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Yesterday, I suddenly got this terrible, awful craving to read a BL manga, something new, not old favorites, but something... something I haven't read before! And thus Amazon was browsed and manga was bought. It was... it was like an itch I needed to scratch or go crazy!

So, I bought...

"Black Sun 1" by Uki Ogasawara
"Corsair 1" by Fuuko Minami
"Royal Fiancé" by Risai Asuma
"Sakura Gari 3" by Yuu Watase
"Sleeping Moon 1+2" by Kano Miyamoto

Man! There are so, SO MANY BL manga out there in Germany, it's like the genre exploded! I have so many series unfinished - like Ayano Yamane's "Crimson Spell" - because I missed the books when they came out and now they are sold out! And so many, very many new ones that sound simply fantastic! And they aren't all that expensive, €7 for one book, and Amazon DE also dropped the shipping costs to my country, it's not even €4 now, regardless of how much stuff you order...

I can only reiterate: MAN! I really should take one series and just buy all the available volumes. Like with "ZE" by Yuki Shimizu. Or "After School Nightmare" by Setona Mizushiro! Or even "Card Captor Sakura" by Clamp! "Bleach" by Tite Kubo!!! That's just a tiny part of all the manga series that I don't own in their entirety. That's causing me much anxiety! But... but NEW SERIES! *rolls in the pretty*

What to do? What to DO?!
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I told myself I wouldn't buy any more shows or movies on DVD till I have made a dent into the piles that I already own. But now I found out that season 3 of I Spy - you know, that old show with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby - is sold out on Amazon! CRUSHED! ;_;

And that just proves that my theory - buy while available! - is sound!
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Amazon DE's having a sale! They have The Persuaders AKA Die Zwei for €29.97 only! Yes, the German dub version in which Tony speaks in tongues and the hilarity of their banter is sharpened to perfection! Usually, they sell the 8 DVD box set for €42-44. Gosh! When I saw the price, I immediately ordered it. Yes, I promised myself not to buy anything even remotely DVD-shaped for some time but this was an offer of a lifetime!

Gooooooooooosh, I can't wait to get my paws on it. I will be gorging myself silly! Danny! Brett! Brett's crazy family! Danny's on and off fortune! Hijinks across Europe!
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I started watching the DVD box set of 3rd Rock From the Sun that I bought. I enjoyed the first 3 episodes and then the DVD stopped working :( It wouldn't play the next three. I contacted Amazon DE and I'm now waiting for their response. It would be more expensive for me to send the DVD back than to buy a new one, to be honest. I hope I'll get a replacement without needing to send this one back, the way it went with Amazon US and UK when I found a faulty disc/missing disc in a box set *crosses fingers*

ETA: Just got a response from Amazon: They will send me a new box set and I don't need to send the one I own back. Thank you, Amazon. Gratitude!


Nov. 29th, 2011 11:08 am
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Amazon UK's having a sale on British - and some American - crime shows: link. Seriously, folks - Sherlock S1 for £5.00 only!!! Get it while it lasts!
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So, I promised myself not to buy DVDs for Xmas this year, as a gift for myself, I mean. Ha! Look at what I bought today:

Supernatural S6 for $12.99
The Big Bang Theory S4 for $8.99
The Vampire Diaries S2 for $12.99
White Collar S2 for $15.99

Yeah? That resolution? So, SO much fail! *head/desk* But come on! That was 80% discount on shows I wanted to buy anyway! *despairs*
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I wanted to go and see Green Lantern this weekend - alas, the twins can't go, so no GL for me. Oh well, it's not that I was dying to see it *shrugs*

I've been spending my evenings listening to an audiobook, Kevin Hearne's "Hounded", first in the "Iron Druid" urban fantasy series. It's quite hilarious.

I got really miffed at the fandom in general yesterday. All bitching and moaning, hijacking threads and comments to stage petty wars. Seriously, I want to crawl inside some old or obscure fandom and pull the door shut behind me so that I can actually enjoy it in peace without having to stumble across these pissing contests!

I ordered a B-day gift for myself. My B-day isn't till next month but since I had the money and Amazon was giving me the "only so-and-so many in stock, order now!" notifications, I ordered all the remaining volumes in the "xxxHolic" and "Tsubasa Chronicles" series and "Green Lantern: Rebirth".

I wonder what to watch next, Geraldine McEwan's Marple, Idris Elba's Luther S1 or Kenneth Branagh's Wallander. Just something I can enjoy in peace for what it is without needing to pussyfoot around people with "issues".
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I ordered S2 of Scarecrow and Mrs. King on DVD because Amazon US is having it for $13.49 only right now and with the VAT now enforced by the EU, I have to wait and buy stuff from the US as cheap as possible, so...

I was thinking of getting Haven S1 on DVD too, Cinemaspy mentioned in its DVD review that 12 out of the 13 episodes have audio commentaries and that they are quite interesting - unfortunately, Amazon, for some reason, is telling me that it can't ship the item to my address *sigh* Oh well...

I wanted to continue watching Warehouse 13 last night but I spent half the afternoon sanding the banisters outside - and I'm only 1/3 done *head/desk* - and I was so tired that I mostly just stared blankly at my computer screen. I have no idea what I spent the 3 hours last night doing...

Next week, it's the summer finale of White Collar. I'll then download the eps and marathon them. The plot this season is just not clicking for me *sigh*

You know what I actually feel like watching right now? The British series Marple with Geraldine McEwan. She's my favorite Miss Marple, so mischievous, funny and smart!

Mom's watching the Colombian telenovela Mas sabe el diablo and as much as telenovelas aren't my thing, this one's really cool. Not only is the main heroine, Manuela, a good few years older than the main hero, Angel, but there's a really great gay storyline too between the closeted Christian and the out-and-proud Horacio, it's so, so sweet. It also doesn't hurt that it's all murder and mayhem, heh.

It looks like I'll be translating "Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade" soon. I love Leonardo Da Vinci in these books, but the main hero? I want to kick his butt, seriously. Sometimes, he's so dumb it hurts.

Off to work. I'm translating "The Iron Elves" by Chris Evans right now. A good book - but if I never have to describe the various parts of a musket in Czech, I'll be as happy as a clam, grr...
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Both shows will be released on August 23rd and both box arts look really good - I especially love NCIS:LA's because it's a step up from last year's that looked a bit... well... cartoon-ish?

NCIS:LA S1 box art for comparison, both the US and the UK version - I prefer the UK one! )
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WhiCo S2 is now available for pre-order from Amazon! Looks like I'll be ordering it from Amazon UK this year again, they have it for £14.99 only and it'll be available on July 17 - and with a much prettier cover! Amazon US is offering it for $42.49 and with that ugly "Matt is totally bent out of shape there" cover. No, thank you! Especially not with that stupid VAT that EU's now imposing on all its countries, yuck!

And! After reading this script page from the WhiCo S2 finale, I now can't wait to see it. My, oh my! I hope it beats last season finale which is my favorite episode of the whole series! \o/

I caved!

Feb. 16th, 2011 05:28 pm
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Okay, okay, I give up, I CAVED! I ordered The Lord of the Rings, the extended edition box set. Amazon UK had it for £15.93, 75% discount, which is not bad for 12 DVDs. And I've heard so many good things about the extended version - *glares at [livejournal.com profile] twilight_angel* - that I decided to give it a try.

Also, regarding the books, since I'm going to the shop next week anyway, I'll take a look and maybe my boss will have them in stock... I'll try at least the first one *head/desk* You'll be my death one day, my dear flist!

But one thing I have to say. I watched both PotC and LotR during the last week or so and I like PotC better. Because there was no need for world building - the Caribbean Islands are the Caribbean Islands, after all - PotC could go for action from the get-go. And because there were fewer leads, the story telling felt... denser. Don't throw any dishes my way! *hides*
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For anyone interested, Amazon US is selling The Vampire Diaries S1 in a Lightning Deal right now for $12.99 only! Go, grab it quick. It'll last only for another 3 hrs or until it's sold out!
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Amazon is having a huge pre-Xmas sale again and I went on a shopping spree, DVDs this year since I'm drowning in books! What did I buy?

Castle S2
Eureka S3.0 & S3.5
Ice Blues (A Donald Strachey Mystery)
Scarecrow & Mrs. King S1
Star Trek: TOS S2
Supernatural S5
The Closer S2
V The Complete Serie
Warehouse 13 S1

Yeah *hangs head* But come on, they had the old V series for just $9.99 in a lighting deal! And W13 for $16.99! I don't buy DVDs during the year, I always wait for these Xmas/summer sales and then I go all out *cringes*
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Amazon US dropped the price of Supernatural S5 50% - it's down to $29.99 at the moment - so off in the basket it went, together with Eureka S3.5 which is down to $17.99 (40%). I plan to buy S3.0 from Amazon UK because there, it's even cheaper.

Also, I bought "Cadet Kirk" by Diane Carey, a ST:TOS prequel book. Sounded interesting.

And another also, I'm thinking of buying ST:TOS on DVD. I haven't seen the show yet. Would peeps who did see it recommend it to me? Amazon UK has it for £15.49 a season only, the remastered version. So... It could be a nice Xmas gift to myself.
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My B-day is in 14 days, so I ordered me some books from Amazon DE - I always say, if you want to get exactly what you wish for as a present, buy it yourself. And behold my eclectic taste:

"The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three" by Victoria Vantoch
"X/1999 Vol. 2+3" by CLAMP
"Manga Love Story Vol. 1" by Katsu Aki
"Black Lagoon Vol. 2+3" by Rei Hiroe
"Tsubasa Vol. 23+24" by CLAMP
"A Foreign Love Affair" by Ayano Yamane

Yeah... XP
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Just take a look at the discounts!

NCIS S1-6: $89.99 (62% off)
Numb3rs S1-5: $64.99 (62% off)
Criminal Minds S1-3: $45.99 (62% off)

Just today, folks!
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I just bought a pile of manga - like I have nothing to read at home, really *snorts*

Clamp's "Card Captor Sakura" vols. 4-6
Clamp's "Magic Knight Rayearth" omnibus 1
Clamp's "xxxHolic" vol. 14
Kae Maruya's "As You Wish!"
Hinako Takanaga's "The Tyrant Falls in Love" vols. 3-5

Yeah, my poor bank account :'(
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Amazon US is having a huge sale - yeah, I know, Xmas season, duh ;P - but there are some DVDs that I think my flist might be interested in, like for example:

Nero Wolfe - The Complete Classic Whodunit Series for $39.99 only - 60% off!
Farscape: The Complete Series for $57.99 only - 61% off!
The X-Files for $12.49 a season - 69% off!
Supernatural S4 for $14.99 - 75% off! Other seasons for $17.99 - 70% off!

And various others shows. I thought that you might be interested in some of those. Go and grab them as long as they are super-cheap! Believe me, my fingers fairly itch to buy something but I've already spent a lot of money on Starsky & Hutch (£19.99) and Babylon 5 - The Complete Collection (£49.99)! But I still might buy something. I mean, what an opportunity!
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I just ordered books for €73!

Clamp's "Card Captor Sakura Vol. 2+3"

Urban fantasy:
C.E. Murphy's "Thunderbird Falls"
Carrie Vaughn's "Kitty and the Midnight Hour"
Thomas E. Sniegoski's "The Fallen"
J.F. Lewis "Staked"

Gay romance:
Evangeline Anderson's "The Assignment"
Tere Michaels' "Faith and Fidelity"
Josh Lanyon's Collected Stories Vol. 2

*groans* Well, this is a Xmas gift from me to myself so... But still! €73! *head/desk*
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I started watching SGA's S5. And yes, it's still making me nostalgic. I watched Search and Rescue's audio commentary and the behind-the-scenes vid and I really liked how both Martin Gero and Andy Mikita complimented Joe on his work - they called it some of the best work he had ever done - in the face of his family tragedy. They even talked about how Joe always said that the crew and especially the cast was his extended family. I thought that it was a nice touch.

And because I've been a good girl and a busy bee today, I rewarded myself with S1 of Star Trek: Enterprise from Amazon UK. Connor Trinneer is such a cutie!


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