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As someone who liked Star Trek Into Darkness quite a lot, I'm not so sure about this... I think I will have to see a better cut trailer. I'll, of course, go and see it, no doubt about that, but I think the new Independence Day looks better.
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Kingsman's Sophia Boutella was cast as the female lead in Star Trek 3: link. No details about her part but I think she'll play the villain. NICE! She's amazing! ♥_♥
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I used to be a huge Star Wars fan back in the day. Luke and the Force and the wonderful Jedi Knights... Man, those were good times! But the more I hear about the new SW movie, the less I want to see it and the more annoyed/aggravated/irrate/whatever I feel.

Like, seriously? Spoilers I found all over the net, mostly me bitching about it something fierce! )

FUCK. IT. I think that soon, the day will come we will be all sorry that Lucas let go of this franchise and we will gladly remember the good old days of Revenge of the Sith.
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Great movie, I don't care what people say. And I still maintain that Benedict Cumberbatch was the best part of it. He was fantastic. He exuded so much menace, it was really, really scary! My favorite scene in the whole movie was the Khan vs. the Klingons fight. Wow, just WOW! I watched it like ten times in a row \o/

Regarding the character of Kirk, you can see that he really needed to grow up. He got the Enterprise at the end of the first movie, because a) the fleet was basically decimated and b) it was a PR stunt - he was the hero who saved Earth, after all. But Pike was right, he really wasn't up to it yet, he needed to grow up first. He was a good man who risked everything for his friends, but he wasn't mature enough yet. Throughout this movie, you could see him weighing his options more than once: what would the old me do vs. what would the wisest course of action be. Together with Pike he lost his training wheels.

The funniest thing? McCoy's awful flirting with Carol Marcus. LOL!

Also, whoever was responsible for the Czech dub should be fired on spot. Benedict's dub sounds like a castrate, so high-pitched. Terrible!
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=> Star Trek #3 got new writers because Paramount is pushing for a 2016 release, for the 50th ST anniversary: link. I hope we get it by 2016 - the 4 year break between #1 and #2 didn't help the franchise at all - at the same time I hope it won't be too rushed. Oh well...

=> The sequel to The Avengers will be called The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Whedon promised us a bigger part for Hawkeye: link. I honestly don't get the Hawkeye complaints in the first movie. I thought he was great and I loved his interaction with Natasha, her worry for him helped me connect with these two non-super-powered characters. So, yeah...

=> Charlie Hunnam got a part in Tripple Nine, a cop flick where his co-stars should be Cate Blanchett and Christopher Waltz: link. Good for him!
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There will be a 6 issue long comic book series based on Benedict Cumberbatch's STID character: link. Spoilers cut to spare those poor souls who haven't seen the movie yet! ) Isn't it awesome?!
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This weekend, Star Trek Into Darkness topped Star Trek 2009 at the box office! It has now earned $412 mil. worldwide with several markets still to open! ST2009 earned $386 mil. throughout its whole run! Also, ST2009 was 67% to 33% US vs. world. STID is 51% to 49%! $45 mil. less in the US but whole $80 mil. more in the world! It just shows that these days, the world's where the big bucks are to be found.
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Re-watched ST 2009 again. Wonderful, truly wonderful. I love JJ Abrams' style - it is the man who brought us Fringe, after all!

My favorite bits?

* The sequence that starts with McCoy bringing Kirk on board of the Enterprise. HILARIOUS and epic at the same time. Kirk's allergic reaction. McCoy's pursuit of him! And then Kirk being all smart and getting Pike to sound Red Alert and raise the shields which saved everybody's life.

* Kirk and Old!Spock meeting Scotty! Again, so cool and HILARIOUS! Simon Pegg's always funny but here he outdid himself!

I can't wait to get my hands on the new movie and watch Benedict do his thing again. He's breathtaking there *_*
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DeForest Kelley vs. Karl Urban as Star Trek's Leonard 'Bones' McCoy! What a perfect choice, wasn't it?

I also got my hands on the Star Trek Into Darkness novel by Alan Dean Foster and so far, I'm loving it. The snark between Kirk and Bones while they run through the red forest is hilarious!

And you know what? Since the 2009 movie, when I read the ST:TOS tie-ins - very good books, BTW - I see the present actors in the roles, not the old ones. Because, as wonderful and intriguing as the old show was - and it really was the best ST - the acting was atrocious, especially William Shatner's. Chris Pine is so much better!
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My reaction? Benedict, BENEDICT, BENEDICT, BENEDICT, BENEDICT!!! OH MY GOD, HE NAILED IT! Purrfection pure. Gosh... Whenever he was on-screen, I looked pretty much like this: ♥_____♥

Jim, I'm a doctor, not a ...! )

I would give it 9/10. Loved it! And I want to see it again next week, if possible! \o/
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There's a wonderful, wonderful interview with Zachary Quinto for the OUT magazine in which he talks about Chris Pine. And only about him. About Chris' house and the color of his eyes and it's WONDERFUL, did I mention that already?

What kind of a friend is Chris? What does he mean to you?

He is fiercely intelligent. He is endlessly curious about himself and the world around him. He is really compassionate. He is really reliable. Authentic. Loyal. Enormously talented. I have been very lucky to work with people by and large whom I would love to spend time with outside of work. The cast of Star Trek—and Chris in particular—really rank at the top of that list, because we all experienced something so profound and transformed as a result of that together. And to watch what Chris has done with that has really inspired me. I’m grateful to be his friend.


Aww... Just, aww... I just adore their friendship!
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Man, he's so, so gorgeous! I honestly don't get how anyone can consider him ugly.
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The Lost co-creator first saw Benedict Cumberbatch on the first season of the British TV show Sherlock — which stars the English actor as a quirky, antisocial yet exceedingly brilliant modern-day version of the detective — and recommended his buddy, Star Trek director J.J. Abrams, take a look at Cumberbatch to play the villain of his sequel.

"When he came to meet us in L.A. for the first time, they had shot the second season, and I begged him for a DVD," Lindelof says. "He gave it to me and said that if I lost it he would have to kill me, at which point I fell deeply in love with him."


While most of Cumberbatch's roles tend to be dunked in gravitas, Abrams appreciated the balance of his self-deprecating humor off-camera and that seriousness on.

"When someone's going to be playing a role in a movie like Star Trek, you need actors who are going to commit to this as if they're doing the most grounded true-story drama," the director says. "You can't have people going into this in the campy, silly way. You have to really sell it because if you don't, the audience will feel there is a disingenuous, by-the-numbers approach. And Benedict every day brought a respect to the character and the audience."


There's also a wonderful small sneak peek at a scene from the movie on said site. If you want to watch it without the ad, you can see it here. Yes, it's spoilery, but gosh, his VOICE, HIS VOICE!!!
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This made me seriously LOL! And it's the reason why I want to see the movie subbed, not dubbed!

When Benedict Cumberbatch speaks, industrial bass units developed in partnership with Nasa and the US defence department rumble into life at the back of the auditorium, shaking the foundations of the cinema. The destruction of starships and the levelling of cities sound insignificant in comparison with his stentorian tones.

Long, lingering close-ups of his penetrating, ice-blue eyes also help to hammer home from the start that this is a man to be reckoned with...

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Much larger version available here!

And if you want to gorge yourself on spoilers, you can find them here: link. I wanted to know two things: The fate of John Harrison and Bones' screen-time. You know, everything I've read so far makes me want to see the movie nownowNOW! And I still have a month to go! A MONTH! Ah, the despair...
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*ROTF* PEEPS, I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW! My most anticipated movie of this summer!
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So, everybody and their uncle is praising Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness. Like, reviewers are literally swooning, calling his casting an "inspiring choice" etc. So, it was only logical that Damon Lindelof was asked if Benedict would/could be back in the next movie. And this was his answer:

“To answer that question would be to determine whether or not he actually survives this movie, but if he survives this movie, I think that we would be incredibly stupid to not use him again.”


Interesting, isn't it? I have no idea what happens to his character, if he survives or not. I tried to stay as unspoiled as possible while still surfing the net. But I won't lie, I would love to see Benedict in another Star Trek movie. From the trailers alone, his presence is mind-blowing *_*
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Over the years, Pine and Quinto’s off-screen friendship has helped them establish an on-screen rapport — the two met before they were cast in “Star Trek,” at an event writer-producer Norman Lear organized to showcase his copy of the Declaration of Independence.

“I remember feeling, as I got to know Chris more, so impressed by his intelligence, which isn’t always the case with such a traditional leading man,” Quinto said. “I remember being pleasantly, not surprised, but …”

“You thought I was just a dumb blond,” Pine interrupted.


LOL, Chris! Bless him. Yes, I'm a Kirk/Bones shipper but it seems like those fics, the really good ones, are pretty much tapped out these days. I guess I might give a try to Kirk/Spock in the end after all... I think the actors make me love their characters even more :)


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