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"Killdeer" by auburn | Coda to "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" | John/Rodney | AU, Xover with SG-1 | Jack O'Neill doesn't know what to make of the pirates allied with Atlantis. Shouldn't everyone be happier to see him? | ~5.700 words

McKay strode in, cocked his fist, and slugged Jack hard enough he'd have hit the deck with his ass if Mitchell hadn't caught him.

"Ow," Jack mumbled and rubbed at his jaw. He supposed he deserved that, at least in McKay's eyes.

"You sonovabitch," McKay told him.

"Nice to see you too."

I just can't get enough of auburn's Mer and Jehan. They are so awesome. And her Vala Mal Doran is simply rocking it!
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"The Mute Shepherd" by Auburn. John/Rodney, Rodney/Keller, Keller/Mitchell, other pairings implied. Summary: John's never been able to ask for what he wants, but sometimes silence itself is the sin. Length: ~34.000 words.

"Well, Colonel? Get back to work," he said while scowling at John.

"Yes, sir," John replied. He came to attention and saluted, which just made O'Neill roll his eyes, though he casually returned the salute.

"Now I've got to find another damn aide," he grumbled as he walked away.

This fic is really great. Set after EatG, it tells the story of how Atlantis returned to the Pegasus galaxy, though it mostly focuses on John. I love these fics, stories that describe how the city and the crew returned home in rich detail...
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"office space and other tools of the villainous plot" by refracting. John/Rodney slash. Summary: AU. Rodney's a billionaire. John's his bodyguard. Length: ~1800 words.

“You know,” he calls through the very expensive mahogany paneling, “I can’t actually do my job unless we’re in the same room.”

Short, cute and funny. Very feel!good!
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"Volcano" by shrift. McKay/Sheppard slash, Radek/Elizabeth het implied. Summary: An SGA AU based upon the movie Volcano, in which John is into disaster management and Rodney is into geophysics. Length: 8.800 words.

Sheppard grimaced. Ash was collecting in his crazy sticky-uppy hair. "Think we can channel it?"

"What? No! Are you insane? I already asked you that. It would be impossi--"

"With concrete," Sheppard said, motioning with his hands. "Direct the flow."

Rodney snapped his fingers and pointed at Sheppard. "It'll never work. Let's try it."

The action is crazily fast paced in this one! And I love that everybody is in it: Ford is a demolition expert, Ronon is a cop, Sam is a Fire Chief, Teyla is the Mayor...
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"The Sky Is Not Less Blue" by sazz27. Rodney/Katie implied. Summary: A disastrous mission tears the team apart, and for John and Rodney, nothing will ever be the same again. Set in late Season 3, so beware of spoilers. Gone AU for John's backstory now that season 4's Outcast has aired. Length: 84.000 words.

I really liked McKay's determination in this fic. He simply steamrolled everybody - John included!
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"Converging" by Purna. McShep slash. Summary: John saves a man from drowning and takes the long way home. Length: 27.000 words.

"Oh, my god, you've got a brain," McKay blurted.

What I really like about this fic is that both John and Rodney are essentially broken but still not OOC. And I admit that I have a weakness for fics that begin in a different way than the series but end up in the same place.
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SLASH --> McShep, AU: "The John-Farr 'Verse" by various authors. Summary: Because of the Goua'ulds' gene tinkering, the people from Earth go through mating cycles. John and Rodney click - but Rodney is a Universal Receiver which complicates things a lot. Length: series.

John pursed his lips unhappily, thinking. He automatically pulled Rodney closer, running his hands idly up and down his back. He did feel better--a lot better. He realized he hadn't even really known how bad he felt until he didn't anymore. He wasn't much surprised that he and Rodney were naked, though he didn't know how they ended up in infirmary beds. The last coherent memory he had was seeing Rodney again, and the desperate, clawing need that went with it, like there was no way he could ever get close enough.

This series plays heavily with dub-con so if that's not your thing, don't read. But I just love the 'verse these writers built. The terms and dynamics and relationships, it's quite addictive. I spent the whole evening reading it!
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SLASH --> McShep, AU: "The Hotline Series" by nixa_jane. Summary: They kept running these corny little phone sex infomercials that had seemed really pathetic and funny at one o'clock, and somehow had morphed into 'good idea' by three. Length: three stories.

Every time he learned about some odd job John had taken at some point, he would write it down on a list. So far, he'd learned about John's career in modeling, bartending, a brief two day stint as an accountant (before he got bored), a helicopter pilot flying tours over the Grand Canyon, voice acting as Steve the Penguin on Saturday morning cartoons and various radio commercials, and, of course, that one time he was a sex telemarketer.

Yes, I love AU McShep romances very much, thanks for asking! ;)
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Had to read it, it's set after Echoes after all!

SLASH --> McShep: "Rodney McKay and the Crazed Gay Yenta" by chelle and The Grrrl. Summary: Zelenka is convinced that John's flirting with Rodney. Rodney disagrees and decides to prove him wrong. Length: ~10.000 words.

With a sigh, Rodney pushed back in his chair and stared down at Radek. "What are you, some kind of crazed, gay yenta?"

"There was chest puffing." Radek sat up and puffed out his chest in imitation of Sheppard. "He's worse than a pigeon. Ever see their courtship display? They strut with their chest feathers all puffed up, much like the Colonel."

Whenever Zelenka starts going about pigeons, I have to chuckle!
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SLASH --> McShep: "Scenes From a Practically-Marriage" by zinnith. Summary: Rodney never really expected them to have less sex these days. Length: ~5300 words.

John raises an eyebrow, clearly wondering if Rodney has gone crazy. As a matter of fact, Rodney is beginning to wonder if Rodney has gone crazy. He knew he shouldn't have listened to Teyla and he makes a mental note to build TJ some extremely noisy toys as revenge.

What a great fic! I mean, with quotes like the aforementioned or "John is a warm pliant mass of drowsy Colonel", how could it be not great? I just love fics where John and Rodney are older and their relationship changes but it still remains the same old, same old. A real feel!good fic!
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SLASH --> McShep: "Promise" by velocitygrass. Summary: They are your friends and I don't think that will ever change, but sometimes friends are drawn apart by circumstances and then there is a difference between friendship and marriage, because marriage means that you're promising to go through life together. Length: 4128 words.

"Would you marry me?" Rodney asked.

To his credit, John didn't choke. He just stopped eating and looked at Rodney as if he'd grown a third eye. Rodney couldn't blame him. Neither of them spoke for a while until John said, "Okay, I'll bite. Is this therapy through role play? Or are you trying to get back at Jeannie?"

This fic is... Well, that's exactly how I saw the McKeller ship. It's not bashing Jennifer, just showing that she and Rodney are two completely different people from two completely different worlds with completely different needs...
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SLASH --> McShep, AU: "Ventura Highway" by telesilla. Summary: A series of snapshots from a life in which Rodney teaches at California State University Channel Islands and John owns "Boards, Boards and More Boards" a surf/snow/skate shop in Ventura, CA. Length: series.

"I'm going to take your computers away from you for a week," John says. Rodney looks terrified and, with his hair all tufted from where he's been running his hands through it in despair, a little like a rumpled, freaked out chipmunk.

Lotsa love for this series. John and Rodney simply... fit! A very feel!good series with barely any angst but a lot of love and fun :)
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Re-reading some old goodies...

SLASH --> McShep, AU: "With Bones Like That" by torakowalski. Summary: An ancient device turns Rodney into a woman (temporarily), so he calls his old school friend John to ask if he could stay with John for a few of days. Length: 8.000+ words.

Dinner was good but Rodney stopped him when John went to pay for them both.

"I have a purse now," Rodney told him seriously. "I can beat you to death with it. This was my idea; I'm paying."

John held up his hands peaceably. "Sure thing, Rodney. I'm all for gender equality."

He got hit with the purse.

*g* This is such a funny but at the same time very touching story. You just feel John's loneliness and the way he ~likes~ Rodney, bone deep and with all his heart.
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SLASH --> McShep: "The Crooked Path" by faceofthecathy. Set after Atlantis. John's been discharged for medical reasons some time ago and now, Rodney comes to visit him at John's brother's house. Length: 15.000 words.

"Oh God, another English Major."

"That's right, Rodney, it's a plot to keep you constantly annoyed. English Majors behind every bush."

It's so happy and schmoopy and it just makes me go all \o/
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SLASH --> McShep: "War Stories" by busaikko. Summary: AU: Rodney's in the Canadian Air Force. He likes cats. John's an aerospace engineer. He wants kids. There is no Atlantis, but there is sushi, Captain Underpants, the end of the world, and the flagrant misuse of alien technology. Length: 8.500 words + a missing scene "How to Win a War".

Their original plan is to rent a car and. . . go somewhere. Take the Trans-Canada as far as they could, retrace the last tour of Hard Core Logo, find the hand of Franklin, whatever. The real Canadian experience, John says, despite the fact that his work with the US Air Force has him spending so much time in Moose Jaw that he has to show Rodney around. The plan is revised, very early on, to stay in Rodney's apartment and have as much sex as possible. Rodney thinks this is a good plan. John's as scruffy as he remembers, except that the long hair has been hacked short and tends to stick up as if semaphoring for help. Rodney's always liked round-faced, blue-eyed blonds, male or female. This sudden lust for someone who's completely opposite to his type he finds baffling. He blames it on the chocolate.

The fic is so incredibly funny and cute and touching and it just makes you go all "Aww..." I almost forgot how much I loved John and Rodney's bickering!
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SLASH --> McShep: "Push/Pull" by Jane Elliot. Summary: Homeless!John AU. The very day Rodney quits at the SGC, he manages to run over a homeless vet with Issues. Push is chock full of angst, Pull is chock full of fluff. Length: 64.000 words.

What a great story. Slightly OOC on John's part but considering what he went through, it's no wonder. And I just love how they fumble their way through sex, all the false starts and rather unsuccessfull attempts X)
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[livejournal.com profile] tinx_r rec'ed it in her LJ!

SLASH --> McShep: "Four Times John and Rodney Furthered the Evolution of Mankind, and One Time They Just Changed History" by lavvyan. Words: ~1500.

Hilarity pure! And crack! And some awesome quotes:

~ "Hi, I'm Sheptron. Wanna fuse?"

~ Sheppardopteryx thought Meredistrodon was the best thing since the invention of flight. Meredistrodon in turn thought that Sheppardopteryx wasn't entirely stupid, which for him was practically the same sentiment.

~ Female go be blonde somewhere else. On keep Ro for himself.

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SLASH --> McShep: "suddenly at last" by yin_again. Summary: Rodney's a genius, you know - that means he can figure stuff out. Eventually. Words: 4.000+.

A romance with some incredibly witty parts, like:

And that's how John wound up with his wheelchair parked in a huge drydock, watching the intergalactic odd couple of Rodney and Ronon de-mothball a small part of the Atlantis Armada.

I love yin's stories!
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SLASH --> McShep: "Betrayal" by Yin. Humor pure, set after EatG. Words: ~1000.

This part made laugh and giggle:

Rodney to John: “Just tell me what you folded, bent, spindled, or mutilated and I’ll fix it and only mock you about it for a couple of weeks, promise.”

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SLASH --> McShep: "Absolute Corruption" by Cypher. Summary: AU to SG-1's episode Absolute Power; Dr. Jackson gives John to Rodney. I love courageous Rodney! Words: ~19.200.


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