Jun. 8th, 2016 03:09 pm
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Woohoo! I broke 100k words on my series of Shadowhunters ficlets on AO3: All Things Shadowhunters. Boy! I can't believe I actually managed that. 100k words, folks! Of mostly Alec Lightwood centric ficlets! I haven't felt this inspired to write since my Gundam Wing days!
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I liked episodes 106 and 107, they had interesting storylines for FitzSimmons. And then episode 112. Finally something actually intriguing about Skye. And a great set-up with Quinn and that "frosty" genius. I hope we get to see him again and that his connection to Fitz will be explored a bit more. I also like the May and Coulson combo, they are good partners. But I'm a bit disappointed that the writers are going down the terribly predictable Skyward way. Oh well... As long as I get my FitzSimmons, I'm happy.

These days, I'm either a) watching AoS or b) browsing Tumblr or c) writing a Sciles centric TW fic. Seriously. It's multi-chaptered and it's actually getting pretty good responses: "Consequences". I guess there's a dire dearth of Alpha/Omega Sciles fics...
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Amazing, amazing vid! I got goosebumps the first time I watched it and every time since then. Fantastic!

If you are wondering what I've been doing lately, mostly reblogging Teen Wolf stuff on Tumblr - sheesh, I'm still so incredibly obsessed with the show! - and writing TW drabbles. Lotsa, lotsa drabbles. Gosh, I haven't been this inspired to write since my early days in the White Collar fandom! I'm loving it!


Apr. 4th, 2014 11:59 pm
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I wrote 5 Teen Wolf ficlets in 5 days. What the heck...? Not that I'm complaining but... sheesh, what's going on? I haven't felt this inspired by anything since my Gundam Wing days! It's amazing! I LOVE IT!
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I commited a drabble. Go me! )

Should you read it and find a mistake, let me know, it's unbeta'd!
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A gen Smallville story in which Clark isn't an alien, just a simple boy adopted by a lovely couple. At the beginning, Clark's a high school dropout, working on his GED. He dropped out after his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, died of a heart attack. Clark and his mom can't really manage the farm alone but the land was Jonathan's pride and joy, so they do what they can.

Lex doesn't hit Clark with the car but he does crash it and Clark does save him. Lex gives Clark a new car as a thank-you and Clark accepts it because it's a new car! And pride be damned when you need a car to run a farm with little to no funds. Lex is impressed by Clark because Clark didn't grovel or try to milk Lex's favor. So he decides to invest into the Kent farm - they accept. Clark and Lex become friends, much to Lionel's disapproval - you don't befriend people who basically work for you.

But then Rachel Dunleavy comes to Smallville, claiming Clark's her son - hers and Lionel's. And it proves to be true. Lex is delighted, Clark's confused, Martha's scared, Lionel's intrigued and Rachel's vengeful. She wants to take Clark away from Martha - and milk Lionel for support money. She goes too far though and lands herself in prison.

In the middle of the "war" between Lionel and Rachel - and Lionel and Martha - Clark gets so upset/confused/lost and exhausted by everybody's demands that he forgets to replace the break fluid in Martha's old car as she asked him to and she dies in an accident. Clark has a breakdown and Lex takes him in, making it clear to Lionel that he is not welcome.

Clark and Lex become as tight as ever. Lex helps Clark get his GED and rent out the farm. Clark becomes Lex's confidant. They ally against Lionel. Lionel tries to lure Clark away, offering him a piece of Luthor Corp as a "gift" to get into Clark's good graces. Clark asks for Cadmus lab, a local company, which Lionel is happy to give him - he considers it worthless. But Clark and Lex have a plan - they give all their shares in Cadmus to Sir Hardwick who really wants the lab, not knowing it's worthless, and in exchange he gives them his shares in Luthor Corp. With that, Lex becomes the majority shareholder of Luthor Corp, ousting Lionel.

Lex becomes the head of Luthor Corp, expanding the company. He takes over Sir Hardwick's corporation and turns Luthor Corp into Lex Corp. He and Clark move together to Metropolis. Clark becomes Lex's right hand. They keep the fact that they're brothers to themselves but Lois Lane is determined to uncover their clandestine affair - much to their amusement. It's them against the world and sky's the limit.

So, there you have it. This is the fic I'll never write. And as you can see, I have it broken down to minute details since it's been stuck in my head for the last... 5 or more years. I love to poke at it in my head, usually in bed when I'm about to fall asleep. That's when I add a bit here, a bit there from time to time.

I love the fic - even in its unwritten form :)
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I committed a fic. A Fortysomething gen fic dealing with sexual harassment, non-graphic. Would some kind, English speaking soul be willing to look over the grammar and spelling? I would very much appreciate it. It's ~2.200 words.
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Despite Charles' protests, Erik does manage to subdue and mostly eradicate humans and build an almost exclusive mutant society. He's oh so proud of it and doesn't understand Charles' sadness. But Charles knows better by now, he knows that Erik's utopia won't last. And he's right. Soon, mutants with physical abilities start rallying against those with mental powers, telepaths, empaths and the like, saying they fear them, what they could do. They demand them singled out and clearly identified so that everybody can see of whom to be wary. Erik's horrified, insisting that they are all mutants, after all - but the protesters point out that he was among the first who distrusted telepaths, even his closest friend, showing it clearly by putting on his helmet and they are just following his example. Erik tries to stop this madness but it gets out of hand fast and soon, telepaths are being hunted down and experimented on to find a way to block their abilities, with Charles on the top of the list as the most famous and strongest telepath of all. With their roles reversed, Erik now tries to help telepaths hide in a society bent on destroying them, basically proving that it doesn't matter if it's a human or a mutant, their natures are the same, and that you can't build a society on usurping the rights of a certain group within it.

So yeah, pretty bleak, huh? But, IMHO, very, very real. I think that in the movie, Charles and Erik were both arrogant and naive. I see people talk about how Charles was wrong when he thought he knew better - but so was Erik, who was equally naive thinking that an all-mutant society could be just, a society of equals.
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OMG, peeps, I just fic'd! As in, I actually wrote a fanfic. Of 1.000 words. For [livejournal.com profile] 1stclass_kink, the X-Men: First Class fic meme. Even though I haven't actually seen the movie yet (illegal copies from the net don't count, so hush!). Because I love the Erik/Charles pairing so much. And I posted it there. Anonymously, of course. And unbeta'd. Yowza! I can't remember the last time I actually wrote a fanfic. That's... mind-blowing XD


Aug. 6th, 2010 08:17 pm
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Done with my WhiCo BB! I just sent it to my beta. Man, the editing took me longer than the writing itself, go figure. So glad to be all done with my assignments, it's strangely uplifting.

Also, Jeff Eastin posted a script page from the upcoming WhiCo episode here and it made me all excited for the ep! Wednesday morning, can it be Wednesday morning already? *bounces*

WhiCo BB

Aug. 6th, 2010 09:41 am
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Tonight, I have to finish editing my WhiCo BB so that I can send it to my beta - and once it's beta-ed, to the lovely artist who agreed to make a header for it.

In my BB, there's an OMC who plays a big, no, a huge role. When I first started working on the fic, I had a specific idea of what he looked like. If I should choose an actor who would play Joshua Raintree, this would be he...

Boris Kodjoe

Joshua knows exactly who he is and what he wants and his guidance is exactly what Neal needs in this fic. Peter's... well, let's just say more reluctant. And yes, the only pairing in this fic is Peter/Elizabeth and it's implied only. Neal and Joshua, Peter and Neal? All gen, believe it or not. Not that the possibility of a relationship isn't discussed, of course.
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I'm finally done with [livejournal.com profile] ncisla_exchange! Written, corrected and posted to AO3! I'm DONE, peeps! One fic down, one to go - WhiCo Big Bang, here I come! *cracks knuckles*
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I finished my fic for [livejournal.com profile] ncisla_exchange! *prostrates herself* I finally squished 1.500 words out of my reluctant muse! I wonder how long the story will be after I take my scalpel of doom to it and finish editing it. But at least the rough draft is done!
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... On so many things!

* I just finished book #62 - but I should be reading at least book #74 right now if I want to fulfill my "144 in 2010" challenge!
* I want to re-watch WhiCo S1 before S2 starts - and that's next week already! \o/
* I wanted to see the whole S2 of Leverage before S3 started - you see how successful I was...
* Next week, the first draft of WhiCo's Big Bang is due - and I'm still only 1/5 through with editing!
* I need to start writing my NCIS:LA Exchange story - but I don't feel inspired at all, I started twice already but had to scrap both drafts :(
* I want to catch up on Smallville before S10 starts on Sept. 24 - and I'm only one season in, 8 seasons to go!
* And then there's Fringe...

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... a Smallville AU story. About? Clark isn't an alien or a meteor freak, he doesn't have any powers. He's just a normal teenage boy. His father just died, so he had to drop out of high school to help his mom with the farm. He's planning to get a GED, but he just doesn't have the time or energy for it now. He and Lex meet the same way - Lex almost hits him with a car, but manages to swerve and Clark jumps out of the way. Clark dives in the river to pull him out. They become friends. Clark refuses Lex's presents - like the car - but when the farm goes almost under and Lex offers help, Clark and Martha agree - they're proud, but not stupid. Then this woman appears, claiming that Clark's her and Lionel's son - and DNA tests confirm it. When Lionel gets custody of Clark - more out of spite than any desire to have another son - Lex steps in and forces his father to leave Clark in Smallville, at the castle where he can be close to his adoptive mother...

This idea popped up in my head and I just can't get rid of it.
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The authors of the remixed stories were revealed today. Afiawri remixed my story "Worth Every Cent" and turned it into "One Man's Month is Another's Lifetime" and she did a great job! She wrote the whole story from Fowler's POV. If you like the remix, leave her feedback.

I'll post my remix later tonight. But, to be honest, this whole thing made me a bit... I don't know. It's not as joyful experience as I hoped. Why? Well, first, my remixee didn't even bother to leave feedback. Second, thanks to some glitch in the system, afiawri's story doesn't have the obligatory "for katikat" behind the author - and despite me asking if it would be fixed, nothing happened so far.

I know that these are tiny things, but... add one to the other and they kinda dim my pleasure. I don't think I'll be joining another remix any time soon.


May. 9th, 2010 06:19 pm
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I ordered Chris Owen's gay book "Deviations: Submission". Why? Well, as you probably know, my WhiCo Big Bang story deals with D/s and it's mostly told from the sub's POV. The thing is, it's not about sex. Seriously. There's no sex in the story, like, at all. So, it deals with what it's like for a sub to give himself over to a dom. I did a lot of research for the story - for example, did you know that the safest zones for whipping are the buttocks or the upper back whereas with upper thighs you need to very careful and the lower back is out of question completely? - but I wanted to read a real, published, thoroughly researched but still plotty book and this one was recommended to me. My GR friends all love it. Hm...
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I have this crazy idea for a WhiCo AU fic. A "what if" story...

Peter investigates a robbery. Someone broke into the house of a wealthy businessman, stole everything that was of value and killed the man. Their only clue is a business card for a high price escort service. Peter and his team follow the lead and meet June, the classy madam who owns the escort service - it's all legit, her boys and girls are only their clients' companions, no sex involved; well, what happens AFTER the business hours are over, that's up to the escort, of course. June's reluctant to give Peter the name of the man who accompanied the deceased businessman, but once she finds out that the escort might be in danger, she takes them to her house where the young man lives. And imagine Peter's shock when he realizes that it's Neal Caffrey, the man he arrested more than four years ago!

This wouldn't be a "I'm a poor little misunderstood thing, I had to turn to prostitution to survive!" story. Neal would do it because he would be really good at it, at entertaining people, at making them feel like they were special - and if the evening ended in bed, the better and more enjoyable for both sides. Hm, am I nuts?

Of fics

May. 1st, 2010 12:07 am
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a) I posted my remix_redux WhiCo fic! Go me! Fics will be revealed on May 16! I wonder who got assigned me...

b) I wrote ~1.300 words long WhiCo fic, just one scene really, that's been bugging me for ages. I was really cranky the whole evening long - until I sat down and wrote the fic and got the angst out of my system! Art therapy :P I wonder if tomorrow when I re-read it, I won't find it too... OOC. Hm.

c) I need to start editing my Big Bang!
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* I just joined [livejournal.com profile] ncisla_exchange. Well, it'll be either fun or horrible *shrugs* I'm willing to write gen or Sam/G (Gibbs/G) slash, but that's it.

* I'm now the proud owner of Fringe S1 on DVD. The box is really purty, I must say.

* OMG, I'm so tired I could weep. But at least our apple trees are now pruned.


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