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NCIS 1211 or I can't believe that this show actually managed to shock me O.o! )

NCIS: NOLA 111 or is it just me or is the culprit totally obvious? )

Also, I decided to drop Scorpion and move The Flash to my "watch later on on DVD" list.

On Scorpion, I love the team but the cases are boring, I don't like Paige much and I hate all the attention the show's paying to Ralph and his dad by proxy. And all the unnecessary shipping goes on my nerves: Happy and Toby, Sylvester and Walter's sister, Walter and Paige, Paige and her ex... Why? Just... why?!

And The Flash... I'm not as enamored with the show like many others, it seems. It's a good one but also one better watched in big chunks. Because in big chunks, I can dismiss Barry's unhealthy obsession with Iris but week for week? Sorry, I don't find his infatuation endearing but creepy and annoying. He had ALL HIS FRICKIN' LIFE to tell her he loved her, but no. And now that she has a boyfriend he's starting to make an issue out of it? Stop, just... stop, please.

Also, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'll watch it once more eps air, marathon it. In these itty bitty pieces, I just don't enjoy it as much. The same goes for The Mentalist.

So, the only shows I WILL keep on watching "live" are: The Originals, NCIS, NCIS: NOLA, Agent Carter/SHIELD, Forever and The Librarians (only 4 eps to go there). Man, I really cut it down, didn't I? O.o But it will give me the time to watch my DVDs. Right now, I'm watching Smallville S8!
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Honestly, I like the FBI setting much better than the CBI one. Or maybe it's because the Red John storyline is finally over? But I also like the new team better. For me, Rigsby and Van Pelt were the most boring characters. I didn't care about their issues, I didn't care about their ship and I thought the actors were really bad. Abbott, Fisher and Wylie are much better - though I didn't know that Fisher wouldn't be back for S7. Or maybe I knew and I forgot? In any case, Vega, Fisher's replacement, is really cool and fresh. I like her a lot. So yeah, Jane, Lisbon, Cho, Vega, Wylie and Abbott are great!

One thing I wasn't sure about was the Jane/Lisbon ship. It kinda came out of left field - and at the same time it didn't? It's hard to explain. I get why there couldn't be anything between them before, Jane really needed to kill Red John first, no relationship would've worked for him until that guy was six feet under. Still... their ship issues were my least favorite part of the second half of S6. Though now that they're together, I'm curious where the writers will take them - and before you yell at me, they got together at the end of S6, it's not a recent development.

I'm really happy I finally caught up on the show! Woohoo, another one where I'm up-to-date. Go me!
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The Mentalist was renewed for S7! Huzzah! Deadline thinks that it'll be for just 13 episodes and that it'll be the final season but considering that everybody thought it would be canned, I'm glad for at least that. Also, I'm happy that it will give Bruno Heller the chance to write a proper ending!

On the other hand, CBS canceled Intelligence and NBC canned Dracula. Oh well, you gain some, you lose some. For me personally, the only cancellation that really stings is The Tomorrow People.


Mar. 13th, 2014 10:43 pm
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○ CBS renewed 18 shows for 2014-2015: link. Among them NCIS, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary, Hawaii 5-0 and Person of Interest. The Big Bang Theory was picked up for 3 seasons! No news about The Mentalist, though, even though it's been beating The Good Wife in the ratings every Sunday. Grr!

○ Apparently, Captain America 3 will go head to head with Batman/Superman on May 6, 2016: link. Sheesh, that will be a massacre!

○ Syfy is planning a limited, six hour long space opera series called Ascension, "a thriller about a murder aboard a 100-year voyage from Earth": link.
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Episode 609 was quite boring, the first Post-Red John ep, but I think that in the grand scheme of things, it was necessary, a much needed set-up for the series reboot.

But ep 610 was excellent. It was so great to see Jane playful, really playful and not burdened by the death of his wife and daughter. And both Lisbon and Cho were simply perfect, so amused by Jane's antics while everybody else was annoyed or irritated, these two were secretly LOL'ing.

Unpopular opinion regarding Van Pelt and Rigsby: Cut, just to be sure! )

The new characters are pretty cool. Again, cut just to be sure! )

I'm all in for what's to come! The Mentalist's finally starting to feel fresh and exciting again! Cool!


Nov. 28th, 2013 10:50 pm
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 110. Best episode yet! )

Haven 411. I love the Nate & Duke friendship this season! )

The Mentalist 608. So, Red John is... )

Lewis Collins, Bodie from the UK TV show The Professionals, died :( That's so sad. I loved the guy and I loved him as Bodie. I think I shall re-watch the show in his honor. Bodie and Doyle were one of my first OTPs!

I watched episodes 301-302 of The Listener. So far, I like S3 more than the previous seasons, now that Toby has an official status with the special unit and every one of his colleagues knows about his gift. I loved the captain's reaction. And I'm glad that Oz keeps being awesome!

I also watched episode 201 of Doctor Who. My first episode with David Tennant. 10 is so much better than 9, I'm already liking the show much more. Loved his scenes with the Face of Boe - Cpt. Jack was called "The Face of Boe" once, wasn't he?

Oh, and BBC's Atlantis was renewed for S2, just FYI. Congrats to its fans.
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Sheesh on a pogo stick, the season finale was creepy. Red John knows Patrick so well, it's scary. The way he guessed the 7 names on Patrick's list? Eek! Lisbon's expression when she was laying out the photographs while Lorelei was reading the names aloud in the vid... Wow!

I was also surprised by the twist with LaRoche and his tupperware box. Ick, that was disgusting. But, IMHO, if there was someone who would understand, it was Patrick.

And I was glad that they caught Brenda. I loved the trap Patrick set up for her, that was so cool. And then, when he read her like a book - I didn't feel one bit sorry for her. She deserved it and more.

Also, what's with the Homeland Security creep? O.O

I'm done with S5! Woohoo! I hope to catch up on the S6 episodes that aired already before the next ep comes up. This season seems like a real ride!
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I really loved the character of Lorelei. Yes, she was a whacko of epic proportions and it was obvious from the start that it couldn't end in any other way for her, still... I really liked her relationship with Jane. It was... different, very intriguing. You never knew if they actually had feelings for each other or if they were just using each other to get what they wanted. And now Jane will feel responsible for another woman's death. Ouch :(

The funniest thing in these three episodes? When Jane taught first Bertram and then Lisbon how to win at poker. And when Cho and Rigsby bickered about whose dinosaur was better - and no, that's not an euphemism.

My favorite quote?

Rigsby: How can you like Triceratops more than T-Rex?
Cho: T-Rex are losers. Little arms. It's a chicken with teeth.
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Since Bruno Heller is planning to finally reveal who Red John is this season, I decided to catch up on the show because I really don't want to be spoiled. That's one mystery I want to discover, not be told!

I loved that Lisbon went to Jane and asked him for help with Volker. And that he didn't just hand her the solution, he just kept nudging her in the right direction. He made her as ruthless as he was - and boy, can Jane be ruthless. He seems like such a sweet guy but he can be cold and cruel, so cruel that it's actually scary. And he made Lisbon do a bit of that, let her taste the power of bending rules. And she was glorious! You know, sometimes I wonder who's scarier: Red John or Patrick Jane.

Also, Amanda Righetti gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy, didn't she? Some women stay really slim and they look like a string with a knot on it - and some women gain weight all over. They keep hiding her pregnancy behind stuff, getting more and more elaborate and ridiculous - they had her pushing a cart with boxes around! LOL! - but it's really, really obvious. It's always funny to watch the production team try to hide pregnancies XD
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♦ I don't know if anyone on my flist actually watches The Mentalist but Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman AKA Van Pelt and Rigsby will leave the show towards the end of S6: link. I don't mind at all, I never warmed up to them or their on and off romance - I very much prefer Cho - and I think S6 will be the show's last anyway, that the writers won't manage to reinvent it once the Red John storyline is over. And I wouldn't mind that either, the show ending. It's nice but pretty much, out of sight, out of mind for me.

♣ Tahmoh Penikett got a recurring part in Supernatural's S9, he will be playing spoilers! ) Link. NICE!

♠ And Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing one of the characters in the animated movie The Penguins of Madagascar: link. NICE, too! Right now, he's doing voicework on another animated feature, Magik.
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Patrick Jane has the most beautiful smile... )

It's funny to see them try hiding the fact that Amanda Righetti - playing Grace Van Pelt - was pregnant at the time they were filming this. Ha!
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My opinion on the backdoor pilot! )

CBS renewed 14 shows today! Among them: NCIS: LA, Hawaii 5-0, The Mentalist, Elementary, Good Wife and Person of Interest: source. This time around, the only show I feared for was The Mentalist. Since the move to Sunday, the ratings dropped like a stone. So, YAY!


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