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Not only was Shadowhunters renewed for S2, but also given 20 (!!!) episode order! 20 episodes, folks! That's 7 more than in S1! And even the official Freeform press release promises us "a lot more Malec!" Link. They really know what their fans are after, LOL! Gosh, gimme all the Malec!

And not only that, but Fox also renewed Lucifer and Rosewood for S2! And NBC renewed Grimm for S6. And Supernatural will have S12! And The Magicians will have S2! Happy happy times!
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Shadowhunters was renewed for S2! We did it! We got a renewal! More Alec and Malec and Jalec and Lightwood family feels and whatnot! \o/

And a fic rec:

"VI" by AllOfTheFanfic | Malec | Magnus moves into a new house and gets a new unexpected roommate. Who knew ghosts could be this cute? | ~7.500 words
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Good news: The Librarians was renewed for S3 by TNT, yay!

Bad news: Cuffs was canceled by BBC... *sigh*
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Blindspot was already renewed for S2. Good for them. It didn't grip me as much as I thought it would, but it might be because of my funk - yes, I'm still in a funk, it settled in like a frog in a pond *sigh* - but I think I'll watch it later on, maybe on DVD. One of the people on my Tumblr dash is really into the main couple and I like what I've seen so far. So there's that.
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Longmire was renewed for S5 by Netflix. Congrats, you Longmire loving people, you! :)

And there will be an Ocean's Eleven spin-off, with Sandra Bullock leading a team of mostly female thieves. George Clooney's producing it and might cameo as Danny Ocean.


Oct. 28th, 2015 09:49 am
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So, Limitless and Life in Pieces - not that I watch the latter - scored a full season pick-up. Blindspot scored six additional scripts. Supergirl is off to a good start with 3.1 demo.

From Dusk Till Dawn was picked up for S3. I still haven't seen S2, so there's that.

On the other hand, the networks cut the episode orders of Blood & Oil, Minority Report, Truth to be Told and The Player. And as someone pointed out, "trimmed" is the new "canceled". The only one I feel sad about is The Player - I still haven't seen an ep, mind you, but it has Philip Winchester in it, he of the Strike Back fame.


Oct. 17th, 2015 01:06 pm
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So, Minority Report's episode order was cut by 3, it'll now have only 10 episodes (which means it's pretty much canceled). Defiance and Rookie Blue were also canceled. Limitless dropped hard with Chicago Fire back on air and Sleepy Hollow dropped below 1.0 demo, which means this is definitely its last season, too.

But at least Rosewood was picked up for a full season. Small favors and silver linings...
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Well, that was quite a surprise, that Syfy renewed both Killjoys and Dark Matter: link. I mean, both shows pulled only 0.2 demo and barely 1 mil. viewers on average. I was sure that Syfy would dump them with these ratings. But apparently not. Huh. Where are the days when they canned shows like SGA or Eureka for pulling "only" 0.5 demo. LOL.

That means, I need to catch up on both shows. I'm 2 eps behind on Killjoys and 9 on Dark Matter. I like both well enough, the former more than the latter, but I wasn't really spellbound by either...
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And I'm now all caught up. Tonight airs the penultimate episode and the season finale next week, then. Luckily, the show was renewed for S2. I mean, I'm not obsessed with it but it's sweet enough, especially the characters of Kirsten, Cameron, Camille and Linus, the way they bicker and banter and fit together... it's simply sweet. I love that Kirsten is basically BBC's Sherlock: an emotionally disconnected no filter genius. And I like how her new friends are slowly pulling her out of her shell, even though they will never manage it entirely because of her condition, but she's adapting. And I love how much Cameron cares about her despite her condition - and how much she's learning to care about him. It's wonderful...

If you like faux science procedurals, give it a try, it's quite funny :)
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Jordan Parrish is fast becoming my favorite person on this show, right after Stiles. The mystery surrounding him, his arc, the CGI of his powers... AMAZING! My pairings are now Stalia and Marrish, both so cute! From the latest episode, I liked the beginning and the end best. Talk about cliffhanger!

SDCC promo for the rest of the season:

Also, TW was renewed for S6 by MTV and Jeff Davis confirmed that the Dylans - O'Brien and Sprayberry - will be back. I heard that the rest of the cast was also confirmed but I haven't come across where yet.
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Penny Dreadful was picked up for a 9 ep season 3: link. I still haven't seen the show - good grief, I have so many series to watch, it's unhealthy! - but it's something to look forward to when I finally get to it. Nice. Very nice!
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I know that some people on my flist watch Ripper Street, so: "Season 3 of the period drama launched on the UK’s Amazon Prime Instant Video in November last year and was streamed more than any other TV show, attracting larger viewing audiences than some major U.S. series. Amazon has now committed to two further seasons for Prime Instant in the UK. Filming is to begin immediately with launch dates still to be set." Source: Deadline (which cannot be linked because LJ is a dick). So, huzzah for you, fans!
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CBS finally announced their pick-ups! They renewed, among others: Criminal Minds, Elementary, Hawaii 5-0, NCIS, NCIS:LA, NCIS:NO, Person of Interest and Scorpion. The rest of the shows can be found here: link.

All these pick-ups make me happy. I was mostly worried about PoI and H50, TBH. I may not watch them regularly, but that doesn't mean I want them to end, especially H50 after the latest twist!
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So many shows canceled! Like Battle Creek, Constantine, Backstrom, Stalker, The Following or even CSI! At the same time, NBC renewed Night Shift and The Mysteries of Laura. Here's a complete list: link.

Out of the new shows, I think I'm mostly looking forward to CW's Legends of Tomorrow: link. And then Minority Report and Lucifer on Fox: link. And also Rush Hour and Limitless on CBS: link.

So far, I've lost only one show I really cared about, Forever. And I might gain 5 more to watch, so... the balance seems okay.
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So, renewed Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD & Castle (yes, Stana Katic is returning!), yet they passed on the AoS spin-off that should've featured Bobbi and Lance. I would've given ALL these shows for that one spin-off. Both Carter and AoS are boring as hell and I'm staying with AoS only out of loyalty for Marvel and my love for Huntingbird *sigh*

Also, ABC canceled Forever. It was pretty much given, still, I'm disappointed. What a wonderful, quirky show...
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♠ 12 possible future Marvel movie plots hidden in Avengers: Age of Ultron: link

♠ Callum Keith Rennie and Paul Gross talk about a possible due South reunion: link

♠ Jennifer Love Hewitt is leaving Criminal Minds (THANK YOU!): link

iZombie was picked up for S2: link

♠ CBS picked up Supergirl for a series: link
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--> The X-Files was picked up for a 6 ep long event series by Fox, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will return: link.

--> Looking was canceled by HBO, a special final ep will be filmed: link.
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Yay, 12 Monkeys was renewed for S2: link. I'm honestly surprised because the ratings have been rather poor so far. But I guess, with the state of Syfy's slate... they didn't have much choice. It was either renewing this or scraping their whole slate - which would be rather embarrassing. Yeah, they are finally trying again but they simply damaged their brand too much and now it's a real uphill fight to get their viewers back. I miss the good old days of SGA...
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Yay! TNT renewed The Librarians for S2: link. Yeah, the show had a slow, boring start but I loved the second half of the season! And I hope that S2 will continue in that vein and that we will get Jake Stone/Cassandra Cillian, too. Because their scenes are the main reason why I watch the show!
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BBC renewed The Musketeers for S3, it will start shooting in the Czech Republic - YAY! - in April this year: link.

Awesome news! But I'm so far behind on the show that I think I'll just get it on DVD later on. Good grief, I have so much stuff to watch on DVD, like you wouldn't believe it. There's a pile in my desk and another pile ON my desk, two boxes in my desk, another two in the closet in the hall (those hold DVDs in paper sleeves, so there's literally scores of them there!) and two full glass showcases in the living room. Plus the ones that I've already watched, two large boxes under my bed! Yes, I'm a squirrel, sue me.


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