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Decided to watch Sherlock from the beginning again. I think my sudden desire was caused by these pictures from the set of 303 that appeared today: link.

I've seen many haters complaining about how Sherlock treated Donovan, that it was misogynist. No, it wasn't. Considering that she kept calling him a freak to his face, in front of his colleague, the fact that he pointed out she was sleeping with Anderson was small potatoes. I didn't see anything misogynist or sexist about that. All I saw was him calling her out on her hypocrisy: she was sleeping with her married colleague while trying to play the moral high-ground card. What's the saying about stones and glass houses?

What I really loved were the many, many scenes in which John totally flabbergasted Sherlock. Like when Sherlock thought that John was making a move on him - I have never seen Sherlock so flustered, LOL! Or when he demanded John to be more imaginative about his dying thoughts and John told him that he didn't need to use imagination because it really happened to him - you could see that, for a second or two, Sherlock was completely speechless. Or when John figured out that Sherlock was a drug user - John's disbelief and Sherlock's imploring look! Or when Sherlock realized that John killed for him. For the very first time, Sherlock showed real concern for another human being. This, this is why I love the show so much!

Another sweet thing? The relationship between Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson. They love each other so much and it's so incredibly sweet...

I also suddenly felt like listening to this podfic again, "One in Ten Thousand" by blind_author, read by themusecalliope, a gen story in which John has a rare medical condition that actually saved his life in the past...
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"The Blog of Eugenia Watson, September" by madlori, read by lunchee | Sherlock/John | AU | I like to think of this not so much as a blog but as the first draft of my inevitably best-selling memoirs. My Life In an Unconventional Family. | 2hr. 17min.

These are all Genie's September entries compiled into one big file. You can download them as a whole or go here - [personal profile] eugeniawatson - and listen to them individually. Awesome stuff!
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Peeps, you need to check this out: "The Blog of Eugenia V. Watson, Ninja Warrior". It's [personal profile] lunchee role playing Genie, John Watson's daughter. Lunchee will be reading and posting a series of blog entries (written by madlori) in "real time" - as in she will post them on the days listed in the original blog entries. How awesome is that? Go, check it out! The first entry is already in!
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"Shadows on the Wall" by arasigyrn, read by lunchee | AU | Sherlock/John | John came back from Afghanistan psychic. | 2hrs. 18min.

Halfway down the street, he stops; just a split second before the gun comes to rest against the back of his neck. He looks up at the smirking, horribly familiar figure in front of him. All around them, the CCTV cameras are dark and dead. John breathes out, even and calm.

"Hello, Jim."

Loved the fic and rec'd it some time ago and this podfic is simply AMAZING! Lunchee put so much work into it! Awesome.
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"Leave the Signs and the Sirens" by out_there, read by podlizzie | Post TGG | Sherlock/John | After John's released and back home at Baker St, Sherlock still feels it. Down the centre of his chest there's an ache like a healing wound. A physical awareness of a body he usually ignores as much as he can. It's psychosomatic, nothing more interesting than that. | 2hr. 35min.

The denim under Sherlock's cheek is warm and soft, and smells like John's detergent. Sherlock lets his eyes close again. John's fingers keep stroking his hair, a loose, careless motion that makes Sherlock wonder how long John's been doing it. It's a habitual gesture of John's: John tends to run his fingers along the armrest of the armchair when he's reading a paper; the fingers of his left hand will trace nonsense patterns on his knee while he's watching telly. John touches mindlessly, carelessly, without conscious thought. Sherlock's observed it many times. He has a few theories on why, the most likely cause is a self-soothing mechanism developed when young, the touch of familiar textures as a way of reducing anxiety. Or it might be a developed gesture since John's return, a cover of regular movement to hide shaking hands.

Whatever the cause, the sensation is rather… nice, Sherlock decides.

I already rec'd this one as a fic some time ago, now I'm rec'ing it as a podfic. It's a really, really good and interesting story in which Sherlock deals with PTSD.
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"The Inexactitude of Loss" by phantomjam, read by cath | Sherlock/John | Post-Reichenbach | John, Thompson, and the therapeutic method: limping towards normality. | 1hr. 43min.

Any minute now they’ll say their goodbyes and she’ll be off. Their paths might cross again, they might not. This meeting feels like something more than coincidence. It feels orchestrated: part of a plan, a tying up of loose ends. John’s been having this feeling for a while, like all the possible avenues of his life are closing down, one by one, funnelling him onto this single, inevitable path.

At this rate it might end up tying him out of existence, out of all feeling. A little parcel, neatly tied: here lies John Watson; doctor, accomplice, friend. Labelled and boxed like all that is left of Sherlock Holmes, tidied away at the bottom of John’s wardrobe.

If you want to have a good cry, listen to this podfic, wonderfully read by cath. John's grief is a character of its own in this fic, so palpable it hurts. And the music cath chose, Rob Dougan's Clubbed to Death, fits it perfectly. The last few moments made me literally burst into tears.
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"Not Dying Today" by Morgan_Stuart, read by lunchee | Gen | The first (and only) time John saw Sherlock and Anderson work well as a team without complaint, they were performing CPR on Lestrade. | 20 mins.

After thirty compressions, a panting Anderson sank back on his haunches, making room for Sherlock to crouch forward. With something surprisingly like tenderness, Sherlock tilted Lestrade’s head backward and lifted his chin forward before sealing his mouth over the detective inspector’s. Sherlock gave a long breath, checked Lestrade’s chest, and then repeated the maneuver.

Sherlock’s hand lingered on Lestrade’s silvering hair even after he leaned back to allow Anderson to continue.

Everybody is awesome in this fic! And it made me want to watch... something... with Rupert Graves in it. The man is so pretty... *happy sigh*
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"Upon This Throne" by ifonlynotnever, read by lunchee | John/Sherlock | Inside his mind is a Palace. Inside the Palace are many rooms. Within the largest room is the Throne. Upon the Throne sits the King. | 15min.

John's Mind Palace room is bright and dark at the same time. The ceiling is decorated with glow-in-the-dark solar system decals against a black abyss of nightmare ramblings. His morals are tacked up on a cork bulletin board side-by-side photographs of a Browning and the bullet hole in the shoulder of a not-very-nice cabbie. His facial expressions are hung up between his jumpers and his favourite swear words.

It's a cosy room, really, and sometimes Sherlock can even bring himself to sleep between the Army-canvas bedsheets, his head on a soft pillow of complaints and praises.

What a lovely podfic! Sweet and... creepy like whoa! The description of Sherlock's queens... sheesh!
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"Sleep Is a Place" by mad_maudlin, read by cellardoorpodfic | Gen or pre-slash | Sherlock hasn't slept in four days. | 16min.

John snuffles as you slide under the blanket with him, dressing gown and all, then snaps awake. "What? Sherlock? What the hell--?"

"Shhhhh." It's a single phoneme, pure sibilance, and in the still of the room it seems like it will never end, like all the air will rush out of you with it, all the dancing motes of thought. It's a terrible idea and you are too tired enough to mind it. John's mattress is entirely too firm.

"Sherlock, it's three o'clock in the bloody morning. What's the matter?"


This podfic is like a lullaby. The reader almost convinced me that I was terribly sleepy too. The way she read it, so softly...
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I've been a bit quieter than usual these days. Why? I was enthralled by this podfic:

"The Progress of Sherlock Holmes" by ivyblossom, read by cellardoorpodfic | John/Sherlock, John/Mary | Sherlock is head over heels for John, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. | 7+hr.

Frown. Can’t help it. Concerned. Why does the limp come back? Thought I’d cured that. Shocked it out of his system. His mind is tenacious and stubborn. Wants to punish John, somehow. Make him suffer. “I see.”

What a lovely fic! So many details! The explanation for why Mary called John "James" in one of Doyle's stories. And the boys very much in love yet unable to actually do something about it. Lovely...
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"Duvet (Green)" by mazarin221b, read by cellardoorpodfic | Sherlock/John | Sherlock needs to defragement, so he restructures his Mind Palace to look like 221b. What he puts in John's room is a surprise, even for him. | 19min.

Lying in bed he blinks at the ceiling, feeling the lingering warmth of John’s hand against this skin.

Reset reference

Victor Trevor (delete)






Up 23 steps

Duvet (green)

Sherlock doesn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Lovely! I love the description of how Sherlock builds his Mind Palace...
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And another oldie but goodie!

"Shift" by messageredacted, read by fayjay | John/Sara (background) | Code breaking and serial killers. | 1hr. 10min.

John is staring up at him, his eyes wide, his face pale. His lips move. “You’ve been shot,” John mouths.

It’s the stupidest thing the man has ever said. Sherlock yanks off his dressing gown and balls it up, pressing it against John’s wound.

“Tell me what to do,” he says to John desperately. “Tell me what to do.”

Basically? Don't piss off Sherlock by going after John. Bad things happen.
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Another oldie but goodie!

"Sonata Form" by cj_ludd18, read by fayjay | Gen | Mycroft Holmes has always revolved his life around that of his little brother, whether he wishes to do so or not. | 56min.

The quiet is even worse than the screaming.

Mycroft calmly takes a sip of his coffee and checks the time.

He is never going to be forgiven for this.

He tells himself he doesn’t really mind.

This must be one of the best Mycroft centric fic I've come across in this fandom, hands down.
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I decided to go through some of the old podfics that I downloaded months/years ago and saved because they were so, so good! And these days, there's a dire dearth of podfics in fandoms I follow, like Sherlock, XMFC or ST: Reboot *pouts*

"Let You Kiss Me" by out_there, read by fayjay | Sherlock/John | The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. | 1hr. 3min.

John still feels like he's missing something but he can put most of it together. It's nuts. Absolutely barking mad. Then again, this is Sherlock. "You kissed me to stop me getting married, having children and moving to the countryside?"

Gosh, I miss fayjay AKA [personal profile] pandarus' podfics. What an amazing reader. It's all kinds of tragic that she stopped reading fics, especially the Sherlock ones *unhappy sigh*
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The whole thing with gender-bending Watson in Elementary made me want to listen to my most favorite gender-bending fic EVER!

"Five Times Sherlock's Gender Didn't Matter (And One Time It Did)" by blind_author, read by themusecalliope | John/Sherlock | AU | Female!Sherlock is constantly surprised by John Watson. | 20min.

She's aware she resents typical gender roles most of the time, but she's perfectly willing to use stereotypes when they benefit her.

“It's perfectly true, given that it's my 'time of the month', to use the colloquialism-”

“It is?”

Sherlock pauses. “I thought you were aware – I'm told I become more irritable.”

John snorts. “Sherlock, you're irritable all the time.”

I love it! Love it, love it, love it! I would love to watch a SH series or any series at all, to be perfectly honest, featuring characters like these! I'm usually not fond of gender-bending fics, but this is just... \o/ This podfic makes me so, so happy!
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"Everything Is Chess" by earlgreytea68, read by themusecalliope | Gen | In which Sherlock asks Mycroft for a favor. | 11 min.

The only times I have ever wished for a manual have involved Sherlock. Sherlock is the only thing I have ever looked at--in my entire life, on this entire planet--and not known immediately how to win. Which I suppose is somewhat acceptable, as I suspect I fulfill the same role for him, and somehow, through the mutual unease we provoke in each other, we have reached an uneasy detente. Still. When my mother taught me everything is chess, Mycroft, I wish I knew whether she was including Sherlock in the "everything."

Lovely! So, so lovely. It's a whole series, mostly set after 203. This part - the first one and hopefully, not the last one that themusecalliope will read! - is told from Mycroft's POV and it reveals so much about his relationship with Sherlock! Go, listen to it! It's fantastic!
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"Backup Copies" by etothepii, read by lunchy | John/Sherlock | When John dies, Sherlock doesn't know what to do. But Mycroft does. A Dollhouse Xover. | 1hr. 45min.

"I'll find you," Sherlock promises. "I'll find you and I'll kill him and I'll bring you home. I promise."

John laughs on the other line, and it is the worst sound Sherlock has ever heard, because there's no hope in it. It's empty and bleak and defeated. "Maybe. But if you don't, I just wanted to let you know -- I love you. Okay? Did you hear me, Sherlock? It's okay if you don't find me, it's not your fault, and I love you."

It's such a creepy story. Yet I had tears in my eyes during the Sherlock parts. His feelings... ;_;
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"One in Ten Thousand" by blind_author, read by themusecalliope | Sherlock/John | John seems to have unusual mobility for a shoulder wound... Set after TGG. | ~12min.

The bullet wound wasn’t in John’s shoulder. It was in his chest. Two inches below his collarbone, one half-inch to the left of his sternum. Whoever had shot at John had been aiming to kill, because the little scar was perfectly aligned with John’s heart.

This is FANTASTIC! What a marvelous idea. And when you listen to the podfic, choose the version with the sound effects. The heart-thumping is amazing!
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"The Whore Of Babylon Was A Perfectly Nice Girl" by out-there, read by aethel | Sherlock/John | Sherlock walks into a room and takes all the space right out of it. He does the same inside John's head. | 3hr. 36min.

"Over four hundred?" John hears himself say in a really discomforting, high-pitched whine. It's not that Sherlock's horribly disfigured, or doesn't know how to dress his stick-insect figure to best advantage, but still. John had been imagining about a tenth of that. Maybe. "You've slept with over four hundred people? I'm amazed your genitals are still attached."

I'm smitten with this fic/podfic! It's mostly about sex - not them actually having sex but rather talking about it - about their different takes on it. Sherlock is his mad self, John is bewildered and Mycroft meddles as is his usual MO. Fantastic!
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"Everything A Bit Broken" by thingsbaker, read by crinklysolution | Sherlock/John | Non-con | Sherlock's been assaulted; is this part of Moriarty's plan? Or is it something worse? | 2hr. 19min.

There was nothing else to say. This situation had no solution, at least not a fast one. The men had been caught; they would be punished; and John knew, already, that wouldn’t matter. The damage they’d done, the vulnerability they’d made Sherlock realize, was something a prison wouldn’t protect against. It would make every investigation now more difficult for them both.

A sad, yet lovely podfic about Sherlock dealing - or not dealing - with being the victim for once and having a completely natural reaction to being assaulted.


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