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Dec. 3rd, 2015 10:37 pm
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Today, I was going through an Internet shop's web, choosing what DVD to buy, what movies I would like to show to my mom over Christmas. And, price aside, I realized that, out of all the movies that I have seen in the cinema this year so far, there's only one movie that I really, really, really wanted her to see: San Andreas.

This movie totally caught me by surprise. I went in with little to no expectation and I came out loving it. It's the one movie I keep thinking about, ever since. Not only does it feature Dwayne Johnson who makes everything better - and yes, my mom's a big fan, too - but it also stars Alexandra Daddario and I have a huge weakness for her. Her character in the film is simply amazing. And I cannot wait to show it to my mom.

Oh, there is one other movie I want my mom to see: Transporter: Refueled. Gosh, I loved the film. But it's not out on DVD yet, won't be for almost another three weeks, it's coming out on the 19th here.

Other than that, I was mostly disappointed by the films I've seen in the cinema so far, mostly by Age of Ultron, Spectre and The Last Witch Hunter. Only San Andreas and Transporter: Refueled really got my heart pumping and made me fall for the characters, mostly because of the family angle...
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This is my new TV schedule (I took White Collar out because there's only one episode left, next week's). I decided to slash it severely because I just can't keep up with over 20 shows! Some I dropped entirely - Stalker, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham among others - some I moved to the "I'll watch it on DVD later on because, as much as I love it, dude, I JUST CAN'T WATCH EVERYTHING LIVE!" category, namely Castle, NCIS:LA, Supernatural, Person of Interest, Arrow and Grimm. With most of them, I'm over a season behind anyway and if I want to keep up with at least some of the series AND watch my DVDs, I need to prioritize. And since I'm buying or planning to buy the shows on DVD anyway, well. That means I won't be DDL'ing the shows anymore, which should free some space on my HDDs, both external and internal. Those TBs are filling up fast O.o

Also, I ordered S9 of Smallville on DVD! Used and for Ł7.12 only, incl. shipping. I just suddenly got the craving to watch Clark and Lois and their shenanigans and Tom Welling and Erica Durance are the best, they're MY Clark and Lois!

And to catch up on some old shows cluttering my HDD, I started watching Pushing Daisies. I'm a few eps in but... I don't get the hoopla. We will see how it goes.


Apr. 12th, 2014 11:50 pm
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I decided to give a friend of mine Dredd for her B-day on DVD and to balance out the shipping costs, I went on a DVD splurge and bought...

Beautiful Creatures
Odd Thomas
The Host
Warm Bodies
What's Your Number

2 of those movies solely because of Chris Evans. Now just to find the time - and energy - to actually watch them. I've been so tired every evening this last week or so...
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After seeing Justin Hartley on Revenge, I got this sudden craving to watch Smallville again. And him as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Gosh, he was awesome as Olli, wasn't he?

I own seasons 1-4 on DVD. S5-7 are better left alone even though they feature some awesome Lois and Oliver stuff. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back and watch them again. I just can't with the Clark/Lana/Lex crap, no way, no how. But S8-10 are incredible again because the show managed to totally reinvent itself after Lana and Lex left. It became much darker, it stopped being an after-school especial every other episode, and the mythology was mind-blowing. And Clark and Oliver's friendship... *_* It made me very, very happy. Just like Clark and Lois' ship! Because SV's Lois is my ultimate Lois!

Which means, I need to get S8-10 on DVD. Not owning S5-7 will literally pain me - yes, I'm obsessive-compulsive! - but... Maybe one day? And I will skip everything Lex and Lana related? But for now, I need S8-10! Clark! Oliver! Lois! Chloe! \o/
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I went shopping today - and don't even ask how much money I spent in Tesco, sheesh on a pogo stick! But I did buy some things of an entertaining value...

Princess Bride - which I might already own but... I'm not sure
So You Want To Be A Pirate - a short animated film
The A-Team - again, because the first DVD I bought had glitches
The Darkest Hour - sci-fi and cheap, so...

Rosemary Sutcliff's "The Silver Branch" and "The Lantern Bearers" - sequels to "The Eagle of the Ninth"
Henri Brunel's "Oceán v kapce rosy" or "Les plus beaux contes zen" - short zen stories

Because, you know, I have nothing to watch and nothing to read *snorts*
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I decided to delegated even more shows to DVD and not watch them live. I kind of fell in love with the whole DVD experience. Sure, I won't be up-to-date with stuff that way but, honestly? LJ/DW is dead as a doornail anyway and I feel like the fandom I used to love fell apart when people up and moved to Tumblr. Tumblr, it's all pictures and metas and political correctness and I miss the good old days when people just squeed together and had fun. Remember Gundam Wing? Or The Sentinel? The first season of Supernatural? I guess I'm getting old because this "new" fandom really isn't for me.

So, delegated to DVD: Castle, Elementary, NCIS, NCIS:LA, The Following and The Mentalist. Possibly even Arrow, that will depend on how the first few eps go.

Out of the old shows, I plan to watch "live": Haven, Supernatural and White Collar this fall.

New shows I plan to sample: Almost Human, Intelligence, Ironside, SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist and The Tomorrow People. Though I suspect that many of them will flop and others I will sample and then delegate to DVD anyway.

To catch up on DVD: Covert Affairs, Doctor Who, Fringe, Grimm, Hawaii 5-0, Leverage, Person of Interest, Psych and Warehouse 13, those are all shows that I still need to get.

And then there are the many, many, MANY series I actually own on DVD, like: Enterprise, Star Trek: TOS, Stargate SG-1, Starsky and Hutch, The Highlander and The X-Files... and many more.

I need a plan. I'm anal like that, sue me.
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Re-watched ST 2009 again. Wonderful, truly wonderful. I love JJ Abrams' style - it is the man who brought us Fringe, after all!

My favorite bits?

* The sequence that starts with McCoy bringing Kirk on board of the Enterprise. HILARIOUS and epic at the same time. Kirk's allergic reaction. McCoy's pursuit of him! And then Kirk being all smart and getting Pike to sound Red Alert and raise the shields which saved everybody's life.

* Kirk and Old!Spock meeting Scotty! Again, so cool and HILARIOUS! Simon Pegg's always funny but here he outdid himself!

I can't wait to get my hands on the new movie and watch Benedict do his thing again. He's breathtaking there *_*
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Trailers I saw yesterday at the cinema:

Pain and Gain - whoever thought this was a good idea? O.o Not even Dwayne Johnson could make me want to see this!
Man of Steel - this time they showed the trailer that's narrated by Zod. MUCH better than the previous one with Clark as a kid. This trailer actually made me want to see the film!
RIPD - great special effects but I'm honestly iffy about Ryan Reynolds as the lead. He's cute and sweet but he simply lacks charisma.
The Heat - looks hilarious, though I'm a bit afraid that all the good puns have already been put in the trailer and the rest will be a disappointment. DVD material for me, I think.

DVDs I bought:

Contagion - I love every actor in the cast! That's why I bought it.
Transformers 3 - only because it was on sale and I already own parts 1+2. So...
Welcome to the Punch - GOSHGOSHGOSH! They had WttP with James McAvoy! My friends LOL'd at my reaction when I spotted it!
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Yesterday, I saw these trailers at the cinema, in the correct order...

Now You See Me - MUST SEE! NEXT WEEKEND WITH THE TWINS! Looks really great and I love heist movies.

The Lone Ranger - Really? Like... really? Johnny Depp playing Cpt. Jack Sparrow 8.0? Remember the time when he was considered a versatile actor? Stupid looking movie. This will be the Wild Wild West of 2013.

The Man of Steel - Hm. Looks good but too... dark. They seem to take themselves way too seriously. And I want to smash Jonathan Kent's face. Like really? Clark should've let every one of the kids die to hide his powers? Also, I like Henry Cavill, liked him in The Immortals and Monte Cristo, but I'm not sure if he was charisma enough to carry this part. Also, I just don't like Superman that much, to be honest.

The Wolverine - Boring. Everybody's been swooning about this trailer but I was mostly, like, that's it? It looked all over the place, to be honest. And I don't get the insane love Wolverine inspires in fans.

Pacific Rim - I think it will be a very good movie but the rubber monsters looked really, really dumb on the big screen. Give me CGI any day. On the comp, the trailer looked amazing. But at the cinema? The fakeness of the rubber stuff was cringe-worthy. Also, Idris Elba, as much as I adore him, simply doesn't have the voice for rousing speeches.

I also bought several DVDs...

Confessions of a Shopaholic - I don't care about the movie but it has HUGH DANCY, so I'm in!

Sliding Doors - I don't even know why I bought this one. I think the premise reminded me of JGL's Uncertainty. And I quite like Gwyneth Paltrow. Also, it cost me only $1, so...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - The one with Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist, that is. Yes, I still haven't seen/read any of the Millenium movies/books.

Sword of Gideon - Michael York and Steve Bauer as Mossad agents hunting down the Black September terrorists. Loved the movie when I first saw it.

And two more episodes from the Russian Sherlock Holmes series...

Yeah, yeah, I promised myself not to buy any more DVDs, but come on! Some of those were $1 only!
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Karl Urban is so incredibly sexy... *_* And now we will be having him on our screens every week! *_* I hope this is a hit, I really, really, really hope so!

Also, since I plan to sample at least 5 shows this fall, I decided to delegate a few oldies to DVD. I already did it with Psych (haven't seen any eps from S7) and now it's time for Grimm, Person of Interest and Castle. I have seen 1 ep from Grimm's S2 and it didn't really grip me. With Person of Interest, I haven't even started S2 yet. Not that I'm not interested, my plate's just too full. And Castle... the last ep I saw was 509, if I'm not mistaken. I just can't be bothered to catch up. So, DVDs it will be. Amazon UK usually drops the price to around 12-13Ł within a year after the box set's release.

I mean, I'm up-to-date with exactly 2 shows: Hannibal and NCIS:LA. And I would also like to watch some of the box sets that I own, like Babylon 5, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Enterprise, The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Leverage, Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals... I own all these shows in their entirety and I still haven't watched the DVDs, for Christ's sake. Something must be done about that! Not to mention the SCORES of movies on DVD.
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Amazon DE's having a sale! They have The Persuaders AKA Die Zwei for €29.97 only! Yes, the German dub version in which Tony speaks in tongues and the hilarity of their banter is sharpened to perfection! Usually, they sell the 8 DVD box set for €42-44. Gosh! When I saw the price, I immediately ordered it. Yes, I promised myself not to buy anything even remotely DVD-shaped for some time but this was an offer of a lifetime!

Gooooooooooosh, I can't wait to get my paws on it. I will be gorging myself silly! Danny! Brett! Brett's crazy family! Danny's on and off fortune! Hijinks across Europe!
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I just bought 9 DVDs for not even $30, shipping included! I was buying a DVD for my friend's B-day and ordered more of them to make the shipping cost worthwhile...

Awake - Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard!
Harsh Times - Christian Bale!
Inside Man - Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington!
Little Buddha - Keanu Reeves all dolled up and gorgeous!
Point Break - Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves!
Rise - a horror starring Lucy Liu!
Rivières pourpres II - Jean Reno!
Smilla's Sense of Snow - Julia Ormond and Gabriel Byrne!

And all that because I wanted to buy Smilla's Sense of Snow for a friend... Uhm, yeah.
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So, rumor has it that Relativity would like to see James McAvoy as Eric Draven in The Crow reboot: link. This site has posted many The Crow related rumors before that proved true in the end, so...

That would be awesome, to be honest. Yes, James isn't exactly the "Brandon Lee" type but maybe they want to cast someone completely different, based only on his acting skills? I would love to see James in that part. Can you imagine what he could DO with it?!

Though physically, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would fit the role better, he is more of the "lean and dark" type. And he knows how to play guitar and sing... But I don't think he would do it even if they offered the part to him, see his no to the GotG lead part.

Oh, speaking about JGL - I don't think I'll be getting Looper on DVD. I can't wait to buy Premium Rush, that was such a fun movie, but Looper? It was enough for me to see it once. I might buy it once the price drops but... It was too dreary. I prefer fun movies!
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The official release date is now March 19! Source. I think I will buy a simple DVD. I don't have the money for an external BR drive right now. But I will probably get the whole trilogy in BR later on, the extended cut, of course. It'll be the cherry on top.

Also, you know my opinion on the whole CGI vs. rubber heads thing, right? I'm all for CGI, all the way. I don't get why people complain about Azog being CGI, that they liked the orcs in LotR better. Those orcs, as realistic as they seemed, could barely move their mouths because of the extensive make-up. It's all well and good when all they have to do is grunt, when they have two or three lines and only one expression. But Azog has whole conversations, he has to express emotions with his face. And for that, a rubber head is simply not enough. Well, IMHO.
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DVDs I bought today...

2001: A Space Odyssey - would you believe I have never seen this?
Gnomeo and Juliet - the animated movie with James McAvoy voicing Gnomeo!
King Thrushbeard - one of the most beautiful old Czechoslovakian fairy tales based on Brother Grimm's story
LD 50 Lethal Dose - an old movie with Tom Hardy
Mr. Nobody - a sci-fi with Jared Leto
The Virgin Queen - the mini-series with Tom Hardy, only cut to a 3hr. long movie (don't ask me why or how, I just fished it out of the cheap bin!)
Womb - a really controversial love story with Eva Green and Matt Smith

You know, from what I have seen, I'll have to explore Matt Smith's filmography a bit more. He seems to have some very interesting projects under his belt: Womb, Christopher and His Kind and Bert and Dickie.
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Today, I saw these trailers in the cinema:

Django Unchained - boring. Nothing that I've seen or heard about this movie so far makes me want to actually see it.
The Master - BORING!!! I know that everybody and their uncle's praising it but it's obviously NOT my cuppa. Eh!
The Last Stand - Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a bad actor but he has gotten even worse with age. But the movie looks surprisingly funny. And Jaime Alexander is in it! Maybe I'll give it a try, at least on DVD.

Also, I fished these out of Datart's cheap bin:

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Datart was having a sale, so...

Ghost Rider 2 with Nicolas Cage & Idris Elba
Jane Eyre with Michael Fassbender
Knowing with Nicolas Cage
Street Kings with Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans & Hugh Laurie
I Am Number Four
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Mostly, I just really wanted Jane Eyre! I'm also thinking of getting A Dangerous Method with Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen. And Shame maybe too - but only if I can get it cheap. The only movie of Michael's - from the latest/upcoming ones - that I'm not interested in is Twelve Years as a Slave - US history has never interested me, I very much prefer European history...
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I went on a last DVD splurge before Xmas!

I plan to give Magic Mike, The Proposal and The Vow to my mom for Xmas. The rest is for me, just because :) I actually wanted only The Bourne Legacy and Total Recall, the rest I added to get a free shipping (not that I hated buying them, mind you ;P).


Dec. 1st, 2012 04:08 pm
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I really shouldn't be allowed into a DVD store with a credit card *cringes* DVDs I bought...

Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg
Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio
National Treasure 1&2 with Nicholas Cage
The Chronicles of Narnia 1&2
Iron Angels 1-3 with Moon Lee (my favorite Hong Kong actress!)
Lexx, the first 4 DVDs

Gosh, don't even ask how much I left in that store. But they had a sale like whoa! Everything down 70-80%! And there were so many more movies there that I wanted to buy but I restrained myself. I did, really *whines*
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I ordered several DVDs in the past week. Something New and A Single Man for my name-day - both used and very, VERY cheap - and The Dark Knight Trilogy because the shipping was for free at that point...

Something New is an interracial rom-com about a black woman - a financial analyst - and a white man - a landscape architect, played by Simon Baker...

A Single Man is drama about a university professor, played by Colin Firth, who loses his young lover, played by Matthew Goode, in a car accident. Nicholas Hoult also stars in the movie.

The Dark Knight Trilogy box set consists of 6 DVDs, 3 with movies, 3 with extras and a book of photos, both promo and BTS. For THAT price, it was cheap!

Tonight, I plan to make a dent into Alarm für Cobra 11 - 4 eps to go till I'm finished with S22!


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