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So, apparently, Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS at the end of the season, confirmed by David McCallum himself: link. Well. Then I think it's time for me to put a fork in this show. It's been slowly losing my interest for a long time now but I think this season will be the last one I'll get on DVD. Michael Weatherly has always been the reason why I watched the show - similar to Michael Shanks and SG-1 - so... I'm not surprised, it's been 13 years, after all. Still...
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I'm really looking forward to Tony taking over. I think he has been standing in Gibbs' shadow for way too long, it's time to showcase his skills, too!


May. 23rd, 2015 11:32 pm
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Finally caught up! I really liked this season's ending arc, finally, FINALLY something new, original, unexpected... A plot where I have no idea where it's headed! Wonderful! I really hope that they will actually use spoilers! ) Please, please, please, let them take it somewhere! Also, I actually bawled when they spoilers! )
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And I have to say, I understand why the ratings are dropping. It's all so... bland and... even preachy from time to time. There's no sense of excitement anymore. It's permeated with this sense of "same old, same old", like they are afraid to shake it up a bit.

What I like:

* McGee and Delilah, now that's a nice relationship. I would like to see more.
* Tony and Keats - though I didn't like what they did with them in her latest episode...

Which brings me to what I don't like:

* DiNozzo Sr. I'm not saying that often about characters, but can he DIE already?! I hate the character and his whining and the way everybody always guilt-trips Tony into making up with his dad even when Sr. screws up big time! Somehow, everybody always manages to make it Tony's fault somehow.

So yeah, the show hit series low in the ratings in the last few weeks. They need to do... SOMETHING soon, shake it up in some major way because it's shedding viewers faster than dogs hair in the spring time.
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I've been as sick as a dog these past few days. Cold and cough, really ugly stuff. And I still feel under the weather...

Allegiance was canceled: link.

Agents of SHIELD 211 )

NCIS 1216 )

NCIS NO 116 )
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NCIS 1211 or I can't believe that this show actually managed to shock me O.o! )

NCIS: NOLA 111 or is it just me or is the culprit totally obvious? )

Also, I decided to drop Scorpion and move The Flash to my "watch later on on DVD" list.

On Scorpion, I love the team but the cases are boring, I don't like Paige much and I hate all the attention the show's paying to Ralph and his dad by proxy. And all the unnecessary shipping goes on my nerves: Happy and Toby, Sylvester and Walter's sister, Walter and Paige, Paige and her ex... Why? Just... why?!

And The Flash... I'm not as enamored with the show like many others, it seems. It's a good one but also one better watched in big chunks. Because in big chunks, I can dismiss Barry's unhealthy obsession with Iris but week for week? Sorry, I don't find his infatuation endearing but creepy and annoying. He had ALL HIS FRICKIN' LIFE to tell her he loved her, but no. And now that she has a boyfriend he's starting to make an issue out of it? Stop, just... stop, please.

Also, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'll watch it once more eps air, marathon it. In these itty bitty pieces, I just don't enjoy it as much. The same goes for The Mentalist.

So, the only shows I WILL keep on watching "live" are: The Originals, NCIS, NCIS: NOLA, Agent Carter/SHIELD, Forever and The Librarians (only 4 eps to go there). Man, I really cut it down, didn't I? O.o But it will give me the time to watch my DVDs. Right now, I'm watching Smallville S8!
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NCIS 1210: Let's... just not. Tim was great but the rest bored me to tears so much I skipped some parts. Mostly, I wanted to punch the guest stars in the face.

NCIS: NOLA 110: Glad to finally find out more about LaSalle.

Scorpion 112: Let's just skip the logic of this show entirely and focus on the cuteness of the team. The last scene was amazing. But please, tone down the shipping! And give as some suspenseful long-term arc!
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Forever 101+102: Suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the funny, that would be my advice. Because the show can be downright hilarious - the cops discovering Henry's sex toy collection, thinking it murder instruments? LOL! - and the relationship between Henry and Abe is incredibly sweet.

NCIS 1209: Loved this episode. But then, I love Smart!Tony. And Bishop's spoilers! )

NCIS: NO 109: I didn't care for this episode, especially in the light of current world events. But I did love the bit with Pride's spoiler! )

Scorpion 110: Again, I think you need to totally and completely suspend your disbelief to enjoy this show because the plots make little to no sense. This show is the new A-Team for me AKA just go with it and don't think about it too hard. Also, Europe's forests look nothing, absolutely nothing like California's woods. You can't just point at a group of trees in California and say, "Bosnia!"

The Flash 107: I wish they would tone down the shipping. I really don't care about how Barry always moans about Iris and can't stay away from her as the Flash. Dude, you had years to tell her. She has a boyfriend now. Grow a pair and grow up! It's a cool little show but not as gripping as I thought it would be.

Also, NBC decided NOT to pick up Constantine for a back-nine order, which means S1 will have only 13 episodes. S2 is still possible but the ratings are rather wonky. Yes, they are better than Hannibal's but H has international financing ergo it's cheap for NBC and it's a critical darling. C not so much. Just a heads-up, folks, since I dropped the show.
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Scorpion 109: Cabe and Walter, father and son, so much love!

NCIS:LA 608: I'm officially taking a break from the show. The whole annoying thing with Sam's daughter was the last drop.

NCIS 1208: I love Abby's boyfriend and I hope they don't break up. Also, Tony had some really funny one-liners.

NCIS:NOLA 108: I'm really curious about the LaSalle bit. And I love the black disabled hacker, Patton.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 206: Fantastic last scene. Made me LOL so hard!

NCIS:LA 607: Great talk between Hetty and Nell. Meagan Tandy and Tamlyn Tomita!

NCIS 1207: Great last scene. I really love Bishop.

NCIS: NO 107: Again, great last scene. I love the black disabled hacker!

The NCIS's

Oct. 29th, 2014 10:59 pm
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This week, I would rate the shows: NCIS >> NCIS: NO >> NCIS: LA

NCIS:LA - boring. I'm seriously thinking of dropping it, the way I did it with NCIS for a time. This season is so very, very boring. I'll give it a few more eps but if I don't see a hint of an interesting arc, I'll bail on it.

NCIS - gosh, Tony's so very, very pretty *_* I just can't get over how pretty Michael Weatherly has been this season *_* And I really liked the scene between Tony and Abby regarding spoilers! )

NCIS:NO - I really hope that they don't plan on dragging out Pride's spoilers! ) And I just adore LaSalle and Brody's friendship. I hope the writers won't try to force them together. I like their brother-sister vibe. For once, dear writers, surprise us and let them stay just friends, PLEASE!

No NCIS and NCIS:NO next week?

The NCIS's

Oct. 15th, 2014 11:47 pm
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This week's been much better!




Also, look at whom they cast to play Bishop's husband! So cool, right? \o/

You know, it's funny but these days, I'm looking forward to NCIS:NO best. I just adore the team!

The NCIS's

Oct. 8th, 2014 10:55 pm
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All of them were rather boring this week, weren't they?

NCIS:LA 602: I really don't care about the Hetty storyline, as much as I like her, but what was really cute was Callen's hair! Please, let him keep the haircut. The buzz cut wasn't at all flattering, especially after Chris gained some weight.

NCIS 1203: Liked the bit about Ducky. Nice. And Tony is still very pretty.

NCIS:NOLA 103: I'm loving the friendship between LaSalle and Brody. And among LaSalle, Brody and Pride. They seem like a much smaller unit than the other NCIS shows. I prefer it, I think.

The NCIS's

Oct. 4th, 2014 11:56 pm
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NCIS 1202: I can't get over how gorgeous Michael Weatherly is this season. I know that he got in shape for his triathlon thing and, gosh, wow... Also, I was rather glad that Vance spoilers! )

NCIS:LA 601: Sheesh on a pogo stick, I'm shipping Talia/Kensi/Deeks so hard now! They're my new OT3. Their scenes were hot, so hot! I feel like writing a really hot, really steamy fic about them. And also about Callen's spoilers! )

NCIS:NO 102: I'm so glad I gave this show another chance. Yes, the planted pilot was awful, but I'm really loving the characters, especially the depth of friendship between Pride and LaSalle. It's so unlike Gibbs and DiNozzo because between those two, there's always been an unbalance of power. Pride and LaSalle, despite being in the same situation, feel more like partners, on the same level. Maybe it's because of LaSalle's laid back confidence? Also, I love that Pride calls LaSalle "Christopher" - not Chris, but Christopher. And that when Pride is about to go overboard, all LaSalle has to do is yell, "KING!" and Pride listens. It's wonderful.
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Watched NCIS 1201, NCIS: NO 101 and Agents of SHIELD 201 tonight. Yes, I succumbed and watched NCIS: NO after all because so many people loved it on Tumblr. It wasn't anything special but I'm starting to really like the characters, the rapport among them. NCIS and SHIELD... not BAD but nothing that blew my mind. The only thing I really love was Fitz's story on SHIELD. And DiNozzo's new look on NCIS. DAMN, the guy is handsome!

That's 7 premieres watched - and nothing blew my mind. What the heck is going on? Are really all the shows so mediocre this season or is it me? Nothing so far set my heart aflutter.


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