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Finished Castle S3. Captain Montgomery's death had me bawling like a little kid. Especially his funeral. That was so well done, the cinematography. Though I'm not looking forward to Captain Gates in S4. I've never liked her, the way she was permanently bitchy. Well, I don't own S4 on DVD yet, so it'll be some time before I get to that.

What to watch next? I think... Falling Skies S1. I really need to make a dent into the piles of unsorted DVD boxes that I have lying around my room. And FS S1 has only 10 episodes. Besides, I really love the family dynamic in it.

Of Shows

Jul. 12th, 2016 03:30 pm
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Lost Girl: 110-113! Done with S1. There was one more episode with Vex and, gosh, he's such a bad, bad man. I really can't wait to see what will change him so much that he will fall for someone as pure as Mark at the end!

Castle: 301-312! You know what always catches me off guard? Those sweet moments between Castle and his mother. They always banter and bicker, but they love each other so much. I adore that he really admires her as a mother and a grandmother, too. He has so much respect for the struggle she went through as a single mom.

Shadowhunters: The cast is slowly trickling back to Toronto, training for the upcoming season! Filming is imminent! YUSS! Gimme!

Of Me

May. 16th, 2016 10:05 am
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I've been in Prague these last few days, interpreting for the German fantasy author Markus Heitz at the Prague Book Fair. And the perfect way to describe my trip would be by citing one of Murphy's Laws: If something can go wrong, it will. Jesus Christ! We were so lucky that Markus Heitz has an incredible sense of humor *head/desk*

I also fell hard for Lucifer, the TV show, and already have seen 1/3 of the first season. Nice!

And I also found out that Castle was canceled. I don't say it often, but, THANK THE GODS ABOVE! If they continued it without Beckett, it would've destroyed the whole soul of the show, so... phew!
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NICE! I didn't think I could become excited for the show again - I'm WAY behind! - but now I am and I love the shake-up they did and I want to catch up and watch it live and OMG, all the feels! Gimme!
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I downloaded the latest ep of Castle, even though I'm like 5 seasons behind, but since it was a bottle ep, I decided to watch it. Loved it, of course! And good gosh, Alexis grew up into a beautiful woman, sheesh, she's gorgeous!

One thing, though: Is Stana Katic pregnant? The very loose shirt, her being completely side-lined in this ep... Is she with child? And do they plan on making Beckett pregnant, too? I know that the show hasn't been renewed yet and that Stana hasn't signed a new contract yet - Nathan did - and that they wrote the last ep so that it could serve as a fitting series finale... Still. The spoilers say that there are big changes coming for Beckett - is her being pregnant one of them? Because if it is, then end the show on that note. The Mentalist proved that it works really well as a series finale - White Collar proved that it does NOT work as a seasonal plot. Don't ruin Castle with Beckett wallowing in those issues, please!
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Finished "Joy in the Morning", the "Jeeves & Wooster" audiobook by PG Wodehouse. Started reading "Ceremony in Death" by JD Robb. Tidied up my Amazon UK wishlist. And watched 5 episodes of Castle S2! Good time was had by all. And tomorrow, back to work. Go me!

Castle S1

Apr. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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I spent the last few evenings watching Castle S1. Suddenly got this weird craving. Maybe because I read one of the books in J.D. Robb's "In Death" series right before and Eve and Roarke remind me terribly of Beckett and Castle.

And, good gosh, I totally forgot just how much I adore the show. And especially the early episodes, where Castle and his daughter are still besties and Beckett keeps resisting Castle's charm, those were awesome. And so funny. They give me warm fuzzies, those episodes *happy sigh*
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Beware of SPOILERS!!! Man, I need to catch up on Castle ASAP because this looks fantastic!
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Karl Urban is so incredibly sexy... *_* And now we will be having him on our screens every week! *_* I hope this is a hit, I really, really, really hope so!

Also, since I plan to sample at least 5 shows this fall, I decided to delegate a few oldies to DVD. I already did it with Psych (haven't seen any eps from S7) and now it's time for Grimm, Person of Interest and Castle. I have seen 1 ep from Grimm's S2 and it didn't really grip me. With Person of Interest, I haven't even started S2 yet. Not that I'm not interested, my plate's just too full. And Castle... the last ep I saw was 509, if I'm not mistaken. I just can't be bothered to catch up. So, DVDs it will be. Amazon UK usually drops the price to around 12-13Ł within a year after the box set's release.

I mean, I'm up-to-date with exactly 2 shows: Hannibal and NCIS:LA. And I would also like to watch some of the box sets that I own, like Babylon 5, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Enterprise, The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Leverage, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals... I own all these shows in their entirety and I still haven't watched the DVDs, for Christ's sake. Something must be done about that! Not to mention the SCORES of movies on DVD.
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Castle 509 )

I really like what they're doing with Castle and Beckett. They make such a wonderful couple. Just... the little touches, their smiles - it's all so full of warmth, truly wonderful. I think they successfully avoided the Moonlighting curse.

And I'm now all caught up on Castle!

NCIS:LA 408 )

NCIS:LA 409 )

NCIS:LA 410 )

You know what I adore about this show? Callen's non-existent love life. I really adore that Chris O'Donnell outright refused for Callen to be used for romance. It's really refreshing, to have a character that's not being shipped with anybody and that doesn't moan about being single.

And another thing I like about NCIS:LA is that it's one of the few real action shows left. They shoot, they blow up stuff... They are agents, not detectives - as Deeks pointed out. And I love it!

And I'm now all caught up on NCIS:LA!
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505 )

506 )

507 )

508 )

And I'm now all caught up on Castle! Well done me!
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Arrow 103 )

Castle 503 )

Castle 504 )

Merlin 504 )

NCIS:LA 404 )

NCIS 1003 )

NCIS 1004 )

So, now I just need to catch up on Supernatural, Haven and The Mentalist.
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Castle )



To sum it up: Castle was good but we're back to same old, same old way too fast. NCIS was just okay, after such a huge explosion I thought there would be a much, MUCH bigger impact. NCIS:LA had the best premiere of those three, I liked how they weaseled out of Callen's murder charges, too bad it kind of lessened the impact of the S3's finale.

And my once more revised TV schedule:

Hm, I keep dropping shows left and right, it seems...
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The first show I'm done with for the season!

Spoilers! )

Conclusion: I didn't like eps 420 & 421 much, I loved 422 and adored 423. The season finale wasn't as suspenseful and action driven as last year but the ending was much more satisfactory!
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Day 17: Ship you talk(ed) about with people in real life

I talk about all my ships with people in RL, slash included. But to choose one...

Beckett and Castle, Castle

I love these two. I think they are my favorite het crime fighting duo right now and I really hope they get together. Considering they're not cop partners per se, nothing really stands in their way, just their own stubbornness. I just love how very sweet they are together!

Remaining days cut! )
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418 )

419 )
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Castle 417 )

And I'm all caught up on Castle!

NCIS:LA 316&317 )

All caught up now! You know what's lovely on NCIS:LA? This show has awesome female characters. They literally kick ass. I love that Kensi is a better fighter than Deeks and that Nell is more field savvy than Erik - seriously, there's nothing sexier than Nell with a gun, she's such a tiny bundle of awesome! One day, she could become Hetty 2.0!
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414 )

415&416 )

Only one ep to go and I'm all caught up on Castle, go me!


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