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I suddenly felt all Hilson-like, you know, House/Wilson. Gosh, these two... \o/
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In this TVLine interview - link - David Shore talks about House and Wilson and what happened in the season finale.

TVLINE | Can you see revisiting this character in the future in some way?

I love this character. And I know Hugh loves this character. I keep it open, but the chances of that happening from a practical point of view are slim. I would hate to lock in my head, “I will never revisit this character again.” That would be a depressing idea to me.

Well, for once I'm happy to hear that it doesn't look like there will be a movie or something. I thought the show had the perfect ending and what happens next should be left to people's imagination because whatever the writers would come up with, it would never make fans happy, any fans but especially the House/Wilson fans. As it is, the show ended on a high, bright note and it should be left there!

What Shore said about House and his plans for the future... )
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So, the House finale...

House/Cuddy lovers hated it. House/Wilson lovers loved it. That's pretty much the consensus, right? Cuddy!fans are now spewing venom all over the place, bashing everybody, from David Shore to Robert Sean Leonard. What a class, let me tell you *head-shake*

Personally, I loved it. It was everything I wanted it to be. One of the best finales I've ever seen. The last 5 or so minutes, I was literally in tears because it was so BEAUTIFUL! Not really a happy ending, definitely headed for "Thelma and Luise" down the road, but still perfect in every way. After seasons and seasons of disappointment, David Shore managed the impossible and gave me EVERYTHING I wanted. Amazing.

Besides House and Wilson, what I really loved was spoilers! )
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In the house_wilson community, a scanned article was posted in which Hugh Laurie talks about the 8 seasons of House: link. It's a very thoughtful summary of what the show meant to him and I especially loved that out of all the actors on the set, he mentioned Robert Sean Leonard specifically: "Robert Sean Leonard can take anyone, anywhere, in any movie, TV show, play, musical, piece of modern dance, anything." He always has such wonderful things to say about him...

The community also posted a short article about what David Shore said about the show's finale: link. My musings cut... )

Oh, Fox...

May. 10th, 2012 11:23 am
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Fox canceled Alcatraz and The Finder and renewed Touch. I never even started watching any of these shows because Alcatraz and Touch simply didn't appeal to me and I suspected that The Finder would flop. And the new shows that Fox picked up? Link. Not one appeals to me. Well, at least I'll have the time to watch my DVDs.

Oh, speaking about DVDs, I bought House S1-4 for 14 bucks only! 4 seasons for just $14! When I saw it in Tesco, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I checked the price 4 times, convinced I was seeing things. I can't wait to watch the early seasons again!
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Day 13: Couple you ship that causes intense feelings in its fandom (read: flamewars and the like)

House & Wilson, House

For me, this fandom has always been about House and Wilson, everything else was just... there, mostly to be skipped over. But I preferred not to get in the middle of the "Huddy" vs. "Hilson" war. Both sides were bonkers, to be honest *scared*

Remaining days cut! )


May. 2nd, 2012 05:03 pm
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White flag, House style!


Apr. 25th, 2012 08:39 pm
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I love this BTS vid from the next episode: link. Hugh Laurie is directing it and I loved the part where Robert Sean Leonard said that, yeah, that probably meant they would finish in two and half months because Hugh was slow... LOL! They're all having so much fun!

And you know what? Even though the show's ending, the fact that the handful of episodes left will focus on House and Wilson makes me want to watch the first few seasons again. Here, in the Czech Republic, it's only 229CZK for one season - that's 13 bucks! And the first two or three were fabulous!

Also, I loved what David Shore said about House and Wilson in reaction to the latest episode aired - and what's up for them in the last four: link. (The article linked is full of SPOILERS!)

Series creator David Shore recently told TVLine that the House-Wilson friendship will take center stage as the show nears its conclusion. “I think male friendship is something rarely explored on TV or even in the movies in much depth,” he said. “[There's] plenty of wingmen, plenty of guys trying to get other guys laid and stuff like that. But a real friendship with real depth and lasting years and going through challenges and being there for each other and confronting each other… [is unique]. The [House/Wilson] relationship is one I’m particularly proud of because it’s something you don’t see on TV very much.”
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Since the execs announced that the last few episodes of House would be House and Wilson centric...

... and that Cuddy wouldn't return for the finale, Cuddy and "Huddy" - I really hate the stupid names fans give to pairings! - fans upped their hate and venom spewing to a scary degree! They troll the comment section of every article, they ridicule the actors, characters and storylines in an attempt to ruin everybody's fun.

And I'm starting to get really angry! The last straw were the comments to this article - link (SPOILERS!) - where people literally made fun of last night's reveal. That's not just trolling, it's sick, because, yes, it's so hilarious to make fun of spoilers! )

Cuddy and "Huddy" fans need to BACK THE FUCK OFF right now! Lisa Edelstein wasn't fired, she decided to leave of her own volition. She didn't want to take a pay-cut, so she left! And she didn't bother to tell the writers until after the season finale aired - compare that to Melina Kanakaredes and her exit from CSI:NY, that's what I call classy! As the writers said, if she had told them earlier, they would've given Cuddy a better exit.

Which brings me to Cuddy!fans' whining about her not being in the finale. And why SHOULD she be? There is no reason, her ending was abrupt - LE's fault, not the writers'! - but definite. No loose threads hanging - and boy, did I step into a pile of crap when I dared to say that out loud.

Because Cuddy is, according to the obsessive fans, a poor victim of domestic abuse and deserved the opportunity to kick House in the balls one last time - paraphrasing here. Her story didn't end yet. Robert Sean Leonard is a dick for daring to say frankly that there was no reason to bring her back! The domestic abuse was poorly handled and unrealistic! And so on and on!

Cue me foaming at the mouth! And my rather scathing response! NOBODY says that she wasn't the victim. But! House went to prison for what he had done! Cuddy got a restraining order! She moved away and built a new life for herself! What more DO the fans want? Tearful apologies? From HOUSE?! And! The fact that the domestic abuse had a poor ending was, once more, LE's own fault! As the writers said, they had more planned, a reconciliation of a sort between them. No, they wouldn't have become a couple again, ever, no matter what desperate "Huddy" fans want. The execs said it out loud, House would NOT have ended up with Cuddy no matter what - which makes seasons 6 & 7 even more pointless but that's another kettle of fish entirely - but there would've been more. But LE's exit left the writers with a half-finished story. Yet, according to rabid Cuddy and LE fans, it's all the writers' fault.

Sheesh on a pogo stick! You don't like it? Then don't watch it! And let others enjoy it in peace. Is it really such a baffling concept?!

ETA: Just to clarify - what people write in their own blogs is their thing entirely. There they can hate on anybody they want. But when they troll articles, that's when I get really mad!


Apr. 24th, 2012 01:11 pm
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I can't believe that they went there with House! I mean, I've been waiting for an arc like that for 8 years but... With only 4 episodes to go, this being the last season, I can't see this having a happy ending, I just can't. Can you?

The promo for next week's ep looks fantastic, it really does - link - but I'm actually afraid to watch it. I think I'll wait for the series finale to air. I need to know how this arc ends before I watch it. I hate to walk into an unhappy ending unprepared... :(
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Fox canceled House, the show will conclude its 8 year run in May: link.

Well. It's been years since I followed the show religiously, week for week, and looked forward to every episode. I stopped watching once they started pushing the House/Cuddy ship hard, twisting House into a pretzel to fit her idea of a man.

I loved the show because it was based on Sherlock Holmes, with House as Holmes and Wilson as Watson. And I understand that shows evolve. But what they made of it in S6&7... *cringes*

Yet I'm still sad to see it go. It's such an iconic series. It made Hugh Laurie, whose fan I've been since Jeeves&Wooster, a worldwide star and that's awesome. And even though I didn't follow the show regularly anymore, I still checked out spoilers and House-n-Wilson centric episodes.

My wish for the finale? Give us a good House and Wilson ending. An optimistic one. And NO CUDDY! I would love to see 13 and Cameron again, but mostly I hope that House and Wilson go out on a positive note!


Jan. 21st, 2012 05:44 pm
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Blogcritics.com posted an interview with Kath Lingenfelter, one of the writers for House: link. It's quite spoilery from what I understand, but I Ctrl+F'd only the parts about Wilson. And this part I loved best:

"A lot of times, we look at two people who are together and think, ‘that is the most dysfunctional, terrible situation.’” On the other hand, when you take a closer look, she believes, you realize that they actually balance each other. “There’s a force greater than them that keeps them together and it actually works and it’s beautiful.”

For Lingenfelter, that notion immediately brings to mind the relationship between House (Hugh Laurie) and best friend Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). On the face of it, she suggested, they “don’t seem healthy for each other, but I tried to come up with a B story that suggests that, no, actually, they’re perfect for each other.”

Aww... House and Wilson are the only reason I still check out this show from time to time. Their friendship is so deep and funny and heartwarming and it's wonderful that some writers still see it (esp. after the Cuddy disaster of S7!).
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And not just because I'm a slasher at heart. These pairings simply don't make any sense to me on a fundamental level.

Neal&Sara in White Collar: He just lost the love of his life, she's a Mary Sue, introduced as a love interest from the get-go, then shoe-horned into being a regular in a show that has no need for her character on a regular basis. What rubs me wrong most is that for Neal, Kate's been his whole life for years. And then she died and six months later he was in a steady relationship with Sara and the writers didn't think it was totally OOC.

House&Cuddy in House: He's a drug addict and an ass whom the writers twisted into a pretzel to fit him into this relationship, she was a strong woman till she turned into a doormat when she started pining for him. This relationship made me drop the show like a hot potato and I have never properly returned to it.

Gwen&Arthur in Merlin: He's the king, she's a serving girl. I could see her as his mistress but not as the queen. Give me a talking dragon and I'll embrace it. But for a king to marry a smith's daughter to everybody's approval is so far-fetched, even in a fantasy setting, that I just can't root for it. If she were some low nobility or a knight's daughter, fine. But an uneducated serving girl who used to wash Arthur's almost-sister's dirty undies? Yeah, right.

Van Pelt&Rigsby in The Mentalist: He was so in love with her it was pathetic and she said clearly she loved her job more than she loved him, yet she still can't let him go. I really hope that Rigsby stays with that attorney girlfriend of his, she's cute and they fit together perfectly. Yet, I'm afraid that Van Pelt will somehow ruin it.

And the title of the worst couple of all time goes to...

Keller&McKay in SGA: She's a self-conscious damsel in distress who considers him an egoist, he's an arrogant geek old enough to almost be her father. I have no idea how the writers came to the conclusion these two were a good match when they have absolutely nothing in common. They turned Rodney from an arrogant but brilliant man into an insecure love-sick puppy, meek enough to do whatever she demands. Talk about character assassination!
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-- Michael Fassbender on the possibility of playing Bond in the future: "I think Daniel is doing a great job and I don't think too far into the future. It's one step at a time right now. Of course, every guy knows the feeling of walking round the house singing the song to himself, walking around corners with an imaginary gun. Let's see what happens." Link. Would love to see him as Bond, definitely. Too bad he's into so much artsy stuff lately, not my cuppa.

-- Fox wants Matthew Vaughn back as the director for the XMFC sequel: Link. They want a good script first, they don't want to rush the sequel - which I totally agree with! - but they confirmed that they do want to film it!

-- I really need to stay away from the Merlin fandom. So much whining and bashing and complaining... *cringes* Lately, it's been spoiling my fun a lot. Yeah, pulling back to my LJ again.

-- Hugh Laurie wants to quit TV after House ends: link. And it looks like this season will be the last, which I don't really mind as long as there's no more romancing and House and Wilson stay close friends at the end. I do hope to see him in a British show of some kind, maybe some mystery show? Would love to see him play a detective, a real one, not a medical one.
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I always thought that Holmes and Watson's relationship in Doyle's books was really sweet and caring - but I've never seen it as overly slashy. But after reading "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder"? After Watson's wife had died and Holmes had returned from the dead, Holmes didn't just make Watson return to Baker Street, he convinced him to sell his practice AND gave the buyer, a distant relative of the Holmes family, secretly enough money to pay a very good price for it! Holmes, you sneaky, manipulative... sweet guy. Seriously. I really need to find slash fanfics based on Doyle's canon! \o/

And I really loved this spoilery House thing, House and Wilson related: spoilers! ).
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TNT renewed Leverage for a 15-ep-long S5: link.

Maybe I'll start watching House again? A House&Wilson scoop that gives me hope! )

Jim Beaver teases S7 of Supernatural (gosh, I love the guy!): link.

I love what Mark Gatiss said about Sherlock: "Mark Gatiss has suggested that the forthcoming series of Sherlock will delve deeper into Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson's friendship." Link.

According to Comic Book Movie, XMFC is the best reviewed comic book movie of this year! YAY \o/! Link!
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After coming across this and this spoiler, I planned to give House another go next season. But after reading Ausiello's summary of the season finale (spoilers, of course!), I think I'll give it not just a pass but a wide berth. Is it possible for one show to jump the shark more than once? I'm seriously appalled and disgusted with the writers for destroying House and its main character for cheap sensationalism.

And after the season finale, it also looks less and less likely that Ausiello's blind item from back then (as spoilery as a blind item can be!) is House related *sigh*
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This makes me all kinds of happy...

Spoiler! )
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Wow! O.o )


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