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I was reading a Sherlock Holmes pastiche and I suddenly felt like re-watching this film. Gosh, I love the chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law so very, very much. You can sense just how much they enjoyed working together, what a blast they had. The more I watch this movie, the more I like it, actually. It just makes me feel... good. And then there's the amazing OST by Hans Zimmer, of course, that I often listen to while working. Everything about this film simply speaks to me!
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Who does Joss Whedon want to introduce in The Avengers 2? )

There's a litte bit of a problem with the actors, though. RDJ's contract was up after IM3 and according to sources like this one - link - he refuses to come back till Marvel ups the salaries of his fellow actors too. Sources say: "He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. And balls of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like shit." Apparently, RDJ made over 50 mil. with The Avengers, but Chris Hemsworth only around 3 mil. And RDJ wants to do something about it. Cool guy!
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RDJ's contract with Marvel ended with IM3, so Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio boss, was asked about the future of Tony Stark. Here is answer:

SHH: Some of the cast have been saying that they don’t think there will be an Iron Man 4. Is it too early to make a statement like that? How do you feel about that? Do you feel it’s time to allow another character to step into the spotlight? Does Tony Stark need a rest?

Feige: Well, no, I think people say that because we’re not developing Iron Man 4. Currently, as you may imagine, Iron Man is a big part of Avengers 2 and that’s what we’re focusing on and what Joss (Whedon) is focusing on. So where we go after that remains to be seen, but certainly, Avengers 2 being the next appearance, the next storyline for Iron Man. Do I think there will be another Iron Man movie? Of course I do. Who will be in that movie and who will be a part of that movie? Who knows? And how far down the line will it be? Will it be right after Avengers 2, will it be a few years after Avengers 2? Who knows? For as advanced as we are in terms of the advanced planning that we do, we’re already looking out to 2015, 2016 and that’s further than most people look out. Beyond that, we’re still not sure.


I would really love to see more Iron Man though I would be content with him appearing just in Avengers 2. I would prefer to see more Sherlock Holmes with RDJ, to be honest.
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Marvel Studios and Disney's Iron Man 3 has blasted into the stratosphere overseas, opening to $195.3 million from 42 markets to beat last year's global blockbuster The Avengers, which debuted to $185.1 million internationally.


Wow! Just... wow! I can't wait to see it next Saturday!
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Gosh, Pepper is so, so cool in this! And I just love that RDJ actually championed for her to be a part of the action this time, not just a damsel in distress:

It was Downey Jr. who insisted on having Pepper in The Avengers. "I was like, 'You can't just pretend that I got in a fight with Rhodey and Pepper's out of town.’ They said, ‘You can't have both of them,’ so I said, ‘All right, I need Pepper.’”

So this time, Downey Jr. wanted to make sure Pepper had something to do: "How do we have it so she's not going [whining], 'Tony!' and I'm going [growling], 'Where's Pepper?' (...) That's the other thing that I have been pushing for," said Downey Jr. "She's in great shape, she's really game. There's all these genre movies and you have these capable women and they're like, 'Oh my god, some action is happening, I better step away or get caught in something over here.' It's like, 'Really, is that where we're at in the 21st century?'"

Source (Beware, there are spoilers on the site!)

Like I needed another reason to adore RDJ!
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You know, directors and writers out there should realize that it's not just action and explosions that get people to love a movie enough to go and see it multiple times and/or buy it on DVD, it's the characters! Just like Fast&Furious is first and foremost about Dom and Brian or XMFC is about Charles and Erik, The Avengers are all about Tony and Pepper, Clint and Natasha, Thor and Loki, Bruce, Steve, Fury, Maria and Phil. It's these people who you want to learn more about and hang out with again and again. And I think that's why the movie was so successful.

I mean, don't get me wrong, the action was amazing. Thor's fight with Hulk on the helicarrier will never not be hilarious. Tony's idea of a "party" - leading the leviathan to the others. All of them standing together, side by side, for the first time, facing the Chitauri. Natasha and Clint's "You and I remember Budapest very differently." Hulk saving the Iron Man... All that stuff was amazing and the CGI was simply superb. I loved it!

And yet, what really made an impact on me? Steve's loneliness. Bruce's confession that he had tried to commit suicide once. Natasha's determination to save Clint. Thor's profound sadness after Loki stabbed him. The little bit of domesticity between Tony and Pepper... That's the stuff that comes to my mind first and foremost when I think of The Avengers. And I really want to know where Steve went after the movie ended. If Tony showed Bruce the labs in Stark Tower. How Thor and his family dealt with Loki's betrayal. If Loki ever turned a leaf and accepted the love Thor kept offering so freely. If Clint and Natasha ever went to Budapest again...

Lovely, lovely stuff. I really can't wait to see Phase 2 which promises to be super awesome. And seeing the trailer for Iron Man 3 made me even more excited. Marvel? You rock!

Iron Man 2

Nov. 13th, 2012 10:25 pm
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Well, having seen both Iron Man movies in short succession, I can say I understand why so many people complained about IM2.

There are some really cool bits - like Tony's failing reactor - but overall, I really disliked the theme all the characters had going: treating Tony like a five-year-old and not listening to him. I mean, he did behave erratically but instead of trying to figure out why, they all took it at face value that he was an immature jerk. Especially Pepper and Rhodey should've known better by now. And Natasha and all the SHIELD agents, the way they talked down to Tony, locking him inside his own house? Throwing him out of a company he frickin' owned? Wow, just wow.

There was a point where I actually got really angry: when Rhodey stole the suit. I mean, what a frickin' jerk, to do that to your best friend! And then he acted all surprised when his superiors gave it away to tinker with to Tony's biggest rival. What did you think they would do with it, you dumbass? I wanted to slap Rhodey and I couldn't believe that Tony simply forgave him, just like that. Rhodey used all he knew about Tony against him, stuff Tony told him or gave him in secret, like the code to his lab. That's how Rhodey repaid his trust? Nice friend.

I also admit that I skipped most of the scenes with Vanko. I just ffwded through them. Why? Because a) that character is horrible and b) I despise Mickey Rourke, like he literally makes me sick when I look at him. There are very few actors who make me feel like that but he's one of them. It also doesn't help that he's an arrogant, self-important jerk.

So yeah, I liked the bit with Tony's reactor and him syntesizing a new element and the part with his dad, that was sweet. I also loved that he made Pepper the CEO because, let's face it, Tony likes to make money but it's in the lab where he's really happy, when he can tinker with stuff and invent things. And Pepper rocked.

Also, I still don't get the obsession with Coulson. And Natasha was much better in The Avengers.

Iron Man

Nov. 12th, 2012 11:39 pm
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It's been so long since I saw Iron Man that I completely forgot how much fun the movie was, I forgot so many details... It was like watching a new film entirely, I barely remembered it. Shame on me, owning the movie on DVD and not watching it for so long.

The details I forgot? Like how sarcastic Jarvis was. The hilarious bits with Tony's robot that kept spraying him with foam, convinced that Tony was on fire. How big a part Coulson played and that it was he who saved Pepper. How awesome Pepper was. How incredibly smart Tony was. And that Faran Tahir was in it, Chris Hemsworth's George Kirk's captain in Star Trek!

My favorite part? Tony building the second suit in his mansion. His trial and error way was hilarious!

So yeah, slowly going through my piles and piles of DVDs... Still, yes.
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Now that I've seen both movies so close together, I have to say I like SH:AGOS better than SH, the second one better than the first one. It just feels like they managed to stick so much more into the movie. Also, I think it was better because it barely featured Rachel McAdams' Irene Adler. I liked Noomi Rapace's Madam Simsa much better, she felt more down-to-earth, Irene just rubbed me the wrong way.

You know what struck me the most while watching the movie? Holmes' loneliness. He had only one friend, Watson, who started living his own life that was completely independent from Holmes'. And because of that, Holmes didn't have anybody to talk to. And even later on, when they traveled together to Paris, Holmes felt the distance, he didn't even tell Watson that Irene was dead. And Irene - in her he lost the one woman he could've loved. By the end of the movie, you realized the fall had been pretty much inevitable. To save everybody, all Holmes had to do was take himself out of the picture. There was no other way to defeat Moriarty but to sacrifice himself.

The fall itself was heartbreaking. When he looked at Watson then closed his eyes to make sure Watson was the last thing he would see, should he die. And the slo-mo, the piano music, Watson's expression... My heart was breaking into itty-bitty pieces.

Regarding slo-mo - the scene in the woods, them and the gypsies fleeing from the soldiers, that was a breathtaking piece of cinematography. Slo-mo, fast-forward, steady-cam and not... What an imagination. I am floored every time I see it.

And the whole thing still feels like a Holmes/Watson romance, like a fanfic come to life. Amazing that they actually managed to get it made :D
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I have watched the movie and talked about it many times already, so basically, I'll just post the notes I took while watching it this time. I tried not to repeat myself, not say stuff that's been already mentioned in the journal...

-- Why was Mary angry at Holmes in the restaurant? She asked him to read her.
-- Is Holmes a masochist, he obviously allowed the man to beat him up in the ring.
-- RDJ has amazing body! Obviously from training, not just weight lifting.
-- What I love about UK actors? Their uneven teeth.
-- I'm usually a Watson!girl, but with every re-watch of this movie, I become more of a Holmes!girl, at least of this incarnation.
-- Not a big fan of Rachel McAdams' Irene Adler. Well, never been a fan of Irene Adler period but after seeing Lara Pulver's version, every other Irene feels inferior.
-- Them wrecking the ship is still the best bit in the movie.
-- Love the bickering between Holmes and Lestrade. It's funny.
-- "What a busy afterlife you're having."
-- Loved how the explosion of the slaughterhouse was done, all silent with just the violin playing.

Also, the music. Wow, just wow at Hans Zimmer's incredible talent. It's a pleasure to listen to!
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OMG, OMG, OMG! That looks amazing. So incredibly intense. I can't wait! \o/
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Why did no one tell me that Robert Downey Jr. can SING! And HOW! Wow. When I first heard the song, I thought it was Sting singing. Awesome!
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For some inexplicable reason, I feel irritated as hell. I don't know why. That's why I wanted to post something pretty to look at. So there!

Aren't these two simply sweet? *_* I really hope there will be a 3rd movie. I need more of these two in my life!
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There's this blog entry that an American author posted about Robert Downey Jr. and what he had done for her grandma many years ago and it's so beautiful I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading it. Link.

The best parts: Cut because it's long-ish... )

I thought I couldn't love RDJ more but I was wrong... *_*


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