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Syfy canceled Haven, S5 will be its last: link. I'm actually okay with that. I didn't like the direction the show took last season - the Mara storyline bored me to tears and sometimes I could hardly bring myself to watch the eps - and considering the ratings, barely 0.2 demo, the writing was on the wall. I'm just glad that after how terrible the viewership numbers were last season, Syfy didn't simply scraped its plans and actually kept the 13 ep order for S5. And since the writers also must have known that this would be it, I hope they conceived a good series finale.

Haven S5A

Dec. 6th, 2014 09:47 pm
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You know, if I wasn't absolutely sure that S5B - or S6, whatever you want to call it - would be the last - the ratings are atrocious! - I would be actually tempted to drop the show because S5A was a huge, HUGE disappointment for me. Out of the 13 eps, 2 at the most were actually interesting. The rest was a bore, the same storyline on repeat week in, week out.

The whole Audrey/Mara thing should've been solved in 6 episodes tops and I still can't believe that Duke was dumb enough to spoilers! ) Like what the hell, OOC much? These three - Audrey, Nathan and Duke - have been to hell and back together and since Duke dropped his macho "I'm a bad guy and I don't need you" act in S2 and actually made up to Nathan all the horrible things he had done to him as a child, they always, ALWAYS had each other back. So, Duke's sudden mistrust, the fact that he actually spoilers ) was absolutely unbelievable. Also, I used to like Dwight? Now, I almost can't stand him. From a great ally he turned into a dictator. IMO, the writers dropped the ball big time this season.

There WERE some awesome OT3 moments over the course of the season when I felt like pointing at the screen and yelling, "YES, YES, THAT'S THE SHOW I FELL IN LOVE WITH!" but they were few and far between. I hope the writers do better next time and give us a great last season and a satisfying finale.
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Caught up on many shows yesterday, like Elementary 303, Haven 510, Scorpion 108 and The Blacklist 205-208. Nothing really stood out for me, though, at least not in a positive way. But there were many things that irked me.

Like, for example, in Haven: did Duke really just spoilers! ) Or in Scorpion: spoilers! )

But what really took the top was Elementary and the road they took with Kitty and her past. Are you fucking kidding me? Spoilers! ) This made me so very, very angry! I can't help but thinking that the writers have a bucket list of social issues and tick them off, saying, "Okay, we covered drug addiction (S1) and addictions in general (S2). What now? How about spoilers )?" FUCK. IT. I'm already annoyed by this season, by Sherlock's attitude towards Kitty and his colleagues - basically anyone but Joan who has a rainbow shooting outta her ass, apparently! - and if this trend continues, I will drop it. The show's been nothing short of bad this season and the ratings reflect that: the latest episode earned 1.0 demo, that's SPN's ratings! I will give it one more episode but if it annoys me again, I will drop the show, I really don't need to feel this irritated week after week.
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I'm still not a fan of this storyline, where it's headed, the whole plot including Mara... eh. But I'm happy to announce that my OT3 - Nathan/Audrey/Duke - is afloat once again! Without anything spoilery...

Nathan to Duke: Audrey loves me, you and helping people with Troubles.


Duke to Mara: I won’t lose Nathan and Audrey in the same day!


Mara to Duke: You know, [I’m talking to] your boyfriend.


Mara to Duke: If you and [Audrey] want to see your doe-eyed boyfriend again...

The writers are seriously playing up the OT3 and I'M EATING IT WITH A SPOON! Gosh, I missed this. Not that I didn't love Jennifer dearly, but Nathan/Audrey/Duke are like... like... Eliot/Parker/Hardison or... or... Peter/Elizabeth/Neal! They are my OT3! And all I want from the Haven writers is to give me an ambiguous enough ending to keep my OT3 ship afloat - the way Leverage did it (the fact that Lev's writer then basically confirmed on Twitter that the OT3 really was set up as an OT3, didn't hurt either ;P). So, please... *crosses fingers*
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Despite mediocre ratings, ABC gave Forever a back-nine order, which means, we'll be getting at least 22 episodes this season! Link. I don't expect a S2 pick-up after that, the ratings are really bad, but I hope the writers will be smart enough - unlike those of The Tomorrow People! - not to end the season on a cliffhanger with fingers crossed for a pick-up. That's selfish and unfair to the viewers, IMHO. So yeah, I hope we get a passable ending, with some loose ends, sure, but an ending nonetheless!

Also, I decided to drop Stalker. I really don't like any of the characters and if I wanted to watch a show about cops chasing psychos, I would rather watch Criminal Minds where the team actually feels like a family, where they trust each other. Which reminds me, I should really watch it. Hm.

Also #2, what's going on with most shows this season? I mean, their ratings! Haven 0.2 demo. White Collar 0.4 demo. Covert Affairs 0.3 demo. Even Graceland - which I don't watch - 0.4 demo. What the heck? *hands* These shows - well, except for Haven which mostly got 0.5 demo - were all 'round the 0.8-1.0 series!
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The show's still not really clicking for me this season. Maybe because I intensely dislike Mara and I think she disrupts the flow of the show terribly. Nathan and Duke's scenes are precious, though, like when they spoilers! ) Also, I was rather surprised by spoilers! )
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At least that's how cast and crew view it, according to Eric Balfour.

Question: Is Season 5 going to be Haven’s last? —Geoffrey

Ausiello: “It very well could be,” Eric Balfour ventured when we saw him at the Saturn Awards. “Nobody at the network’s said that, but we are viewing it that way.” To the point that at least one of the producers “promised that he’s shooting two endings,” one of which will afford proper closure. As Balfour explains, “The writers are of the opinion that you don’t get the opportunity to see the finish line very often on a television series, so knowing that we have the ability to sort of plan for that – and we have [the length of] two seasons to do it, it’s not like it’s tomorrow — I actually am of the opinion that I hope we do it, because I would love to give the fans a real ending and honor the show that way.”


I agree with him. Yes, I would miss the show but I would prefer a definite ending to a cliffhanger and a cancellation (see The Glades).
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According to Eric Balfour's tweet, Emma Lahana AKA Jennifer Mason won't be returning to Haven next season, she asked to be let out of her contract. That means no more Duke/Jennifer :( Bummer, I loved that pairing.

On the other hand, does that mean that my OT3 - Nathan/Audrey/Duke - will stage a big comeback? I hope so. These three and Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage are my favorite OT3! And when Nathan, Audrey and Duke worked together... wow, just wow! Their chemistry was simply perfect!
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OMG! OMG! OMG! As both Emily Rose and Eric Balfour just confirmed, Haven was picked up for 26 episodes! 13 eps in 2014 and 13 eps in 2015! Woohoo! At least one of my favorite shows is save for another 2 seasons!!!

Haven 413

Jan. 26th, 2014 06:17 pm
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I finally, FINALLY watched the S4 finale. Yeah, it only took me a month or so... )

And still no news about a possible renewal. And that's bad. If they wanted to air the show this summer/fall, they would have to be working on it by now. So, I suspect that Syfy will either can the show or give it a six episode long pick-up only to allow them to wrap it up, the way they did it with Warehouse 13. I really hope for the latter because this can't be the end!


Nov. 28th, 2013 10:50 pm
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 110. Best episode yet! )

Haven 411. I love the Nate & Duke friendship this season! )

The Mentalist 608. So, Red John is... )

Lewis Collins, Bodie from the UK TV show The Professionals, died :( That's so sad. I loved the guy and I loved him as Bodie. I think I shall re-watch the show in his honor. Bodie and Doyle were one of my first OTPs!

I watched episodes 301-302 of The Listener. So far, I like S3 more than the previous seasons, now that Toby has an official status with the special unit and every one of his colleagues knows about his gift. I loved the captain's reaction. And I'm glad that Oz keeps being awesome!

I also watched episode 201 of Doctor Who. My first episode with David Tennant. 10 is so much better than 9, I'm already liking the show much more. Loved his scenes with the Face of Boe - Cpt. Jack was called "The Face of Boe" once, wasn't he?

Oh, and BBC's Atlantis was renewed for S2, just FYI. Congrats to its fans.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 101-107. Painful first episode but the characters grow on you with time. )

Elementary 201. I wish Sherlock would stop grimacing all the time, he looks like an asylum escapee. )

Haven 409. My least favorite ep of the season. )

Since our National Bank in its epic wisdom artificially lowered the value of our koruna, I won't be buying as many shows on DVD as I planned. It's back to downloading, I guess. Which is why I started watching Elementary and why I will try to catch up on Grimm and Warehouse 13; I planned to get them on DVD - and I still do, because I prefer to support my shows, but not ASAP anymore. I will now wait for the shows to drop below Ł10. With the current exchange rate I can't afford a higher price.

Haven 402

Sep. 24th, 2013 09:04 pm
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I thought Nate was a woobie before. Sheesh, I didn't know anything, did I? The poor, poor thing! )

Both 401 and 402 had only 0.4 demo points in the ratings. So, just a fair warning, I think it would be better to consider S4 the show's last...


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