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Holy smokes! Dylan O'Brien is so amazing! Just the trailer made my heart race like crazy!
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OMG! I need to see this!
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*dolphin noises* OMG! Still at least five and half months away, but I'm literally making dolphin noises here. Whenever I think this show has let me go, I'm reeled back in like a fish on a hook!
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As someone who liked Star Trek Into Darkness quite a lot, I'm not so sure about this... I think I will have to see a better cut trailer. I'll, of course, go and see it, no doubt about that, but I think the new Independence Day looks better.
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Oooooooooooooh, nice! And both Jeff Goldblum and his "dad" are back for the movie, my favorite characters from movie #1! Nice! Apparently, Will Smith wanted $50 mil. for the 2 sequels AND parts for his brats in them, I'm glad the studio told him to shove it.
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I admit I'm getting slightly fed up with all the superhero franchises these days. It might be becoming a bit too much for me. But this really got my attention, it was so, so cool! Though knowing how the Civil War arc ends in the comic books...
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Oh, oh, oh, Travis Fimmel looks amazing here! He's a VERY pretty man but as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings, they age him up. Here, he looks GORGEOUS... *happy sigh*
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Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz made a movie together! Yup, them of the Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow fame! The Atom and Black Canary! And they seem to play a couple, sorta, kinda, maybe. Interesting! I didn't know anything about it. Thank you, Tumblr!
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This looks actually incredible! Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's yet another remake, whatever! But now that Paul Walker's dead and there won't be any more Dom & Brian F&F goodness, I'm all for this, Utah and Bodie. They seem just as obsessed with each other as Dom and Brian were in the beginning (no wonder since F&F was basically a remake of the original Point Break, just with cars instead of surfers)...
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This looks amazing! James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Scott and directed by Paul McGuigan! It has a very Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes vibe and I love it!
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Looks good, especially the action. I just hope the jokes won't be too juvenile. And I hope it's a huge hit, for Ryan Reynold's sake. He deserves a hit and he's so excited about the movie!
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Wow, just... WOW! This looks amazing. Gimme! Gimme now!
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Not bad. But after Skyfall, I'm not too excited for it. I was one of the few who didn't like Skyfall - all the women needed a brain surgery in it, IMO, and I especially disliked the always smugly grinning Miss Moneypenny - so my expectations are very low. I'm most curious about how the friendship between Bond and Q will develop. But I'm still looking forward to The Man from UNCLE much, much more, TBH.
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IMHO, it looks really good. I know that people are shitting on it because it doesn't have Jason Statham, but I have never seen any of the Statham movies, only a handful of the TV show episodes, so I don't mind - also, I'm a bit fed up with Statham being put on a pedestal, he's a tool, a good actor but a bit of a tool in RL. And I love the family angle in this one. Father&son relationships are up there with brothers for me! \o/
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Looks amazing! I really love it when Chris Pine plays heroes going against all the odds and winning. And the fact that it's based on a true story? Fantastic! And I already like the main 'ship!
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OMG! This is my most anticipated movie of the year! And it looks hilariously amazing! Gimme! *grabby hands*
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I don't care much for biopics but it has Michael Fassbender in it! I don't think he fits the part physically but with his charisma? Definitely. And it's by Danny Boyle. I'm interested in what it will be like.
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Looks good, IMO. Too bad it has Morgan Freeman in it. Good God, I can't stand the guy :(( But Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart make up for him...
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This looks SO GOOD! I was excited about it after seeing the first trailer already but after this? After I have seen both 47 and the girl kick ass TOGETHER?! EEEEEEEEEEE! Gimme! Now I really need to see this.
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This is my most anticipated blockbuster of this summer! I love Guy Ritchie's movies, they are so slashable!


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