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JGL was in one episode of Numb3rs, an ep called Sacrifice, in S1 - which is also the only season that I own on DVD, so - hah! He looked so cute with longer hair. I wonder if he took the part because of his friendship with David Krumholtz whom he knew from 10 Things I Hate About You.

3 more cut! )

He played the bad guy, Scott Reynolds. And I loved his last scene with Charlie. Loved his "You're asking me how I'm gonna live with myself - look in the mirror."

You know, I think N3 would be the perfect background for Inception's Arthur. Scott was a brilliant scientist but ruthless, willing to do anything to reach his goal, to do what he considered right. I think the army/CIA would scoop someone like that out of the prison immediately, especially for a project like the dream-sharing.
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Growin' Up )

Cause and Effect )

I think that it was a pretty satisfying, low-key ending. All the loose ends were tied and I think that it was the right decision to let the show go after this ep. Anything else would have felt... tacked on. All the characters are left in a very happy place and that's all a fan can ask for, I guess.

This is probably my last post ever about Numb3rs. It was a good show. It had its low points and it highs. Around season 3, my focus shifted and I stopped watching for the Eppes, from then on I watched for Colby - who would have thought that back then, in S1, when they added Colby and I found him annoying. Yes, things change - as the series finale said. It was a good ride :)
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Devil Girl )

And the Winner Is... )

I know I'm complaining about a lot of things in these N3 reviews - but I just don't seem to recognize these characters anymore, strange *scratches head*

2 more eps to go!
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I decided to finally finish Numb3rs!

Scratch )

Arm in Arms )

4 more eps to go!
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The Hollywood Reporter says:

The network has canceled two veteran dramas, a freshman comedy and midseason drama: Veteran procedural Cold Case and Numbers will not be renewed. Jerry Bruckheimer's Miami Medical is likewise canceled, as is Accidentally on Purpose, which mainly aired in the network's Monday night comedy block.

So, now it's official. Too bad, no more David and Colby :(

ETA: And also Ghost Whisperer, Accidentally on Purpose and Old Christine... Networks are canceling a lot of shows these days...
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Robert Seidman from TVbytheNumbers.com writes:

Hardly a surprise if true, but as a Numb3rs fan and admirer of producer and show co-creator Cheryl Heuton, it’s still sad to hear. What I hear is that the sets were deconstructed, chopped up and sent to the landfill.

I'm kind of... blank. Don't know what to say. 6 long years, it's always numbing when a show that you've been following for so long ends.
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Latest "Ask Ausiello" column! I love the spoilers, LOVE them!

White Collar's finale... )

Numb3rs - love this Colby and David related scoop! )

Psych's season finale... )

This week, I'm very, very happy with Ausiello! *hugs the guy*
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So, it looks like Numb3rs will really end this season - not that it's all that surprising. As Ausiello reports, David Krumholtz (Charlie) has been cast as the lead in Fox's new, and as of yet untitled, comedy by Ron Howard. I quote: "For Krumholtz, the project is in second position to Numb3rs, which is not expected back next season."

Too bad. I still like the show well enough but these days, I don't watch it for Charlie and Don anymore but for David and Colby which just shows how much the series has changed since its beginning. I would gladly watch just a spin-off about David and Colby - with a side-dish of Nikki, go figure! - without the Eppes family and their dating issues.
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This tweet by Cheryl Heuton needed to be LJed!

Uh oh - Dylan just touched A"-.-'s butt - that's called "playing the subtext"

She's tweeting about filming the season/possibly series finale. Dylan (Colby) touching Alimi's (David's) butt? Any time, baby, any time ;)

Of shows

Jan. 16th, 2010 09:40 am
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* I'm thinking of hoarding the rest of Numb3rs - only four more episodes to go! - and then marathoning it in one go. It's easier to go through the teeth-gritting or mind-numbing parts when you have more Colby and David in one heap!

* Leverage is still delegated to DVD. I love the show and I love the "kids" - Eliot, Hardison and Parker - but my plate is just too full! Besides, the audio commentaries on the DVDs are hilarious. And also insightful!

* White Collar and Supernatural return next week! My favorite two shows back on TV. I hope that a) Neal and Peter stay buddies and b) Sam and Dean's... brotherness... will be back. I can't do without the one or the other.

* I decided to download the season finale of Sanctuary - the promo looked good and besides, I really want to LIKE this show. I stopped watching around 105 but I was told that just after that it became really good. Hm. Ok, I will give it a another go.

* Still need to catch up on: Castle, Bones, The Mentalist and House.

* And the pilot of Human Target is out on torrents? It might be a good one so I'll try it out - even though the opening credits left kinda blah :( But I'm not getting too excited about it. I loved the old version with Rick Springfield - I really, REALLY loved it - so a re-do... Springfield's character, Christopher Chance, was so broken and his team was so protective of him that the show pushed all my buttons!
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Bones 5x09 )

Numb3rs 6x09 )

Numb3rs 6x10 )

N3 is basically dead, though. It's obviously the last season. The ratings are dropping week after week. Last Friday? 7.38 mil., 1.6/5 demo. Ouch.
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I loved this episode! White Collar! ) I love my OT3!

I'm now slashing Colby and David even harder! Ha! Numb3rs! ) Why can't we have episodes like that every week?
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Spoilers for the aforementioned episodes! )

What Ausiello posted about this season/possible series finale of N3:

“We will be doing a 16th episode that wraps up storylines and answers questions,” reveals the show’s co-creator Cheryl Heuton. “It will be designed to stand as a finale, but it won’t create story situations that would hamper us if the network should decide to order more episodes.”

Heuton says she’s confident the episode “will give fans what they’ve been waiting for… We’re looking to feature all our characters and give good moments to every member of the cast.”

What I would like to see?
- Charlie and Amita's wedding
- Don leaving the FBI and moving forward in his relationship with Robin
- David taking over Don's job
- and from the realm of the impossible: David and Colby becoming a couple - hey, I can dream ;)

In this case, I really wouldn't mind if the show ended this season. The plots are becoming rather... convoluted and the writers focus too much on the personal stuff instead of on the action.
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* According to Ausiello, CBS trimmed Numb3rs:

A CBS spokesperson is confirming that the network has cut Numb3rs‘ episode order from 22 to 16. Translation: This is most likely the show’s final season.

On the other hand, CBS ordered two more eps of NCIS and NCIS:LA (and of other shows that I don't watch) upping their order from 22 to 24 and one more ep of Criminal Minds and The Mentalist (and of other shows that I don't watch) upping their order from 22 to 23!

I'm not really surprised by the trim for N3. The show's doing badly and it's the CBS' worst rated procedural. Besides, the show feels tired. The writers concentrate too much on the private lives of the characters instead of on the cases so in places it feels like a soap opera or a character drama and not a procedural. No real excitement, it's all about Charlie and Amita's wedding, Alan's pension, Don's mental breakdown and his sudden religious fervor - or the lack of it again. The only ones who keep the episodes going are David, Colby, Nikki and Liz. It just feels like the show's not what it used to be anymore. I'll watch till the end but only because I love to watch David and Colby bicker. Those two are hilarious.
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Ausiello posted his analysis of the best and worst shows this season. And so, I have a question - what's been your favorite and least favorite show this season so far?

I tried three new shows this season: NCIS:LA, The Vampire Diaries and White Collar. I decided to stick with NCIS:LA and WC, TVD I'll buy next year on DVD. It's too serialized to follow week to week, IMHO. On DVD, you can devour it in a week, the whole season. Without hiatuses or breaks.

Old shows that stayed the same, quality-wise that is: Bones, NCIS, Psych, Supernatural, The Mentalist. I've been enjoying them as much as in the previous seasons, which means lotsa!

Old shows that dropped in quality: Numb3rs. The show just feels... tired. I don't know why. I just can't get all excited about it anymore. Colby and David are the only reason why I'm still sticking around.

Old shows that got even better this season: Castle and Leverage.

So, what do you think got better/worse or stayed the same this season? What new shows did you fall in love with or dropped?
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Ep 6x02 )

You know, I would be actually fine with it if Numb3rs ended this year. I mean, the ratings are rather... disappointing and the stories are not as intriguing as they used to be anymore. Most of the time I have to make myself watch it instead of going after the ep "right this minute" and the Eppes aren't the draw for me anymore, David and Colby are. So yeah, if they gave it a nice ending, some closure for Charlie and Amita on the one hand and Don and Robin on the other, I would be fine with it.
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The promo pics for Numb3rs' ep 6x01 made me very happy! The more scenes with David and Colby we get, the better! *bounces* They are my OTP in this show!

And Royal Pains! I just watched the pilot and it awesome! Like watching MacGyver/ER in the world of The Bold and the Beautiful! I will have to get my hands on more eps! :)


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