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According to EW.com, Cassandra Clare will publish an adult trilogy focusing on Magnus Bane, co-written with Wesley Chu. It promises to have much more Malec, Magnus/Alec, but I hope we won't actually get to see Alec die on Magnus, like Will Herondale died on Tessa Gray in Clockwork Princess. I know that it will happen, that Alec will die and Magnus will move on, but... I really don't need to actually read about it.

And I'm not a big fan of Cassandra Clare. I don't like her as a person. I think she's petty and hypocritical and rather awful, but the amount of vitriol directed at her on Tumblr is extreme. Those haters are no better than her stans and they probably never heard of stones and glass houses... *sigh*
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I'm almost never here these days, I'm spending more and more time over on Tumblr where there's a much bigger fanbase for... basically everything right now. But for me, it's mostly Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments. Let's be honest here, my friends, who of you is into this stuff? ... *crickets* Thought so, at least I have my dear [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2 over there with me :)

Other than that, I mostly read books or listen to audio books, I haven't watched anything in ages. My GoodReads goal for this year was 50 books - I'm reading book #146 right now. Yeah.

On the movie front, I bought all 6 Star Wars movies on DVD today. I also saw the trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse and I was slightly underwhelmed, to be honest, the only thing that really gripped me was Charles and Raven, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence are great as loving siblings. In the next few weeks, I plan to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Point Break in the cinema. And also to watch lotsa movies on DVD over Xmas.

And... that's pretty much it. Boring as ever :)

Of Books

Dec. 1st, 2015 10:36 pm
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It's always weird when you re-read a book you gave 4 stars to in the past, and realize that you have no idea what you loved about it so much. Happened to me just today: I finished Dead Girl's Dance by Rachel Caine, #2 in her Morganville Vampires series, and I had to drop my rating from 4 stars in 2008 to 2 stars today. I wanted to slap everybody in this book because they were all so stupid, all their problems, all their issues were of their own doing. If they just thought first... Dear God! I don't think I'll be continuing this series, I'm just way too pissed off!

This year, I finished several book series. I finished all the Doctor Who tie-ins with 10 and Rose. I finished The Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron. I finished The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. And I also finished Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP. I hope to continue this trend and finish more of the series that I've started and never finished in the past, it'll be one of my New Year's resolutions, I think.

Speaking of CCS and manga in general: I think I will try out the Sailor Moon manga, I remember really loving the series, especially Haruka and Michiru later on. And Hotaru. Also, possibly Seraph of the End. I haven't gotten around to the anime yet, but since I'm on a reading trip right now, I might give a try to it in manga form...

Of Books

Nov. 29th, 2015 05:42 pm
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I've now finished Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series, all 6 books. And at the end, I bawled like a little kid. I mean, it has a happy ending, for most characters, and yet I bawled anyway. Mostly because of Magnus & Alec - but also because of Jem & Tesssa - and the inevitability of their fate: Alec will die one day, probably sooner than later, what with him being a Shadowhunter, and Shadowhunters just don't live to see old age, and Magnus will live on and on and on, possibly forever. I have read many books where an immortal being was in love with a mortal, but never before did it hit me so hard, the fact that one will die and the other will not. Maybe because the temporary nature of happiness is always so present in this series, even when the characters are happy, genuinely happy, there's already a heartbreak lurking just around the corner. And since there are so many books and series and anthologies set in this universe, you see it happening again and again and again, so the point gets hammered in really hard.

So, I've now finished The Mortal Instruments series and The Bane Chronicles anthology. I still have to read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and then I'll be mostly set for the show, Shadowhunters, because these stories focus on its main characters: Clary & Jace, Izzy & Simon, Alec & Magnus. Then I need to read The Infernal Devices trilogy, which is about Will, Jem and Tessa. And next year, Cassie Clare will start publishing The Dark Artifices trilogy, which will be about Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorne, and the Last Hours trilogy, which will be about the descendants of Will & Tessa.

I honestly cannot wait! Cassie Clare creates incredible characters that you just fall in love with so much - and then she kills off a bunch of them, of course... Also, I have yet to find another original book universe as expanded and detailed as this one, with so many stories set in it, at various points in time. It's an amazing experience...
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It's been 10 years since "Twilight" was published, so Stephenie Meyer decided to write a gender-swapped story about Beau (Bella) and Edythe (Edward), called "Life and Death", to celebrate the occasion: link.

I'm actually really excited about it. I liked the "Twilight" series a lot, I found Bella a likable heroine and I liked that she knew what she wanted and went after it with vengeance. I'm curious how Meyer will handle it all gender-swapped. I love stories where men take the place of the "heroine", so to speak. I wish more authors would do this, gender-swap their books, even just for a short story...

ETA: Don't you just love it when people bash "Twilight" and Meyer, yet they add the book to their GR account and give it one star just to bring the rating down, even though the book isn't even out yet and they will never read it? Real mature, isn't it? Good to know people have real reasons to dislike this book...
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Ever since the S5A of Teen Wolf disappointed me so terribly - if I could, I would punch the living daylights out of Scott "The Second Coming" McCall for how he treated both Kira and Stiles! - I fell into a funk that I can't seem to get out of. I was excited about so many returning/new shows and now... eh, I just can't seem to get into any of them.

Instead, I'm reading Magnus/Alec fanfics on AO3 or reading books. Right now, I'm reading "How To Name Your Cat" by minipage on AO3, a funny Malec AU fic. I'm also listening to "The Spirit Eater" by Aaron Rachel, 3rd in "The Legend of Eli Monpress" fantasy series. And I'm reading "Don't Let Go" by Harper Fox, 3rd in the "Tyack & Frayne" gay paranormal series. And I'm translating "The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories" by R.A. Salvatore. And today, I bought a pile of Czech historical mysteries... Books. Books everywhere. My GoodReads goal for 2015 was 50 books. I just reviewed book #95! So yeah...

Also, I planned on going to see The Martian this weekend. But even that doesn't sound exciting anymore. And now that Matt Damon proved himself to be a homophobe - or a complete and utter ass, I don't know which would be better - by saying that gay actors should stay in the closet, that an actor's sexuality should be a mystery - while he himself prances around with his wife, so apparently the "mystery" applies only to queer people, straight ones can flaunt their heterosexuality as much as they want - an ass, like I said! - my interest in the movie dropped to freezing temperatures. Not even Sebastian Stan seems to be enough of an incentive for me to go and see it...

Eh. Curse the funk. Curse it!
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♠ Today, in the park, I saw a group of approximately 20 young people, sitting in a circle on the ground, blindfolded. Just sitting. Eh?

♠ In the same park, I saw an old poster, saying, "I Believe in Sherlock!" Heh.

♠ Apparently, Pacific Rim 2 is not happening after all: link. Personally, I was surprised that there were any plans to continue it at all since it was nowhere near a hit.

♠ Rebecca Ferguson might be the front runner for Captain Marvel: link. Nice. I adored her as Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible 5.

♠ And Vinzenz Kiefer is leaving Alarm für Cobra 11. Apparently, they decided to change the tone - AGAIN! - and go back to lighter stuff and fun and his Alex Brandt was way too dark for that. It's too bad. If they had just given him fun stuff to do now that he mellowed. But no *sigh*

♠ I finished translating Patricia Briggs' "Dead Heat", #4 in the "Alpha & Omega" series. And I didn't like it, gave it 2 stars only. She introduced some great guest starring characters, like the cute gay couple (the Mad Scientist & his Cop BF) or the Cantrip agents (Marsden & Leeds). But Anna was suddenly all, "BABIES! BABIES! BABIES! NOWNOWNOW!" as if her brain switched places with her uterus or something and my interest in her as a character dropped from zero into freezing temperatures. Eh.

♠ I started reading manga again. I'm trying to finish two series, "No. 6" by Atsuko Asano and "Korzar der Liebe" by Erii Misono, before I start new stuff.

♠ I bought the first two books in the new "Alien" trilogy, "Out of the Shadows" by Tim Lebbon and "Sea of Sorrows" by John A. Moore.

♠ I plan on going to see Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials this weekend. Already have the tickets reserved.

♠ And I'm still obsessed with Shadowhunters, the Malec ship and Matthew Daddario. Have you seen the MTV article about him, titled "9 Times ‘Shadowhunters’ Star Matthew Daddario Slayed Us With Hotness"? I kid you not. He was so flustered by it, LOL!

Of Books

Apr. 15th, 2015 06:47 pm
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Sometimes I despair when I think of how many great books there are and that I'll never read even a fraction of them. Every book I don't read is a whole world unexplored!
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Finished "Joy in the Morning", the "Jeeves & Wooster" audiobook by PG Wodehouse. Started reading "Ceremony in Death" by JD Robb. Tidied up my Amazon UK wishlist. And watched 5 episodes of Castle S2! Good time was had by all. And tomorrow, back to work. Go me!
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I picked up "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. But from the get-go, something about the book rubbed me wrong. It was not the dystopian future - I read "The Maze Runner" trilogy by James Dashner before this one and enjoyed it very much - but something else. Maybe the factions, the way people followed the whole set-up like sheep? Or Tris' "special snowflake" syndrome? The author's style?I don't know. In any case, it made me feel highly uncomfortable, it felt so creepy, even though I couldn't put my finger on why, that I had to drop the book five or so chapters in. And then I read spoilers for how the trilogy ends and... uh, I'm glad I did. Eh.

Instead I chose "Ring for Jeeves" by P.G. Wodehouse. And I'm much, much happier now.

Book Meme

Jan. 10th, 2014 11:31 pm
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A book meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] book_memes!

What’s the first book you remember really loving?

Jules Verne's "Two Years Holiday" - this was a real experience for me, I still remember how I fell in love with Briant and how I rooted for his blossoming friendship with Doniphan. Amazing!

Name three authors who feature strongly in your reading history...

Alexander Dumas (I read everything I could get my hands on!), Robert Van Gulik (ditto!) and David Morrell (until he started to take himself way too seriously and his books stopped being entertaining, that is :-/).

What’s the very next book you’re going to pick off your TBR pile?

Larry Millett's pastiche "Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders"

What’s the very next book you’re thinking of buying/borrowing?

Borrowing: the continuation of Simon R. Green's "Secret Histories"

Buying: Josh Lanyon's latest "Holmes and Moriarity" book, "The Boy with the Painful Tattoo"

What’s the last book you read? What did you think?

The "No. 6" manga, vol. 3. And WOW, just WOW! I wish there were more mangas like that!
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I went shopping today - and don't even ask how much money I spent in Tesco, sheesh on a pogo stick! But I did buy some things of an entertaining value...

Princess Bride - which I might already own but... I'm not sure
So You Want To Be A Pirate - a short animated film
The A-Team - again, because the first DVD I bought had glitches
The Darkest Hour - sci-fi and cheap, so...

Rosemary Sutcliff's "The Silver Branch" and "The Lantern Bearers" - sequels to "The Eagle of the Ninth"
Henri Brunel's "Oceán v kapce rosy" or "Les plus beaux contes zen" - short zen stories

Because, you know, I have nothing to watch and nothing to read *snorts*
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Beware, an image heavy entry! )

And that's our bookshelves!
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Sheesh on a pogo stick, with all the added scenes, this movie is 4 hours long! The extended editions are all cut in a half, more or less, and this time, it ended just when the orcs were about to attack Minas Tirith with the Grond. And it's way too late to continue watching! Grr!

You know, seeing this battle... I can understand why Peter Jackson used Azog as the leader of the orcs in The Hobbit. A strong adversary, a charismatic enemy leader is needed too. In the battle of Minas Tirith, I really miss an orc leader. Yes, there's the leader of the Nazgûl, but he's up there, in the skies...

The best part of this movie? Gimli and Legolas and the drinking game! "I feel something; a slight tingle in my fingers." LOL! Éomer's face! Gimli's crossed eyes. And Legolas totally unaffected. Aren't elves simply awesome? And then later on, when Aragorn went to recruit the army of ghosts and Legolas followed him - Gimli was all reluctant and then, "Well, this is a thing unheard of! An Elf will go underground, when a Dwarf dare not! Argh, I will never hear the end of it!" and he ran after them. And then, when the ghosts started appearing, Gimli's "LEGOLAS!" LOL! Gosh, I just love these two.

I was glad that Théoden didn't make a scene when Aragorn left, that he understood that Aragorn was doing what he felt was right.

I'm somehow always more impressed by the underground sets than the surface ones. The cave and all the skulls, the ghosts... That was wonderful.

Part 2 - the last one :( - tomorrow!

Also, I ordered "Silmarillion", the illustrated version. It's totally sold out here, I had to dig deep to find an available copy - hopefully, it's still available. If not, I will be so pissed. I know that there are other version of this book available in my language, but I want the illustrated one. I already own the illustrated version of "The Hobbit" and the whole "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, so I wanted this one in the same format too. Besides - purty pictures!!!
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I keep forgetting about this meme! -_-

Deymio & Khyel, RingDancers by Jane S. Fancher

RingDancers is a fantasy series about a ruling family that has a mighty source of power under its control, a power that manifests itself through huge rings that spin and spin and spin endlessly. It's an amazing series. I've read only the first 3 books so far because the last one is available only in e-book form, but you can take the first three as a finished series, there was no real need for a continuation: link.

It's the story of 3 brothers, Deymorin (Deymio), Mikhyel (Khyel) and Nikkaenor (Nikki). The youngest one is a brat and not very likable - he shouldn't be, that's the whole point, his older brothers spoiled him which leads to many, many problems - but Deymio and Khyel... wow, just wow. As children, they were incredibly close, than a misunderstanding separated them, causing Deymio's bum leg and Khyel's trust issues. Many years later, they're reunited - and closer than ever.

And by closer than ever, I mean CLOSER THAN EVER. As in Khyel offers himself to Deymio and Deymio doesn't exactly say no, they are so enthralled with each other. And if Deymio didn't have Kiyrstin already at this point - a kick-ass lady in her own right! - I think he would've accepted the offer. They are so attached to each other. So yes, Deymio marries Kiyrstin and Khyel gets together with Dancer who is both male and female at once but both Kiyrstin and Dancer acknowledge the bond between the brothers, the fact that they are inseparable, communicating telepathically, feeling each other's emotions and so on... And it's glorious! *_*
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Yeah, I loved the Couple Challenge so much that I created a challenge of my own - I'll try to list 30 relationships, be they in books, movies, TV shows or real life, that fascinate me to no end!

Let's see...

Atticus Steele & Ukiah Oregon, Dog Warrior

Dog Warrior is the fourth and last book in Wen Spencer's Ukiah Oregon series. In this book, Ukiah meets Atticus, his... kinda, sorta brother. Kinda, sorta? Well...

In the beginning there was a child that never aged, Magic Boy, half Native American, half alien. Then, Magic Boy was hacked apart with an axe and the bits turned into Ukiah, Atticus and a turtle - hush, it makes sense in the context of the story! Years later, Ukiah absorbed the turtle and he and Atticus were all that was left of Magic Boy - well, there was another child that came to be out of a bit of Ukiah but that's another story.

Ukiah and Atticus are very close even though they don't really know each other, they spent their whole life apart. But whenever they are close or touching, they feel "This is right, this is is good..." Ukiah is full of childlike wonder whereas Atticus is bitter and hard but they're simply amazing together, Ukiah with his Indigo (a half-Chinese female FBI Agent with balls of brass) and Atticus with his Hikaru (a sweet Japanese male DEA Agent). Lovely, so, so lovely...

The Hobbit

Mar. 21st, 2012 09:48 am
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I finally started reading "The Hobbit". Yes, yes, don't judge me, despite being a big fantasy fan, I've never read it before. You see, I'm not really into hobbits. Not even the LotR ones. They were the least interesting thing about LotR for me, I'm rather an elf girl - see my icon.

But then this beautiful thing happened:

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. I'm not a fan of Elijah Wood or Sean Astin or of any other actor who played a hobbit in LotR - but I'm a big fan of Martin Freeman. And that totally changed my attitude towards the movie, the book and hobbits in general. And so I finally got my hands on the book and started reading it. It's the illustrated version with beautiful pictures and an amazing cover:

We'll see how I like it...
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I got my hands on so many fantastic books in the last few days/weeks...

-- The first 5 books in the "Bryant&May" series by Christopher Fowler
-- "The Hobbit" by JRR Tolkien
-- "The Execution of Sherlock Holmes" by Donald Thomas
-- "Jakubovy housle" by Daniela Mičanová
-- "Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders" by Larry Millett
-- "Sherlock Holmes na cestách" by Martin P. Edwards
-- The first 2 books in the "Nikki Heat" series by Richard Castle

And that's just the books in Czech! I can't decide which one to read first *flappy hands*

Also, I'm reading "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer at the moment and I honestly don't get why some people hate this series with such passion. The Cullen family is fantastic and I'm glad to see Jacob and Edward finally get along *shrugs* What's the saying? Haters gonna hate?
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This year, I read exactly 150 books - I set this challenge for myself over on GoodReads. But, you know, because I needed to read so many books, the pleasure of reading itself somewhat disappeared. And that's why I decided not to do a challenge like that next year.

Next year, I'll...
a) read more books in Czech - seriously, I work as a translator but I'm getting terribly out of touch with my own language!
b) read the books I actually own, not just buy more and more and more without reading those I already have!
c) read the books my boss lent me - 80+ books now!
d) not hunt for more e-books - last time I counted them, I owned over 17GB of them! Yes, you read correctly.
e) read all the manga and comic books I own before ordering more *cringes*
f) read some of the tie-ins I have in my possession - SG-1, SGA, ST, Psych, Eureka, SW... Dozens and scores of them and most unread *despairs*

So yeah *strikes a determined pose*
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"Yer a good lad, Atticus, mowin’ me lawn and killin’ what Brits come around."
— Kevin Hearne ("Hounded")


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