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Jul. 16th, 2017 02:58 pm
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These last few weeks, I watched some TV shows, too, not just movies. Like NCIS:LA S2 (for Densi) and Covert Affairs S1 (for Auggie Anderson) on DVD, and then Stitchers S1 downloaded (for Camsten). I also started watching Elementary S1 on Netflix, just to have something where I don't care about the fandom or shipping or anything like that at all and that I can fall back on when my current fandom - Shadowhunters - pisses me off, which it's been doing more and more lately.

And now I'm watching Doctor Who S10. Apparently, the new Doctor should be announced today. I'm already dreading it because whoever it'll be, I bet a shit storm of hate will follow because that's how the net's rolling these days. Me? Cynical? Why do you think?

New Girl S1

Oct. 9th, 2016 08:28 pm
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I bought the DVD box set used because they had it REALLY cheap on Amazon UK. A nice enough - and funny enough - series, though I had to skip some scenes that really pushed my secondary embarrassment buttons.

I think my most favorite episode was Injured where Nick had his cancer scare and all the roommates pooled their money together so that he could afford a screening. It was a funny but also a very touching episode. My favorite character is, I think, Schmidt who underwent the most profound development over the season.

I might get the rest of the show on DVD later on, but it's not my top priority right now.
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I finished Killjoys season 1 on DVD. It had a really slow and broad start, it seemed like it would be just another warrant-of-the-week series, but the ending! The ending! The bombing of Old Town really got to me and I actually had tears in my eyes, I don't even know why. Just... the people tried so hard and then Della Seyah Kendry just wiped them out. Jesus. Also, I fell for Alvis Akari. And I hope we do get to see Johnny revisit his brush with the Scarbacks' faith - as their temporary leader told him, you don't get to choose if you are a true believer or not.

I'll be definitely getting S2 on DVD!
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Finished Castle S3. Captain Montgomery's death had me bawling like a little kid. Especially his funeral. That was so well done, the cinematography. Though I'm not looking forward to Captain Gates in S4. I've never liked her, the way she was permanently bitchy. Well, I don't own S4 on DVD yet, so it'll be some time before I get to that.

What to watch next? I think... Falling Skies S1. I really need to make a dent into the piles of unsorted DVD boxes that I have lying around my room. And FS S1 has only 10 episodes. Besides, I really love the family dynamic in it.

Of Shows

Jul. 12th, 2016 03:30 pm
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Lost Girl: 110-113! Done with S1. There was one more episode with Vex and, gosh, he's such a bad, bad man. I really can't wait to see what will change him so much that he will fall for someone as pure as Mark at the end!

Castle: 301-312! You know what always catches me off guard? Those sweet moments between Castle and his mother. They always banter and bicker, but they love each other so much. I adore that he really admires her as a mother and a grandmother, too. He has so much respect for the struggle she went through as a single mom.

Shadowhunters: The cast is slowly trickling back to Toronto, training for the upcoming season! Filming is imminent! YUSS! Gimme!
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Now that Lost Girl ended, I got S1 on DVD and plan on getting the rest, too. I needed to know how the show would end, what the endgame couples would be - I hate shipping something only to be disappointed. And I'm so very, very, VERY happy that my OTP slash couple turned out to be canon. YUSS! Now I can actually follow the character progress of those two guys.

And that's why I loved the episode Vexed so much. Knowing where Vex's character arc ends, it's so shocking to see where it begins, but at the same time, knowing this, no wonder he's then later on so reluctant to start anything with the boy - and why Dyson is so dead set against their relationship.

But the best episode so far was definitely Fae Day. God, the two brothers, the death of the older one... that made me actually cry. What an impact that episode had on me!

9 episode down, 4 still to go in S1. Huzzah!

Bitten S1

Aug. 31st, 2015 09:03 pm
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Hm. I mean... hm. It's kind of boring? I kept with it because a) I own it on DVD and b) I love the main couple, Elena/Clay. But other than that? It's just boring. I'm not sure I'll continue with S2. On the one hand, yay for Elena/Clay, on the other hand, boo for the whole pack war plotline. Also, I don't like this show's depiction of werewolves. Yes, they change into wolves and they're strong but that's it. They're ridiculously easy to kill. And the idea of a pack is 5 people, 2 of them living elsewhere. Eh.
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After the first season of Scarecrow and Mrs King, I decided to watch something wholly different. And thus Bitten it was. I have never read the books on which this show is based, but I really like the characters: Elena, Clay, Nick, Jeremy... But since I'm not emotionally invested in the story - at least not yet - I don't mind all that much when one of the characters does something bad or stupid.

One thing about the show did surprise me, though, and that was the amount of nudity! At least once an ep, Clay has to get all naked and walk around with his bum uncovered while the others roll their eyes because he doesn't have a problem with that, he doesn't see the need to cover himself, having lived many years as a wolf. Quite refreshing - and also quite amusing.

I really like the Clay/Elena pairing, too. My OTP in this show, I would say. I love that she's a woman and smaller than he but she's definitely the dominant one in this pairing. It's unusual and right up my alley!
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Family Jewels... where it's all about romantic love! And Danny never gets a cookie, the poor thing! This was pretty much a harlequin story, very sweet.

The Big Bang... where there's a guy with a bomb in the Montecito. I loved how wonderfully in sync Ed and Danny were in this episode. And the scene where Ed talked to Luis and asked him why he let Danny take on the guy with the bomb and Luis responded, "Because it's Danny!" That's pretty much the show in the nutshell. Everybody loves Danny.

Always Faithful... where Danny is recalled to active duty and is to be deployed within 24 hours. I loved how Ed absolutely refused to deal with Danny being send to war. Everybody else mourned - Mary broke my heart! - but it seemed like he just couldn't deal with it. He really does love Danny like a son. Ed was willing to bend or break every rule in the book just to keep Danny in Las Vegas. And then, when he found out where they were about to send Danny... he almost started crying, he was so afraid of losing him. And Danny and Mary... when Mary told Danny, "I love you, Danny McCoy. I always have and I always will," I actually had tears in my eyes, that was so wonderful...

You know, my favorite thing about this show is the amount of love these characters have for each other. Big Ed and Danny. Danny and ALL the girls, both his ex's and the girls he did not sleep with, at the end of the day, they love each other deeply. At Danny's good-bye party in the season finale, they way all the girls hugged him tight, one by one, and wished him safe return... it was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

And I'm done with S1! I'll probably watch the season finale again because my box set has it with an audio commentary. And then... I wonder what to watch now. So many shows, so little time.
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You Can't Take It with You... where Sean Astin guest stars as a guy who wins a million bucks and Danny plays a marriage councilor. You know, Ed's married but it's always Danny who does his damnest to help people out with their family problems. Like with Ed's mother in this episode.

Nevada State... where there's a murderer after Sam. Ed and Danny to the rescue! Gosh, I love it when these two do dangerous stuff like that together. They're so in sync. It's really strange because it's like Danny has two fathers. He loves his own dad but then there's Ed and in many ways, Ed's closer to Danny than his own father.

Sons and Lovers... where Danny plays a family councilor again, not just to the homeless man but also to Ed. The funny thing? Danny might not be married, he might change girlfriends more often than his socks, yet his advice to Ed was solid: just TALK to your wife. Ed has been married for 30 years but that prospect is still foreign to him. And yeah, Danny has many ex's but he's friends with all of them. Imagine that.

The Strange Life of Bob... where Christian Kane guest stars as an amnesiac killer. I really couldn't believe that Bob turned out to be a murderer after all! That never happens on TV shows. Took me completely by surprise. Loved Danny and Delinda working together as a good cop/bad cop duo!
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The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas... where there's full moon, a power outage and a dead body at the Montecito. The whole search for the murderer was pretty hilarious but I loved the scene in the elevator best. Gosh, Danny and Mary love each other so much - too much to be a couple, I think, which is the beauty and the tragedy of their relationship.

Things that Go Jump in the Night... where Danny saves a man who tries to commit suicide. There isn't much I remember from this episode, it was kinda boring - except for the scene on the roof where Danny saved the guy, that was great. But besides that? Well, Paris Hilton guest-starred...

Die Fast, Die Furious... where Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself and gets himself killed (not really). I didn't like that Danny made such a fool of himself. I did like that he tried to help his old Marine buddy, that was sweet of him. But I also liked that he didn't take any BS from him.

New Orleans... where Ed, Danny and Sam go to New Orleans to find a missing client. AFAIK, this was a planted pilot that didn't take, featuring Dennis Hopper. I liked AJ and the way she completely threw Danny off, kept him unbalanced and always guessing.
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Year of the Tiger... where Danny saves a Chinese businessman's life and is beaten up by ex-Triads. I think my favorite parts were those where Ed poked fun at Danny for being all bruised and bloodied - but then gripped his arm to make sure he wouldn't fall - and where Mary saw his face and gently touched it, that was wonderful. I really love Danny's relationship with Mary. Also, when Delinda told Ed that she knew he wanted her to marry Danny one day and he absolutely denied it! LOL!

Decks and Violence... where Ed wipes the floor off with a loan shark and Danny gets shot when said loan shark mistakes him for Ed. Ouch! The last scene in the hospital was really sweet. I love the family vibe all the friends have going. Also, nice handling of Josh Duhamel's RL injury by the writers!

Blood and Sand... an obligatory boxing episode. Eh. But I liked the scenes with Danny and his dad. And that Ed tried to give Danny more time to spend with his father. I think Ed still felt guilty for almost getting Danny killed, even though Danny never blamed him.

Hellraisers and Heartbreakers... where Alec Baldwin guest stars as Ed's old CIA buddy. Though my favorite bits were those with Danny and Sam. That Danny refused to take advantage of her when she was drunk and then the scene at the end, with them just lying on a blanket, watching the stars. That was wonderful.
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Born in Las Vegas... where Danny sleeps with Delinda, Big Ed's daughter, without realizing who she is. Big Ed threatens Danny with a fork. Mayhem ensues. The best part of this episode was the reveal that everybody in-the-know knows Danny and really likes him so that basically everybody is always willing to help him out. Also, loved the bit where Delinda's mother told Big Ed that she knew he wasn't angry because Danny slept with Delinda but because he hoarded Danny for himself, his protege, his surrogate son, and he was afraid that Delinda would take Danny away from him. That was lovely.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas... where Danny and Mary's old high school friend is found murdered and Danny goes on a warpath to find his killers, despite Big Ed's attempts to dissuade him from it. Luckily, the local cops like Danny just as much as everybody else and give him a pass, even when they probably shouldn't. Loved that Big Ed actually called Delinda to comfort Danny when he was so distraught over his friend's death.

Donny, We Hardly Knew Ye... where Delinda breaks up with Danny and Danny has to play the bait in a stolen car deal. I loved the scene where Danny admitted to Big Ed that Delinda dumped him. And Big Ed finally revealed to him the reason for why he didn't want Danny dating Delinda: not because he wanted to protect Delinda, but because he was afraid she would hurt Danny - as much as Ed loves his daughter, he's the first to admit that she's a flighty air-head.

Jokers and Fools... where Big Ed asks Nessa to lure out a gambling gang - and he doesn't tell Danny. You could see how hurt Danny was when he realized that Big Ed played him. Danny's whole speech about "If I were less secure in my relationship with you, I would think you didn't trust me" was said as a joke but you could see that he actually meant it.

Yes, Josh Duhamel is pretty as a picture and the reason for why I got this show on DVD. I also really love his character's, Danny's, relationship with Big Ed. It's sweet.

Eureka S2

May. 28th, 2015 09:56 pm
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Finished Eureka S2 on DVD. It started so promising, what with the conflict between Henry and Carter, then it devolved into such a convoluted mess with the artifact and Kevin and Allison and Stark's secrets...

I didn't give a flying banana about Kevin, to be honest. And the fact that Allison and Nathan almost killed dozens of people, actually killed some of them with their agenda, because they kept quiet about what they were doing - and there were absolutely no consequences... Dear God! Allison had absolutely no place at the head of Global Dynamics! She wasn't thinking straight, she wasn't objective at all! She put the life of her son above everyone in the company, in the town. And though it's understandable for a mother, it's NOT understandable for a person responsible for thousands of people!

And then the introduction of Zane, as obnoxious guy as I've ever seen! Because, of course, Jo couldn't be with Taggart - this pairing would've been hilarious, interesting and original! - they had to give her a Pretty Boy Marty Stu. For real?!

And Henry and Carter's conflict, the fact that Henry deleted Carter's memory... again, not consequences. Wow.

As I said, the season started so well and the episodic plots were interesting and funny, but the arcs... I was so disappointed. And bored!
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I finally opened my complete series box set. It only took me... 5 years? LOL!

You know what I love most about the show? The intimacy between Mulder and Scully. By episode 3, they were touching so warmly, a hand or arm grip here, a shoulder touch there, a face caress... Wonderful, truly wonderful. I know that today, the trend is to portray partners as endlessly bickering - but I miss this! Yes, Mulder and Scully poke fun at each other, but it's gentle, not hurtful. And they always have each other's back, they don't doubt each other. And even though Scully is a non-believer, she respects that Mulder does believe in anything and everything paranormal or ET - and all her research and doubting attitude, she does that to protect Mulder from himself and especially from others who would love to destroy him.

One thing I do find frustrating, though - that every time they have their proof in sight, it's snatched away. Once or twice, fine. But continuously? It's frustrating.
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For a long time, I've felt this craving to watch/re-watch Criminal Minds. So, I finally splurged and bought S1 on DVD. And now I finished the box set! And I love it as much as I did 10 years ago - I only watched the first two seasons back then.

My favorite character is Reid, closely followed by Morgan. And my favorite thing about the show is Reid and Morgan's friendship. Reid is like a little brother to Morgan, so Morgan is very protective of him. He also likes to tease Reid, but gently, not in a mocking way. Another thing I love about the show is the closeness, the intimacy among the team members. You can feel it, they're a unit. And it's wonderful.

Two things I don't like about the show? Gideon and Elle. I admire both of their devotion to helping victims, but I don't like them as people, especially Gideon. He's a very unlikable guy. But maybe it's simply me not liking Mandy Patinkin, that's also possible. So, I'm actually really looking forward to seeing them both gone from the show in the upcoming seasons.

I wonder what to watch next. Catch up on current shows or watch Hannibal on DVD? Or maybe The X-Files? Or Stargate? Bah, humbug!

Castle S1

Apr. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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I spent the last few evenings watching Castle S1. Suddenly got this weird craving. Maybe because I read one of the books in J.D. Robb's "In Death" series right before and Eve and Roarke remind me terribly of Beckett and Castle.

And, good gosh, I totally forgot just how much I adore the show. And especially the early episodes, where Castle and his daughter are still besties and Beckett keeps resisting Castle's charm, those were awesome. And so funny. They give me warm fuzzies, those episodes *happy sigh*
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My favorite parts are definitely the scenes with Peter and Walter. Mostly, Peter's all exasperated and frustrated, but sometimes, there's this look of soft affection on his face, like he finally found the father he has been missing for 20 years and he's so happy about it.

When I first watched the series, I think the most shocking S1 twist for me was the last scene with Water, the one in the graveyard, when we see what's written on the headstone of the grave he's visiting. That completely boggled my mind back then. Just... wow! What an unexpected twist!

One thing I don't like much is Olivia's attitude towards Broyles. I think that sometimes she forgets that he IS her superior and she owes him respect. The way she always barges into his office, making demands? That wouldn't fly with me, let me tell you. If Broyles were an unreasonable egotist, fine. But he's usually very accommodating and open to suggestions and I think that Olivia's abusing that a bit, his leniency.

Also, I think that Nina Sharp is pretty cool!
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I got this sudden craving to watch Fringe again. Olivia and Peter and Walter. I love the relationship between Olivia and Peter, and between Peter and Walter. Both push my buttons like whoa.

You see, I love it when the woman is the "muscle", the one with the gun, kicking ass, and the guy is the "brain", strong in his own right but not the "action" part of the couple. I love this dynamic in a ship. It gives me the feeling that it's the woman who holds the power in her hand. It feels like their relationship is more equal that way. Because when the guy is the brain, he's still not helpless when it comes to a brawl - when the woman is the brain, she's usually frail or even fragile, a flower that needs protecting. And I kinda hate that. But Peter, even though he has an IQ of 190, still knows how to hold a gun, even though he's usually not the one waving it around. That's Olivia's job and he doesn't try to take it away from her or play her part. And I love that.

And Peter and Walter... when you know what's coming, what Walter did and what he caused... Wow, just... wow. His love for his son rivals Sam and Dean's co-dependency. Yeah, Peter doesn't always appreciate it - actually, most of the time - but those scenes where Peter and Walter make each other smile, they are simply precious. That bit where Walter drugged Peter and Peter called him "daddy" under influence, the way it stopped Walter cold - heartbreaking, considering Peter always calls Walter "Walter" and not "dad".

So yeah, the perfect show to scratch my "I WANT SCI-FI!" itch. Wonderful!
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I finished Acapulco HEAT S1! Tommy's hands down my favorite character, that's why I loved eps that focused on him, more or less, like the one that took place in Israel where Tommy posed as a martial arts trainer. Or the one where he, Cat, Marcos and Chrissy were stranded on a deserted island, that was lovely.

Funny thing, we got to know more about him than about anyone else on the team, Mike and Ashley, the leaders, included. I mean, we know that his great-grandfather was a Pocomoke Indian and that it was he who taught Tommy martial arts, that Tommy went to martial arts tournaments as a teen, that his parents sent him to a survival training when he was 16, that he went to university in Hongkong, that he studied astrology, that he's a practicing zen Buddhist and that he knows a lot about mind control.

I also loved all the scenes Tommy had with Cat. Either the actors were amazing at their craft or they enjoyed those scenes immensely, too. It wasn't just the dialogues, which were scripted, it was their reactions, their body language. They poked and prodded each other, making faces at each other... It was so lovely, like when Tommy grabbed Cat's hands and started pulling her way and she pouted and dragged her feet, being all, "I don't wanna!" It was really cute :)


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