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Shadowhunters won't even air until 2016 and I'm already giddy about the show. Tinalia over on Tumblr has been posting spoilers and analyses and it's just so awesome. I especially adore all the stuff that focuses on Alec Lightwood as played by Matthew Daddario, my main draw for the show, TBH.

Like, spoilers ) Oh man, I'm so very, very giddy about the show! I mean, seriously, a CANON gay couple! We haven't had a gay canon couple this hot since Nasir/Agron! Is it 2016 yet?
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This spoiler made me actually look forward to S11! Spoiler cut! ) I hope it's true and that they use it somehow. I always considered it a missed opportunity, that they didn't explore what made the Winchesters so special. Nice!
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There's a wonderful, WONDERFUL article by Digitalspy where Bryan Fuller gave us some tantalizing - and VERY vague - spoilers! Link. My favorite bits were numbers 3, 6 and ESPECIALLY 9! Wow, 9 just blew me over! I now cannot wait for S3! \o/
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Do you hear the dolphin noises I'm making right now? Luke Mitchell AKA John Young from The Tomorrow People AKA the only reason I watched that show is joining Agents of SHIELD as a spoilers! ) OMG! OMG! OMG! Yes! I was so sorry that TTM was canceled but I'm so happy that we will get to see Luke play a similar character on AoS! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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Did you see? Richard Armitage will be in Hannibal's S3, playing spoilers )! Woohoo! Link. Man, that's awesome! I already couldn't wait for S3! Gimme, gimme now!
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I came across these very spoilery Hannibal S3 photos and they are giving me life because that's ALL I WANTED FROM S3! I mean spoilers! ) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Just \o/ This is so awesome! "Only" five more months to go, LOL! Gimme! Gimme now!
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Amanda Abbington talks a tiny bit about Sherlock's Mary Watson in this vid, around 1:20...

Apparently, they will start filming in January, the Xmas special and three episodes again.

What she talks about in the vid... )
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I still need to catch up on this show but I stumbled across this spoiler for S3 and... well, honestly? I'm not sure what to think of it. Right now, I'm glad I'm not fannishly obsessed with this show, that's for sure.

Spoiler cut! )
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According to Eric Balfour's tweet, Emma Lahana AKA Jennifer Mason won't be returning to Haven next season, she asked to be let out of her contract. That means no more Duke/Jennifer :( Bummer, I loved that pairing.

On the other hand, does that mean that my OT3 - Nathan/Audrey/Duke - will stage a big comeback? I hope so. These three and Hardison/Parker/Eliot from Leverage are my favorite OT3! And when Nathan, Audrey and Duke worked together... wow, just wow! Their chemistry was simply perfect!
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So, this is the Echo House promo that we've already seen, right?

But then there's promo #2:

When Stiles tells Scott, spoilers ) - OUCH! Sheesh, can you imagine what that will do to Scott? Stiles is his best friend, closer to him than a brother would be. As Tyler Posey said, for Scott, his relationship with Stiles is the most important one. And now this... OW, OW, OW!

Jeff Davis also said that the season finale got its title - The Divine Move - from a certain tactic in the Go game. As someone on Tumblr posted: Said tactic described... )
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On TW, I pretty much ship anyone with Stiles. Be it Sterek, Sciles, Stydia... And it's great because I don't really care with whom Stiles ends up - in the show and in fics - as long as it's one of these people. And I'm loving what the actors have been saying about their character's relationship with Stiles this season...

Tyler Hoechlin about Derek and Stiles... )

Holland Roden about Lydia and Stiles... )

Also, have a lovely Stiles vid, spoilers for the latest episode:

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Mostly Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden talking about how the characters will deal with the 'Stiles Situation'... )

Well, that was rather long :P I can't stop re-watching the latest episode. I haven't stopped re-watching it the whole day long. Especially this scene:

Cut because its spoilery! )

Both Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien were magnificent in it. My heart breaks every time the scene reaches its end ;_; And yet, I can't stop re-watching it. I'm addicted!
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Spoilers for episode 320 popped up! )

Also, I'm actually considering blacklisting the "Sterek" tag on Tumblr. I'm getting very annoyed with how the Sterek fanatics keep twisting actual canon facts to fit their Sterek theories, their Sterek shaped box, and when their convoluted hypotheses are disproved, it's the writers' fault. No, Stiles is not pining after Derek, no matter what you wish. No, Stiles is not crying himself to sleep thinking about Derek. No, Stiles does not have a special bond with Derek. No, Derek is not the most important person for him. Are we even watching the same show? In S3A, they had like 3 scenes together in 12 episodes. In S3B, spoilers ) That's not an epic romance in the making, no matter what some people see in the show. And though there's absolutely no harm in people's daydreaming - more power to you! - when said people start calling the writers whores and cunts and fuckers and attacking them because their precious Sterek is not happening, that's when it's crossing the line!


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