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Ralph Waite who played Gibbs' father on NCIS and Booth's grandfather on Bones died, he was 86: link. I remember the last time I saw him on NCIS, he looked really frail and sickly...

I wonder if the shows will write his death in, how they will handle it. And no, it's not callous to think about it. I didn't know the man personally, I only knew him through his work since I prefer not to delve deeper into actors' background. And their work's what I'm focusing on.
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Bones was just renewed for S10: link. There was some talk that S10 might be its last but the article doesn't confirm it, saying only, "it's unclear whether Season 10 will be its last."

I'm very ambivalent about the show these days, to be honest. I stopped watching around... S6, I think. But if S10 should be its last, I think I would make the effort to catch up. Maybe start from the beginning and slowly work through all 10 seasons. As a casual viewer this time, not a fan. Some shows seem better that way.
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11 episodes of Elementary are out, with Nr. 12 coming up tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken. And so I thought it might be time to finally start watching it, now that I can marathon it properly. But first, a few handy rules:

1. I will in no way compare Elementary to Sherlock. Not while watching it nor while reviewing/talking about it. No matter the behind the scenes kerfuffle, these are two separate shows that are in no way connected and I will view them so.

2. I will in no way compare Elementary to ACD's works. This is not a re-imagining nor a re-invention, it's Dick and Jane who just happen to be called Holmes and Watson. I have come to terms with that and if I started poking and prodding at it again, it would destroy my fun and I refuse to do that.

3. I will stay away from any discussion posts or other people's reviews because I have it up here with haters and bashers. On both sides. I realized I had turned into one and I was disappointed with myself. So, never again. I'm sick and tired of people who can't watch and talk about Elementary without dragging Sherlock into it, without bashing the show, hating on Moffat/Gatiss or calling Cumberbatch/Freeman names. I accept that some people don't like Sherlock and it's fine with me. But if said people can't stop spewing venom, they need to re-examine their issues because they have them.

And that's it. Upwards and onwards, to less bashing in fandom!

Also, I think it's time to stop reading spoilers again. I read a few last night regarding White Collar and my mood went from "YAY, IT'S BACK IN 14 DAYS!" to "FOR FUCK'S SAKE, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" in two seconds flat. So, no. Girl, don't do this to yourself. It's time to let the obsession with spoilers and knowing everything nownowNOW go. Try to be more zen, sweetie!

Oh, and Bones was renewed for S9, just FYI. I stopped watching during S6 and since then, nothing made me come back. But to those who still watch it: CONGRATS!
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Day 7: A pairing that disappointed you

Booth & Brennan, Bones

I was a big fan of these two, I really wanted them to become a couple. But then Hart Hanson, the exec of Bones, kept dragging their "courtship period" on and on and ON AND ON! It became ridiculous! First they were just friends, then Booth told Bones he loved her and she rejected him, then Booth found a girlfriend and Bones told him she loved him but this time he rejected her, then the girlfriend left and nobody made the first move and then BAM! They had a child together? For real? No, seriously, FOR REAL? *hands* Talk about a botched job.

Remaining days cut! )
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I know that there are people on my flist who still watch this show, so - Fox renewed Bones for S8: link.

I admit that I lost interest in the show when it became all about lame shipping and the UST and the will-they-won't-they took over completely. It stopped being fun for me and all the obstacles the writers kept throwing in Bones and Booth's way started to make me roll my eyes regularly.

But congrats to people who still watch it!
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As you probably know, the creators of Bones are planning a spin-off, based on the "The Locator" books by Richard Greener. It's only a back-door pilot, sorta like NCIS:LA's Legend I+II was. If it doesn't pan out - and it could, the House spin-off with the PI guy did not happen after all - it'll be just one ep or the characters could become recurring who knows...

BUT! I really, really, REALLY want the spin-off to happen. Why? According to Ausiello, they cast both of the leads already and they are A-awesome: Geoff Stults (Seventh Heaven) and Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile). Please, let the spin-off happen! *crosses everything that can be crossed*
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Bones: The Shallow in the Deep )

I'm dropping Bones from my regular viewing schedule. I guess I will still follow it, watch it in big chunks from time to time. Right now, I'm less than impressed with the show and the only character that holds my interest is Sweets. And that's kinda not enough.

The Mentalist: Ball of Fire )

309 promo

But Psych? Psych was AWESOME! Man, I haven't had so much fun watching this show for eps and eps! Shawn was smart and funny but not ridiculous, Gus was actually worried about him and the episode was CLEVER! Please, dear writers, please! Don't screw it up again. PLEASE!

Psych: Extradiction II )

511 promo

So, my TV schedule now looks like this:

Kinda poor, huh?
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... I'm actually honestly contemplating dropping Hawaii 5-0 and Bones.

H50: The show is going nowhere fast. Steve is not likable enough to carry the show and his sister is downright annoying. Danny's kid and ex-wife don't interest me at all. Kono is mostly window dressing. Chin could be an interesting character but he's mostly just the "tech guy"... When I ffwd through parts of an episode and/or I would be rather watching some old show on DVD, it's time to drop it.

Bones: This season is simply not doing it for me. The addition of Hannah was a bad idea, IMHO, and the series simply lost its charm for me. I mean, I swallowed the very annoying Zack, I handled Angela's sexual harassment of all the men in her vicinity (although it brought me on the verge of dropping the series) and I dealt with the writers' inability to handle long arcs. But now they are artificially dropping barriers between Bones and Booth and enough is enough. It's not just cringe-worthy, it's downright ridiculous.

I would hate to drop Bones in its 6th year but the last time I felt like this, it was with Numb3rs, when it started to be all about who the Eppes brothers were dating, and watching the show became a chore, not a pleasure. Also, right now, if I compared Bones to Castle - another male/female UST procedural - Castle would win by a mile: it's much tighter, with a smaller cast and more humor.

I'll give both shows this week, one more week to convince me to stay. If they fail to do so, I'll delegate both to the "Watch One Day, In a Distant Future" column together with shows like Eureka or Chuck, both of which, though cute, disappointed me.

Bones 601

Sep. 26th, 2010 09:50 pm
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This is pretty funny :P Though I'm not sure about Bones' hair...

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The Witch in the Wardrobe )

The Boy with the Answer )

The Beginning in the End )

All caught up now! And looking forward to S6 in the fall :)

And now? The Mentalist! 7 eps to go!
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And now I'm catching up on Bones.

The Bones on the Blue Line )

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole )

The Death of the Queen Bee )

5 more eps to go!

Bones 514

Feb. 8th, 2010 07:57 pm
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The Devil in the Details )

You know, comparing the product placements on White Collar and Bones, Ford Taurus vs. Toyota, I have to say that I loved the WhiCo scenes better. Neal and Peter bickering about Peter's driving skills was just so funny :P

Bones 513

Feb. 1st, 2010 07:54 pm
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The Dentist in the Ditch )

Ep 514 looks fantastic! Promo!

Bones 512

Jan. 25th, 2010 08:08 pm
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