... IIRC, the same happened last season. The first three or four episodes made me all bouncy with glee - and then it went downhill, steeply. I don't understand why. It's like they have a lot of time to work on the first couple of episodes over the hiatus so they are excellent and the rest is just thrown together hodge-podge and filled with juvenile jokes. I don't even know... *hands* Well, at least they haven't made Shawn behave like an ass this season yet.

Spoilers )
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601 was good but 602? The. Best. Ep. Ever! I LOL'd so hard I had tears in my eyes. Man, I lost faith this show could still get me so giggly!

Spoilers! )

Also, last week, Psych's ratings topped both Covert Affairs and Burn Notice on USA Network!
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USA renewed In Plain Sight for one last 8-ep-long season. S5 will be the show's last: link.

USA also renewed Suits for a 16-ep-long S2: link above.

SyFy renewed Warehouse 13 for a 13-ep-long S4 that will air in summer 2012: link.

Psych S6 returns on Oct. 12th at 10pm: link.

TNT also renewed Rizzoli and Isles for a 15-ep-long S3: link.

And I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but MTV picked up Teen Wolf for a 12-ep-long S2: link.

Hm, now, on which of these shows should I catch up next? I'm up-to-date on Psych only. I think W13. With the rest, I'll wait till they finish for the summer. Marathoning shows is so much fun!
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I finally caught up on Psych. Well... *sigh*

Dual Spires )

We'd Like to Thank the Academy, The Polarizing Express, Dead Bear Walking - do yourself a favor and skip them. Shawn. Is. An. ASS in those eps. Especially in the Academy ep, he's a real and incompetent asshole. The same goes for the Express ep where his stupidity almost cost the cops a case. And the Bear ep is simply embarrassing. If you want to keep on loving/liking Shawn, skip those episodes. I ffwded through them because they were pushing my squick embarrassment buttons just too hard.

Yang 3 in 2D )

Honestly? I'm not sure if I'll keep on watching this show. I mean, I really love the characters and their potential and some of the episodes are really awesome - the beginning of S5 was pretty much flawless - but when the show is bad, it's BAD with capital letters and it just hurts my poor little soul to see these characters so mutilated. I don't know...

Psych 511

Nov. 18th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Two great Psych eps in a row? I'm shocked! Last night's ep was awesome!

In Plain Fright )

I don't have much to say about the ep, there wasn't anything that stood out for me, but the episode as a whole gave me this mellow, fuzzy feeling. It was simply... good!

Oh, and my favorite quote:

Gus: I'm not going into a dead man's office.
Shawn: It's not like he's gonna walk in or something.
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Bones: The Shallow in the Deep )

I'm dropping Bones from my regular viewing schedule. I guess I will still follow it, watch it in big chunks from time to time. Right now, I'm less than impressed with the show and the only character that holds my interest is Sweets. And that's kinda not enough.

The Mentalist: Ball of Fire )

309 promo

But Psych? Psych was AWESOME! Man, I haven't had so much fun watching this show for eps and eps! Shawn was smart and funny but not ridiculous, Gus was actually worried about him and the episode was CLEVER! Please, dear writers, please! Don't screw it up again. PLEASE!

Psych: Extradiction II )

511 promo

So, my TV schedule now looks like this:

Kinda poor, huh?
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508, Shawn 2.0: I ffwded through most of this episode, it was just too cringe-worthy to watch *cringes some more*

509, One, Maybe Two, Ways Out: Much better. Loved the guest stars and the overall plot. And even the Shawn and Jules moments were cute.

My favorite quote?

Lassiter: Spencer, I just got a call about a white guy and a black guy running down the boardwalk, wreaking havoc and I immediately thought of you, guys.

And I'm all caught up. I hope that the 2nd half of the season will more like the first few episodes of this season, less painfully embarrassing. I still like Shawn and Gus very much but sometimes, they are just too... Argh *hands*
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I decided to finally catch up on Psych since new eps start on Nov. 10th!

505, Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing) )

506, Viagra Falls )

507, Ferry Tale )

Out of those three, I liked 507 best. Three eps down, two still to go!

Psych 504

Aug. 5th, 2010 11:26 pm
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And we're back to being painfully embarrassing *sigh*

Chivalry Is Not Dead... But Someone Is )


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