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"softly spoken magic spells" by mia_zeklos | parabatai | "Jocelyn had mentioned how ancient the tracking method’s supposed to be – old enough to be less precise than anything they use today, but it still doesn’t prepare him for how violent it is; how quickly it pulls him under before he gets the chance to stop it." | ~2.000 words
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"Thirteen" by HollowIsTheWorld | Parabatai | Thirteen was a rough year for Alec Lightwood, but it wasn't all bad. | 2700 words

Alec tried not to hate Jace for it. It wasn’t Jace’s fault he was such a good Shadowhunter. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Alec wasn’t. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Izzy looked up to him, tried to copy his every move in training. It wasn’t Jace’s fault that Maryse and Robert seemed to like their new son more than their old one.
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"Good For You" by calculatingthestars & kingoriginal | Jalec | Jace and Alec train. Things happen. | ~2.000 words

Holy smokes! It's one of the hottest PWPs that I've ever read. Jesus!
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"The Red String of Fate" by Someone_aka_Me | Malec | In a world where everyone is born with a red thread on his hand, tying him to his soulmate, Magnus Bane is born with a closed loop. He waits a long time to find the other end. | ~5.300 words
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"Signs and Soulmarks" by Someone_aka_Me | Malec | Alec has never spoken a word. He can't. In a world where soulmates are connected by Soulmarks that show the first words the other will say to them, he wonders what this means for his soulmate. | 2.680 words
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"The Heart of Light" by saraubs | Malec | Alec, a wounded soldier, moves back to New York to heal and get over his love for his squad mate, Jace. While there, he meets Magnus Bane, the promiscuous and seemingly callous eyes and ears of the city. Will the two be able to heal each other? | ~53.000 words
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"Where Thou Diest Will I Die" by Scarpaw | Malec, Jalec | ...and there will I be buried: The Angel do so to me, and more also. - Parabatai Oath. What happens to the other half of the parabatai bond when one dies? Alec's side of the Battle of Brocelind Plain, after Jace was stabbed. | 2.015 words

Ha! I haven't been here for a whole week! No, I didn't suddenly cease to exist, I'm just over on Tumblr full time now, reblogging Shadowhunters stuff or writing short ficlets - I've written 116 of them already, over 47.000 words total! I have never felt so inspired... ♥_♥
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"Come Closer" by hazelNuts | Malec | AU | Alec and Magnus in college, forced to share a bed! | 1.650 words
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Shadowhunters was renewed for S2! We did it! We got a renewal! More Alec and Malec and Jalec and Lightwood family feels and whatnot! \o/

And a fic rec:

"VI" by AllOfTheFanfic | Malec | Magnus moves into a new house and gets a new unexpected roommate. Who knew ghosts could be this cute? | ~7.500 words
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"The Magnus and Alec Club" by RaeRambles | Malec | AU | Magnus and Alec are friends. Alec is in love with Magnus. Magnus is oblivious...and in need of a fake boyfriend. (Or the one where Alec pretends to be Magnus' boyfriend because he doesn't know how to say no) | ~4.300 words
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"Let's Play a Game" by juxtapoise | Malec | Magnus and Alec decide to play a drinking game as a test of their knowledge of each other. It starts off trivial, until Magnus decides to ask the questions he's been wondering all along. | ~1.900
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"In Love and War..." by allofthefanfic | Malec | Alec finds himself stuck in the middle of a war between his best friend and his college crush. | ~1.500 words (?)

Just a bit of sweet, AU fluff. Does the soul a world of good...
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"I May Not Be Your Cup of Tea..." by WinterSky101 | Malec | An alternate version of Magnus's party in City of Bones in which Simon does not get turned into a rat, and thus Magnus and Alec have some more (albeit drunken) time to get to know each other. | ~4.100 words
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"A Nothing-Matters-Because-You-Love-Me Day" by SilverySparks | Malec | "My dad asked me if there was a cure for homosexuality," Alec said quietly. Magnus looked up, the last trace of amusement leaving his face as his hands tightened around Alec's. | ~1.100 words

Sometimes, you just want a little bit of angst and Magnus being an awesome boyfriend.
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"What Shadowhunters Do" by SilverySparks | Jace & Alec | 12-year-old Jace asks Alec to be his parabatai... Here's how and why. | ~2.000 words

Oh gosh, I love the parabatai bond so much! It's too bad that there aren't more fics like this one...
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"Harder Things To Say" by Diabolus_Invictus | Malec | Following the events of 'City of Heavenly Fire', Alec returns to Magnus's apartment for the first time to figure out how this is going to work in the aftermath of... well, everything. | ~4.500 words

Ah, nice! Very nice! Just the right amount of angst and fluff.
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"Out of Character" by Cumberbatch Critter | Malec | Magnus has a dream. One of those dreams. When he comes to, all he can focus on is getting to Alec. | ~2.700 words

Ah, I just adore it when Magnus is being all panicky about Alec's safety!
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"Marred Beauty" by Cumberbatch Critter | Malec | Alec has scars. He thinks that they're not important. Magnus calls them battle scars. | ~1.400

Not what I expected when I read the synopsis. Quite a touching story, though.
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"A Splash of Color" by irie_eerie | Malec | Alec always felt invisible, an outsider watching from the sidelines. Then he meets Magnus, a street painter who lives his dream in a world of color. | ~8.700 words

A really nice AU. A touch of angst, Magnus being his amazing self... Nice!
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"Needed" by blushingkurt | Malec | Alec Lightwood had always been independent. But then he met Magnus Bane. | ~2.600 words

You know, just a little h/c for a bedtime story... :)


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