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Jul. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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These last few weeks, I watched some TV shows, too, not just movies. Like NCIS:LA S2 (for Densi) and Covert Affairs S1 (for Auggie Anderson) on DVD, and then Stitchers S1 downloaded (for Camsten). I also started watching Elementary S1 on Netflix, just to have something where I don't care about the fandom or shipping or anything like that at all and that I can fall back on when my current fandom - Shadowhunters - pisses me off, which it's been doing more and more lately.

And now I'm watching Doctor Who S10. Apparently, the new Doctor should be announced today. I'm already dreading it because whoever it'll be, I bet a shit storm of hate will follow because that's how the net's rolling these days. Me? Cynical? Why do you think?


Dec. 8th, 2014 11:43 pm
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At first, I wanted to talk about something else but this is hilarious and you need to see it, folks! LOL!

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah talk about how her son was born, the child she has with Eric's brother Dave. OMG, I LOL'd so hard! It's amazing. What a wonderful family they make.
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Scorpion 109: Cabe and Walter, father and son, so much love!

NCIS:LA 608: I'm officially taking a break from the show. The whole annoying thing with Sam's daughter was the last drop.

NCIS 1208: I love Abby's boyfriend and I hope they don't break up. Also, Tony had some really funny one-liners.

NCIS:NOLA 108: I'm really curious about the LaSalle bit. And I love the black disabled hacker, Patton.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 206: Fantastic last scene. Made me LOL so hard!

NCIS:LA 607: Great talk between Hetty and Nell. Meagan Tandy and Tamlyn Tomita!

NCIS 1207: Great last scene. I really love Bishop.

NCIS: NO 107: Again, great last scene. I love the black disabled hacker!
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I used to really care about ratings. I was obsessed with them. Following them closely, despairing when my shows didn't do well... And I might again, my interest come and go in circles, after all. But these last few days taught me one thing: I can and will always find a new show to watch, another show to obsess about. Lose one, find one.

I've given up on so many shows this season, like Gotham and Sleepy Hollow among the most famous. And now I'm thinking of dropping NCIS:LA. I've been bored silly with it this season. And now the spoilers that I've come across make me less than excited about the show... ) The only thing still keeping me going now is Densi. And that's not enough because that's going nowhere fast, either, so...

But at the same time, I became once again interested in Hannibal and I found a delightful little show called Grantchester to watch. And I became obsessed, LITERALLY OBSESSED - yes, capital letters were needed - with The Originals, with Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson, them and Rebekah, too. As you know, I've always had a weakness for brothers and Klaus and Elijah take their love and obsession with each other to completely new levels. I also love that they stand together against their father, Mikael, and against their mother, Esther, and Kol and Finn, their brothers whom she dragged over on her side, that it's them against the world - the occasional fratricide between them aside, of course.

Also, I love that the Original Family embraces unashamed brutality. They all kill without mercy, without hesitation, without shame. Even Elijah, whom they call the "Honorable One" has no qualm to rip someone apart. NICE! Look at them!

This also means, I'll have to watch TVD S2-4, because that's where the Original Family was introduced... Ah, the sacrifices we make for love ;)
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Constantine 102+103: Ep 1 was good. Eps 2 and 3? Not so much. Pretty much what Supernatural had done 10 years ago. It exudes a feeling of "been there, done that." And I know that the Constantine comic book predates SPN. It doesn't matter. Everything this show's doing right now, SPN has already done 3 or 4 times on TV. I will continue watching it but I get why the ratings are so very low (1.0 demo last week).

Elementary 301+302: I have a problem with this series that's getting more and more pronounced as it continues: Joan doesn't need Sherlock. She has never needed him in any way or shape or form. I think it all started at the beginning, when he wasn't anything but a client for her, she was paid to be there. She didn't need anything from him. And even now, she doesn't need his friendship, his advice or his company, she made that known loud and clear. There's no give-n-take in their relationship. Joan has become a Watson-Sherlock amalgam and Sherlock's literally not needed anymore because she's now the doctor AND the detective. Sherlock has become redundant. It makes me wonder why they hadn't simply cast Lucy Liu as a Shirley Joan Holmes-Watson outright. Because that's what she is. Also, I feel sorry for Kitty. She's the painful fifth wheel. Sherlock's treating her the same way 10 treated Martha - by endlessly reminding her she's the "lesser" model by shoving the "perfect" model down her throat at every opportunity. No wonder the show's tanking in the ratings this season.

NCIS:LA 606: Another episode in which nothing at all made sense, Callen behaved deranged and OOC and Kensi and Deeks seemed to be on a completely different show. Are the writers even trying these days?

Scorpion 107: I know that many people are put off by Walter's stand-offish attitude but that's exactly why I love him. He isn't aloof to be an asshole, that's simply how his experience molded him. In this episode, you could see spoilers! ) And that's why I like Walter so much!

The NCIS's

Oct. 29th, 2014 10:59 pm
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This week, I would rate the shows: NCIS >> NCIS: NO >> NCIS: LA

NCIS:LA - boring. I'm seriously thinking of dropping it, the way I did it with NCIS for a time. This season is so very, very boring. I'll give it a few more eps but if I don't see a hint of an interesting arc, I'll bail on it.

NCIS - gosh, Tony's so very, very pretty *_* I just can't get over how pretty Michael Weatherly has been this season *_* And I really liked the scene between Tony and Abby regarding spoilers! )

NCIS:NO - I really hope that they don't plan on dragging out Pride's spoilers! ) And I just adore LaSalle and Brody's friendship. I hope the writers won't try to force them together. I like their brother-sister vibe. For once, dear writers, surprise us and let them stay just friends, PLEASE!

No NCIS and NCIS:NO next week?

The NCIS's

Oct. 15th, 2014 11:47 pm
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This week's been much better!




Also, look at whom they cast to play Bishop's husband! So cool, right? \o/

You know, it's funny but these days, I'm looking forward to NCIS:NO best. I just adore the team!

The NCIS's

Oct. 8th, 2014 10:55 pm
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All of them were rather boring this week, weren't they?

NCIS:LA 602: I really don't care about the Hetty storyline, as much as I like her, but what was really cute was Callen's hair! Please, let him keep the haircut. The buzz cut wasn't at all flattering, especially after Chris gained some weight.

NCIS 1203: Liked the bit about Ducky. Nice. And Tony is still very pretty.

NCIS:NOLA 103: I'm loving the friendship between LaSalle and Brody. And among LaSalle, Brody and Pride. They seem like a much smaller unit than the other NCIS shows. I prefer it, I think.

The NCIS's

Oct. 4th, 2014 11:56 pm
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NCIS 1202: I can't get over how gorgeous Michael Weatherly is this season. I know that he got in shape for his triathlon thing and, gosh, wow... Also, I was rather glad that Vance spoilers! )

NCIS:LA 601: Sheesh on a pogo stick, I'm shipping Talia/Kensi/Deeks so hard now! They're my new OT3. Their scenes were hot, so hot! I feel like writing a really hot, really steamy fic about them. And also about Callen's spoilers! )

NCIS:NO 102: I'm so glad I gave this show another chance. Yes, the planted pilot was awful, but I'm really loving the characters, especially the depth of friendship between Pride and LaSalle. It's so unlike Gibbs and DiNozzo because between those two, there's always been an unbalance of power. Pride and LaSalle, despite being in the same situation, feel more like partners, on the same level. Maybe it's because of LaSalle's laid back confidence? Also, I love that Pride calls LaSalle "Christopher" - not Chris, but Christopher. And that when Pride is about to go overboard, all LaSalle has to do is yell, "KING!" and Pride listens. It's wonderful.
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Yay! The first show this season that I actually caught up on and finished. Go me! )

You know, this show used to be my favorite series on TV. But these days, it feels same-old-same-old. Like a pair of comfortable old shoes. IMHO, the show needs a good shake-up, it needs to be thrown off the rails by something completely unexpected that brings some permanent change, no reset button.

Things I liked this season:

- Nell in general. That girl grew on me like woah!
- Matthew Del Negro!
- How they handled Daniela Ruah's pregnancy.

Things I didn't like:

- Sam and Callen's relationship seems to have grown stale.
- Sam always talks about his wife and daughter these days - during the first few seasons, he didn't even mention them and now he talks about them with perps?
- Can Sam please never, ever have another Sudan/Africa in general related arc?

Also, the series is on the move. Next season, it'll air on Monday at 10pm.
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Yes, the last few days I gorged myself on NCIS:LA. I decided I really needed to start watching all the shows I've neglected since Teen Wolf S3B started airing - yes, still smitten with that! - and so, with the tried and true method of "ene, mene, muh" I chose NCIS:LA to catch up on first, especially since the season finale airs this Tuesday.

A few things that might be spoilery, so I'll cut them, just to be sure... )

6 eps to go before I'm caught up for the season finale!


Mar. 13th, 2014 10:43 pm
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○ CBS renewed 18 shows for 2014-2015: link. Among them NCIS, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary, Hawaii 5-0 and Person of Interest. The Big Bang Theory was picked up for 3 seasons! No news about The Mentalist, though, even though it's been beating The Good Wife in the ratings every Sunday. Grr!

○ Apparently, Captain America 3 will go head to head with Batman/Superman on May 6, 2016: link. Sheesh, that will be a massacre!

○ Syfy is planning a limited, six hour long space opera series called Ascension, "a thriller about a murder aboard a 100-year voyage from Earth": link.


Nov. 6th, 2013 07:29 pm
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NCIS:LA 507. I loved both the partner duos this time around SO much! )

Sleepy Hollow 106. I hope Ichabod and Abbie never become a couple, I love them as best friends way too much! )

Supernatural 905. When will Dean tell Sam the truth? Sam is not dumb! )

I'm thinking of dropping Arrow and just watching it later on on DVD. This season simply isn't working for me. Roy Harper is a douche and Laurel is a bitch. Mama Queen's trial. And the island flashbacks still bore me to tears... so many things get on my nerves this season. I just can't find the energy.

Also, I'm starting to feel glad I dropped Person of Interest. The spoilers I came across and reading other people's thoughts... it's not the show I fell in love with anymore.


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